11 Best Offline FPS Games for Android

FPS games are shooting action games often with various weapons. A lot of people are keen on such a game. CS: GO is a good example. So many people are trying their skills in such a game to become stronger than others.

With the new technologies, it is available to make and play these games on your mobile phone and that is great. But if the game has offline mode it becomes jolly fine. You can play the game anytime and anywhere without the Internet.

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Nowadays, there are lots of FPS offline games for Android, some of them good, some of them bad, with cool or not so graphics, storyline, sound effects, and much more parts of the successful game. And it is quite difficult to find a really good game. To save your time this top of the games is made.

1. Cover Fire

The first game on our list is Cover Fire. It is a popular fps game with realistic 3D graphics, easy controls and it is free and offline.

You can explore the open world of this game offline in a single-player campaign or join online battles with real players. There are also many cool war events in the game like Zombies Survival or Black Ops.


The campaign has so many chapters of the thrilling story, which continues to develop. There you will find tons of interesting missions. Battle the armies in missions, become a real sniper and destroy the enemies, have fun driving various vehicles and shooting with heavy guns from the helicopters.

The game has so been an arsenal of guns from small to the biggest ones. There are grenades, sniper guns, fast shooting guns, and shotguns. You can unlock unique weapons, customize them and upgrade to become stronger and raise your damage in the cruel war.

Challenge yourself and your friends in the sniper tournaments and fight against your opponents or even your friends in the competitions for the best shooters and rise to the top of the best players of the game.


At the top of these tournaments and modes of the game, there is a new offline Virus Zombie Event. You have to kill the hordes of zombies with you to survive and help other survivors.

The game is actively developing with the help of the player community, so if you want to influence the game you can write a review to the developers and they will think over your suggestion.

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2. N.O.V.A. Legacy

NOVA Legacy is a game about the fantasy war of the planets and one of the best fps offline 3D shooters in the Sci-Fi genre. In the game, you are going to explore the world and follow the plot of the game.

The story is about Cal Warden, a veteran of the war invited to the NOVA to fight with aliens again. Smart artificial intelligence is helping our hero all the way.

Cal is trying to defend themself from the outlanders, who declared the war on people and decided to conquer the space, but this way he finds out the gloomy reason for r n the attack. There 19 parts of the story. Come through all the difficulties in the plot of the game and find out the reason for the big war.


There are also 2 other modes in the offline part of the game. The task of a shadow is a mode where you will fight with aliens in s to seize a certain territory of the planet in the allotted time.  The next offline mode is special missions, where you will have different missions to fight with various types of aliens with lots of kinds of weapons.

The game has a big section of upgrading the tons of weapons. This modern fantasy world allows you to choose any gun from sniper rifles and weapons of mass destruction such as RPGs up to laser blasters and destroy anyone in PVP.


The game is made with modern 3D graphical technologies for mobile phones. And if it is not enough for you, so there are so many modes in the online part of the game. Mortal Combat is a mode where you take part in the battle of 8 players. Team battle 4 players vs 4 others.

Customize the guns in the sightly skins and change your character skin itself, try to get to the list of the best players, and fight with the space kings of the PVP battles with strong guns. Upgrade the core of your armor and open new abilities and skills.

3. The Walking Zombie 2: Zombie shooter

The Walking Zombie 2 is one of the best games for the mobile phone because the game is offline, has spectacular low poly 3D graphics, tells the player a fantastic story of the zombie world, which the plot is still developing.

If you wanted to dive into the game for a long period, the game which is not boring to play, this game is the thing you need.

The very big and interesting story of the game tells you about the world of the zombie apocalypse, where you are playing for the main character who is was wasting the time in the small colony of the survivors, but now he is fighting the strongest zombies, monsters, bandits, bosses and trying to save the world.


The game has an open world and you can open new parts of the game in pursuance of completing the plot tasks. Every location has stronger zombies, new people, and more abilities in exploring the world. Besides the main plot tasks, there are also lots of additional tasks and stories of the people.

The game is not straightforward in passing, because you will have some times when you are choosing the choices you want, even bad it or no. This why the game has the karma of your actions.

If you have good karma, you will be a good guy and it can change some of your next tasks and the story itself, and if you have d karma it would be on the contrary. So be careful about your choices.


In the game, you will meet the skill and abilities upgrading by rising your experience during the game and the earning money system. You can buy, sell upgrade any weapons, armory, test the different ammunition.

Buy the best guns, armory, cartridges, medicine to heal in the battle, grenades, and upgrade your skills with abilities in the way you want to fight the next monsters. Buy a house, a new car, and anything you want in this cool game. Try this for free and keep such a fantastic story in your pocket.

4. Kill Shot Bravo

Welcome to one of the best offline shooters in the first person for your mobile gadgets. Choose the guns from the sniper weapons, guns, big mac machines sounded military equipment. Try more than 4000 missions in the game.

As you are playing for a skilled warrior, you will be sent to a different part of the planet to stop the bandits, terrorists, mafia, and other bad and dangerous guys. Try to fight in the jungles and modern cities. Take under the control transport to change the course of events of the battle.


Battle the combatants in the close combat, shoot standing behind the jeep, from the helicopters and skyscrapers.

Break into the occupied buildings and clear them from the enemies. Stay safe during the assessing battles being a sniper. Practice shooting to be better than your enemies and stop worldwide accidents because you are at the front line of everyone’s safety against the worst threats to world security.

Make a way through the landscapes to find the best sniper positions and to make the decisive fatal shot. Face with the various types of enemies, who have cavities and special battle tasks.


Track and destroy flying drones, soldiers with the exosuits, heavy guns, grenade launchers, riflemen, infantrymen, and dangerous demolitionists.

For people who wanted more than just offline mode, there is an online one, where you can fight in the sniper duels, tracking the enemies in the missions. Join the clans and take part in more clan events, playing with your friends and helping teammates. Rise in the list of the best snipers and get additional prizes.

5. Dead Effect 2

This game is a horror single-player shooter with RPG elements. Challenge yourself in the story of the spaceship full of monsters. The survivors are trying to survive and battle the enemies. It is over 20 hours of the gaming process and more than 10 hours of the additional mission gameplay.

Improve your armor and weapons. Collect and find better armor, which will allow you to join the hardest battles. The choice of weapons is even bigger, you can choose different pistols, guns and blasters, miniguns, crossbows, bows, and lots of close fight weapons like knives, shuriken, katanas, chainsaws, axes.


There are more than 100 body implants and sets and over 40 weapons. All of them you can take in the battle and upgrade. Try spectacular graphics, realistic effects. You will hear the real voices of the professional actors, stunning soundtracks, and quality sound effects in the game.

Play for 3 characters with unique abilities. Train and develop characters. In the conclusion the game has an achievement system and controller support to customize screen controls as you want and as it is comfortable for you.

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6. Into the Dead 2

Being a thrilling offline fps game about zombies the game brings you to the horror world full of zombies, where you are running through the hordes of zombies with a gun.

This offline game has a plot of a survivor, who is running and running trying to survive and get to his family. There 7 intense chapters, 60 stages, and hundreds of challenging levels in the story.


You can buy a stronger gun and more ammunition with to take it with you to your runs. Except for a lot of guns you can open, you can take a dog with you and it can help you in a difficult situation. The game has varied gameplay, you can fight with shooting guns, melee weapons, meet the defensive posts with heavy guns.

There lots of interesting locations with small details and spectacular views. The zombies become stronger and to run all way you need to change your tactics and save ammo for the stronger ones.

There are 5 additional events with unique locations and tasks and of course, there are everyday events for further development and getting the daily prizes.

7. Major GUN: War on Terror

The game is about the problems of the world such as murders, mafia, psycho, and terrorists. And to stop them you are here with the big arsenal of weapons, guns, grenades, and the other mortal things. There are 4 pistols, 6 machine guns, 8 assault rifles, 4 shotguns, and 4 sniper rifles to choose from.


Have a funny process, defeating enemies, blowing them up and upgrading your guns, opening new, being a silent killer with a sniper gun, and increasing your skills of shooting. You will see cool 3D graphics. Every level is made with its unique features and stylization in different biomes, snowy or desert maps.

More than 100 missions are waiting for you and so many additional modes of the game. Destroy all the enemies in the war zone. Try your skills in the training field to see how good and fast are you at shooting. Defend from the waves of special enemies and fight with the final boss.

8. Lone Wolf

Lone Wolf is a story about the lone sniper or lone wolf. He is professional murder, whose job is to kill secretly. Try to play for a secret killer and your main goal is to stay in the shadow and to make mystery death. You are going to fight with the sniper rifle, guns, pistols, bombs, and even with your bare hands.

The game is made for over 5 hours with 30 missions, cut scenes and 20 types of the weapon. Realistic sound effects and then the real effect of the shooting with recoil, wind, and distance. If you have passed the story fully you can try to play the other modes of the game.


The game is pretty hard and you need to develop your skills to shoot straightly the person. Because of the wind, the distance the target is far from you, or that the target is moving you need to shoot above, to the right, or the left.

Sometimes you have only one try to shoot the person because you will be shooting not only in the fields. You can be in the town and after the ended work the sniper needs to hide away and go as far from the accident as he can.

Shoot the people outside on the street, in the cars, houses, and cafes. Every time the mission becomes more difficult. Try different guns with their aims and guns and train to shoot them in the training field with various difficulties of the targets.

9. Gun War

Gun War is in the small number of games, which have cool graphics, there are offline and you do not need the Internet to play and the game size is not that big. So this game would be a good decision for the weak phone and not only.

About the features of the game:

  • The game has over 15 languages.
  • More than 124 challenging levels for you and 6 special modes of the game.
  • Over 50 scenes and maps.
  • About 50 epic weapons.
  • The system of the guns upgrading and modernizing.
  • A special system of teams and teammates.

The Gun War is a world of endless waves of zombies. Defend the zombie and try to survive this world.

Unlock the new guns and upgrade them, you have a big amount of guns to choose from. Upgrade your sniper rifle or a gun and add new modules or set the better ones. Make your gun perfectly balanced to make it easy to shoot from it. Destroy all the zombies, take part in the trips in the town.

10. Overkill 3

Overkill 3 is a game for online or offline battles with real players and your friends or computer bots. The game itself tells the story of the gloomy future. One of the evil groups becomes stronger and takes humanity under the control.

People are panic and the ones, who are fighting are less and less every battle, so people need a hero and you need to become that hero, who will fight will the hordes of the enemies and bring them to a good future without the war.


Attack the enemies with the different kinds of guns and make your way through this dangerous world. The gaming process of the storyline mode is exciting. You are going to try all the guns in the game, upgrade them, make tactics of the battle, meet new survivors and make your team.

Fight the bosses and get more currency for them. Explore the open world and find new enemies, they will become stronger every mission and you need to become more powerful, too.


In the online mode, you will meet everyday competitions with prizes for the winners. You can buy anything you want like guns, armor, or grenades in the market for the earned money in the battles. An online profile with statistics and achievements. Chat with the real players and the lobby with the chat, where you can find a teammate.

There a new game mode, where you need to defend your generator, which hits enemies with powerful shocks, but because of the number of people, you need to help the generator and shoot anyone, who wants to break it.

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11. Blazing Sniper – offline shooting game

The game is about the modern world with military equipment, guns, bombs, grenades, and much more. The game has more than 50 various missions in different locations, from the town and up to the seaport with the boats.

And you can choose a type of level easy or hard. Choose one of the best sniper rifles, which you are going to unlock during the gaming process.


It has simple graphics, interface, and controls, but anyway you need to improve your skills of shooting from the different guns and reactions because you can be slower than the enemy and he can shoot you faster, but no one needs it.

Go around the world and kill zombies in every part of the planet. Level up your character and upgrade your guns making them stronger and more accurate, increase their damage.


There are more than just guns, you can get different items like army bags, coats, pants for the gun: core, aims, bullets. Get gold and experience.

The quality of the army things or the parts for the guns can be different. It can be good or rough for example. And the better the quality the much damage, place for the stuff, etc. the thing has.

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