10 Best Plant Disease Identification Apps for Android & iOS

It’s no secret that plants have the power to make any space feel alive and vibrant. But what happens when your leafy friends start looking a little worse for wear? That’s when plant disease identification apps for Android & iOS come in, and we’ve picked up the best of these.

This app lets you easily diagnose any issues your green babies may be having with just a few clicks. From leaf discoloration to blight and beyond, these apps have it all.

These also cover all kinds of plants and trees, and some even let you monitor full-on fields. Regardless of your plant parenthood exp, these apps will help to pinpoint what is ailing your greenery. Let’s get into it!


This app is a plant lover’s dream come true. It can identify over 17K species with 98% accuracy, which is more than most pros can do. All that happens at the touch of a button. Simply take a pic and watch the magic happen.

This app is a gem for all things plant related. Have a sick plant? No worries, the app can auto-diagnose the issue and provide cure advice. It’s like having a plant doctor in your pocket. And if that’s not enough, it can even see how much sunlight your plant is getting with its light meter.

It also covers in-depth guides and alerts for watering and fertilizing. The app has everything you need to keep your green friends thriving. It even has a light meter to monitor how much sun exposure your plant is getting.

And if you’re worried about toxic plants, the app can recognize these in your vicinity and provide warnings to keep your pets, children, and fam safe. Plus, it can handle your plant array. You’ll get to monitor all the species in your position and even build a wishlist.


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That’s a handy tool to cover all your needs. First off, the accuracy of an ID is mind-blowing! It only takes a quick snap and the app determines it instantly, giving you extensive illness and restorative info. There’s also a virtual care assistant to help your green babies thrive again.

If your plant is sick or struggling, just consult with the chatbot and get comprehensive disease info. What’s even better is that this app is not just limited to ID, but it also helps you with growing. You can use it to monitor a garden for edible ones, make a calendar, set alerts, and more. It helps you grow veggies and herbs with ease.

And if you have any questions, there’s a botanist hotline to help with that. You can send a text to an expert for restorative advice. And the alerts are a boon, notifying you when it’s time to dampen or fertilize your green mates.

The app does a great job monitoring your little garden, too. It also covers some tips to help you boost the exp. And the constantly updated blog with plant sustenance articles is a treasure trove.



This app is here to help you keep a close eye on your crops. This app is a one-stop shop for all things agriculture-related. The app is capable of multiple things, including disease ID, and it only takes one shot for it to work.

Detecting pests and diseases on your crops is a breeze with this app. Not only will it accurately identify any issues, but it’ll also offer up re-treatments. And with disease alerts, you’ll always be ahead of the curve when it comes to preventing crop damage.

The farmer community is a real standout, too. There are over 500 experts on-hand to answer any questions, so you’ll always have the support to ensure your crops are thriving. Plus, the cultivation tips offered are both effective and easy to follow.

Knowing the best time to tend to your crops is crucial, which is why the agri forecast is so helpful. You’ll always be able to plan your schedule around the optimal time to weed, spray, and harvest. And the fertilizer calc will help to specify what your crops need in terms of nutrients.



Are you a plant parent struggling with tending for your little pet? Don’t get past this app, then. It will revolutionize the way you care for your greens. The disease ID is a true gem here. No more guessing what’s wrong with your plant based on limited knowledge: simply take a snap and receive detailed info on the infection. You’ll also get proper therapy and prevention recs.

It also covers a variety of pro-care tools. There’s a pot meter that lets you measure the volume of your pot and determine if it’s the right size for your plant. Plus, you get a light meter to find the optimal sun exposure.

And let’s not forget about the water calc that estimates the ideal amount of moisture and damping frequency. The app even covers a weather tool that lets you alter your routine based on the forecast;

But what sets this one apart is the vacation mode. It lets you share a plan care program with the fam so that they could attain your babies while you’re away.


Plant Parent

It’s a simple tool that helps you keep your green babies alive. This app is an absolute godsend for any plant buff out there. It lets you monitor your array and personalize a care plan for each one of them. You can add all your babies and set alerts to tell you when it’s time to water, prune or report them. No more guessing involved!

It covers an ID instrument that is incredibly accurate and intuitive. It’s like having a personal plant expert in your pocket. Just take a quick snap of any mystery plant and let the app do the rest. You’ll get an answer within secs!

And what about managing your babies? Ever asked yourself where to put a plant or how much sunlight it needs? Well, thanks to this app, you can finally say goodbye to those headaches. It has all the necessary info at hand to help you find the best places for your greens to thrive.

And if your babies aren’t feeling too well, don’t worry! There’s also a plant illness section that is pure gold. It enables you to pinpoint the issue and establish a robust treatment strategy.


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Need an app that could help you become a successful plant parent? Give this one a try! It’s an all-in-one solution for all your ID and care needs. Not sure what kind of plants you have? Just snap a pic and let the app do the rest. It uses AI-based tech to determine your plant and give you all the vital info.

Plus, there’s a text search that lets you find anything you may need to know, including air-cleaning abilities or non-poisonous properties. There are also tons of pro care guides and reminders to keep you on top of the game.

You can also use an illness ID to catch and treat potential problems before they become serious. It will mark any potential issues and provide a cure plan. This tool works via snaps too, so everything is pretty simple.

Not to mention the lightmeter that will help you ensure the greens are getting the proper amount of light they need to thrive. This is a gem for anyone wondering why indoors simply won’t grow! The app is free, too, so it’s a total win-win.


Plant App 

This is the kind of app to help your greens and sanity. It lets you determine and treat diseases, gives personalized care recs, and even reminds you when it’s time to go to water or do smth else. The app is able to ID over 12K species, and it takes a few secs for it to be done. So if you’re not always sure what type your greens belong to or how to treat them, you have to give this one a try.

Just snap a pic and the app will give you all the vital info including the required light, water, and nutrient lvls. As for the illness, the app will tell you about the illness, its causes, deterence, and other stuff to help you keep your babies alive and thriving.

Plus, you’ll get watering recs based on your plant type and pot size. No need to guess or worry no more, the app will take care of it for you. The care guides are incredibly helpful too. The app delivers encyclopedic info about the different types of greens you have and their unique requirements.

You can also use it for notes if needed. The app operates as a full-on journal that helps you monitor your collection. To top it all off, it will recommend articles with insightful info and inspo.



Tired of playing the guessing game when it comes to your crops? Have you ever felt defeated when your crops get sick, and you don’t know what to do? This app is here to help. It won’t be much use for people with indoor plants, but it’s a gem for farmers and agronomists. This plant protection solution is the answer to all your farming woes.

It takes one little snap for you to get in-depth illness info and diagnosis. These will analyze your crops and provide a detailed solution within secs. No more wasting hours trying to guess what’s wrong with your greens.

The app also covers organized field listings by crops and farms. It helps you monitor your crops and farms by organizing them in a detailed field, listing Weather warnings are also quite helpful.

You will receive alerts when problems are likely to occur in your area, letting you protect your precious greens from pests and diseases and take preventative measures early. And as an added bonus, easily shareable digital reports make collaborating with advisors or fellow farmers a breeze.



It’s a treat for novice gardeners struggling to keep their greens healthy. It gives you an expert assistant to guide you through the ups and downs of gardening. The app is AI-powered, and it will transform the way you treat your greens.

Not only does it diagnose common pests and diseases with ease, but it also offers a host of other instruments that make care a breeze. You can ask the app anything about your plants, from ID to care tips and illness diagnosis.

It delivers vital senses into the greens in your garden and their specific needs. From sunlight pefs, and ideal soil type, to watering frequency, you’ll have all the info right away. You can also set alerts to ensure you do all the care in time.

And with the built-in light meter, you’ll never have to guess whether your babies are receiving the ideal light levels. It also covers an advanced search that lets you find in-depth info. The ads are completely bearable, so no worries here.


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And lastly, there’s a little buddy that will help you take care of greens. This little gem will be a game-changer for your green-thumb skills and your plants’ lives.

The diagnosis tool is nothing short of amazing. It lets you find out how to take care of a sick plant and guides you through the steps till your baby feels better. If you’re still uncertain, you can always post in the app’s community or even submit a ticket to a doctor to get recs back in less than 24 hours!

You can also use it to determine the species immediately and get all the vital info. From species to humidity lvls and even its nourishing recs you can learn it all e is to know about your greens on the fly.

The alerts are also a godsend: they let you stick to the care schedule with minimal effort. You can even take a step further and make a full-on calendar. And the expert recs let you get guidance on every aspect of gardening.