11 Best Games Like HoMM III for Android & iOS

Heroes of Might and Magic is a legendary game that was released by Ubisoft in far 1999. And even though back then the technologies were pretty lame and the graphics only started to progress from that 8-bit style, HoMM turned out to be so captivating that people want to play it even nowadays.

The main story of the game that the kind of land called Enroth was murdered by the traitors. Then he wakes up from death to have revenge and take his kingdom back. Ironically, the only person in the whole kingdom who decides to stop the zombie king is his daughter, Catherine.

However, not everything is that easy – black magicians resurrect other dead men from their graves and their troops are attacking the kingdom. Who will win – the king or his daughter?

The game is an RPG strategy where you have to plan your campaign thoroughly in order to win. The task of Catherine is to set the soul, captivated in the father’s body, free.

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Gamers all around the world were attracted by the story of this game, by its detailed locations and maps and the exciting battles. You also need to build fortresses and buildings in order to place strategic objects on the map.

And if you’ve played this game before and you know that it wasn’t enough for you – we prepared a list of the best 11 games like HoMM III for you!

1. Braveland Pirate

Do you like pirates? Then this game is definitely for you. This is an RPG where the action takes place on exotic islands full of pirates and magic creatures! In fact, this element makes this game similar to HoMM III – we got the world full of magic.

Some people might disagree, but the special charm of this game is provided by the cartoon 2D graphics – therefore Braveland Pirate will be suitable both for children and adults.


The story of the game is the following: pirates sail the sea and embark on an unknown island where they know the treasures are hidden. But it’s not that easy – the island is full of evil zombies and before the captain and his crew will be able to get to the gold mines, they will have to defeat the enemy.

In Braveland Pirate you will have to do the following tasks in order to win: plan the battles, build fortresses nearby your ship, train the captain because he’s the main core of the whole game.


What is more, you should pay attention to the location where the action takes place – each of those is made in details and looks beautiful. Paradise beach, hidden lagune, wild jungles, and many more – explore them all in the Braveland Pirate game!

You will face a unique enemy in each new fight – zombies, goblins, ghosts, and so on. Moreover, the game is remarkable for its humorous aspect. It has completely positive feedback from users so it’s definitely recommended!

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2. Hex Commander: Fantasy Heroes

And if you’re looking for a game that is more similar to HoMM III in style then Hex Commander is your choice. Just like in Heroes of Magic, here the action also takes places in the magic medieval world and you will need to fight zombies, goblins, witches, etc.

The hallmark of this game is absolutely stunning graphics with the beautiful landscapes: forests, valleys and castles. The battles are epic and require strategic skills to win each fight.


And unlike in HoMM III, the story here doesn’t carry that much drama and quite thrivial – the king is asking his servants to check the borders between people’s and goblins lands to find out about the activity of the latter. The results show that the kingdom stands on the edge of war.

You will have to think logically, get new partnerships, win new allies, fill your storages, discover new magic powers. During the game, you’re going to travel across the lands of the kingdom and meet dwarves, goblins, elves, and other magic creatures.


Not all of them are going to be your enemies, some are going to become your allies. The only thing that is really different in this game compared to all the other RPGs – you can’t build objects by your choice.

The game is suitable for all devices, including Windows XP. The feedback is mainly positive so the game seems worth playing.

3. Shieldwall Chronicles: Swords of the North

Shieldwall is something in between the HoMM and Hex Commander – the element of magic can be found in each aspect of the game, the action takes place in medieval times, the graphics and locations are similar to Hex Commander, but just like HoMM III, it implies the deeper storyline.

The plot of the game is that you are a leader of a group of the mercenary band – you are traveling through unknown and dangerous lands. On your way, you will meet a bunch of enemies which are going to be monsters, zombies, lizards, goblins, and so on.


The battle scenes here deserve the special attention because it is the part where you can take the control over each participant. Choose the tactics and make your strike. Don’t forget to collect and receive more supplies in order to multiply your powers.


Considering the locations – they are quite good, but they can’t compete with Hex Commander in this sense. The tastes differ, though. Apart from that, you can choose a special weapon for each member of your team, and in total, you’re going to take part in more than 40 battles.

Surprisingly, this game isn’t available for iOS – but you can find it on Google Play and Steam. Also, take into consideration that the fonts are rather small and it might be difficult for people with bad vision to play this game.

4. ROME: Total War – Barbarian Invasion

Another cool RPG for all the history fans out there. The action of this game takes place in the last years of the Roman Empire. By the way, the game was just released on iOS.

In fact, ROME is a remastered game of a version that was released more than a decade ago – so the fans of it will definitely play it. There is no magic, but it still includes that atmosphere of knights and kings, when swords and horses were used in the fight.


The first thing you notice when you first launch this game is that the graphics could be better. However, this fact can be compensated by the detailed locations, interesting characters, and spectacular battles.

Considering the plot of the game: the barbaric tribes have invaded the Roman Empire – your task is to organize your troops and plan the war so you will win with no loss.


ROME is remarkable for the improved user interface and improved animations – each character is made in detail. What is more, the developers have improved the AI of the game and it got much harder to pass.

However, there is a lot of negative feedback about this game as well. This can be explained by the fact that the developers haven’t changed the soundtrack from the last version, also, the icons in the main menu are so tiny it might be difficult to tap on them from the screen of your gadget. Plus, the cost is quite high, which causes the dissatisfaction of fans.

5. Demon’s Rise

Now this game will probably be appreciated by fans of Heroes of Magic and anime games since it slightly combines the two elements of it. The game itself is not that popular and mainly consists of battle scenes – so all the fans of HoMM III who appreciate fights will definitely like this game.

Your task here is obvious – conquer the evil: zombies, monsters, goblins, cyclopes, and so on. What is especially noticeable is the beautiful style of the game – it’s good that the developers put thought into it.


The cool feature of Demon’s Rise is the broad range of characters to choose from. Each of them possesses special powers which can be very useful in the fight. Compile your own team and then you will need to win all the fights in the game.

In this case, the game doesn’t imply any deep storyline – the main aim of it is that you need to defeat all the enemies, carefully picking your characters and conducting your battles. Obviously, those are going to be epic.

The graphics are decent, at least they’re better than in ROME. The only misfortune is that the game often crashes on some not-so-powerful devices and PCs. Apart from that, we didn’t detect any significant flaws. Cool RPG about the world of magic!

6. The Banner Saga

This is one of the most popular games for mobile devices in the RPG genre. And frankly, it’s quite similar to the Heroes of Magic game. It implies the same idea of the war in medieval times, one main character that has to save the kingdom, and, of course, magic.

The graphics are executed in 2D style, which doesn’t make the game worse – on the opposite, everything is drawn so beautifully, that you can’t stop watching all those scenes. In total, the game combines the elements of an adventure game, a visual novel, and an RPG.


The main characters of the game are Vikings, who travel the dangerous road meeting lots of enemies on their way. On your way you will meet a lot of characters that can play a crucial role in the whole story of the game – so plan thoroughly and pay attention to your strategy.

This is probably the main hallmark of this game that makes it stand out from all other games on this list – here you have the real consequences of your choices. You never know how the game is going to end if you pick up one action towards another.


Even though there is a lot of advantages, there are some drawbacks as well. Sometimes the gameplay causes a lot of questions, and in the battle modes, the actions of characters look bulky. What is more, some plot twists in this game are way too trivial. Also, there are some bugs noticed in the game.

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7. Legends of Callasia

In case you’re looking for something aesthetically more beautiful you might find this game – Legends of Callasia – appealing. This is another RPG strategy where the action takes place in the magic world full of magic creatures (no regular humans here) with astonishing 2D graphics.

Well, for the graphics we should be more precise – the thing is the characters are executed in the tiniest detail and look like they belong in a comic book or on some visual novel game, but here you choose them to take parts in the battles.


Though, when you actually take part in a battle, it won’t be as exciting as their initial visuals. The displaying of fights is plainer, it as exciting as 2D graphics is capable of providing it. On the other hand, the developers were quite generous with the effects and sounds.

At the beginning of the game you need to choose one of 3 fractions to which you want to belong – the whole plot then will be developing depending on your choice. You will also get a chance to pick up one of 25 magic heroes and pass through more than 30 missions.

In this game, we advise trying a demo before actually buying it. Many users complain it’s not worth its price.

8. Warhammer 40,000: Freeblade

All the fans of robots games, this is your choice. Here, once again, the action will take place in the magic world populated by robots. It is a shooter game, You won’t get to the elements of RPG here much, but instead, the game will let you enjoy the aciton and cool graphics.


What is more, unlike some other games on this list, this one seems to have an actual storyline. It consists is when a young Imperial Knight sees their noble house destroyed by the twisted forces of Chaos, they join forces with the Dark Angels Space Marines chapter as a Freeblade.

You then become one of the Freeblade members. Another hallmark of this game is that you can create your character from the scratch. Plus, the game is constantly updated with new missions, so it’s fair to say it doesn’t really have an end.

9. Heroes of Steel RPG Elite

In some sense, this game is something in between HoMM and The Banner’s Saga – considering the first, it has similar graphics and gameplay, considering the latter – it has similar graphics. At the beginning of the game, you will be introduced to the pre-story of it so you get the main idea.


You will be fighting for the warriors of the steel kingdom, fighting monsters, demons, lizards, and so on – very classic spirit of HoMM. The only thing, don’t expect much from this game – it’s super simple and mainly it consists of 8-bit battles.

Heroes of Steel belongs to the type of retro games that you want to play when you feel nostalgic and don’t look for great impressions. Unlock new locations, kill as many monsters as possible – and reach the final of the game.

10. Codex of Victory – sci-fi turn based strategy

The first thing you think of when you see the screenshots of this game s the Transformers movie. So all the fans of that galaxy can find Codex of Victory appealing as well. The action takes place at an unknown planet where you get a bunch of robots fighting with aliens. Your task is to protect humans from all those hostile invaders.


You need to conquer as many enemies’ fortresses as possible – and don’t forget to build your own warehouses as you collect all the necessary resources! What is more, upgrade the skills of your battle robots and achieve your goals two times faster.

The graphics and gameplay are quite decent, however, the diversity of locations could be better. Like, really better. During the game, you can switch between the planets where the action takes place and see what is going on inside the spaceships which are basically your second home.

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11. Braveland Wizard

The same series with the first game on this list, but this time it’s all about the wizards. The reason why we put this game to the last position is not because it has any significant drawbacks, but because we want it to serve you an additional choice when you want to pick up a game like HoMM and then already explore Braveland Pirates.

And just like this the game mentioned above, here you will find the cartoon 2D graphics which is very cute, and the very similar idea – you will ned to figt agains orques, monsters, devils on the magic lands in order to win more gems.


An additional bonus here compared to Braveland Pirates is you get the diversity of the times of the year – sometimes the action takes place in winter, and sometimes it’s a hot summer.

Build your magic camp and go exploring the lands – and take part in the battles on your way. The most visible drawback of this game is the fact that it is very short.

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