100NHAS: Game with 100 riddles App Review


100NHAS is a puzzle game that contains more than 100 levels of difficulty. This game is educational and entertaining in nature and is also intended for completely different age groups and for people with different knowledge. 100NHAS is notable for the fact that it can be played both on mobile devices and on a computer …

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Catch – a game for the Blind and Deaf App Review


Catch is an innovative format game for people deprived of the ability to see and hear. This game is a kind of tag, where you are blindfolded and your ears are closed, and you need to find your enemy and catch him! The essence of the game is that it can be played without sounds …

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9 Best Quick Reaction Games to Play Online on Android & iOS

Best Quick Reaction Games to Play Online

Reaction games are widespread among users of mobile platforms. They are time-killers and allow you to usefully spend time anywhere. By the way, our chosen games are available for online play, so you can have fun with your friends. All these games are bright and colorful and also contain different mini-games that will diversify your …

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15 Best Cooking Games in 2022 for Android, iOS, PC

Best Cooking Games

Cooking games attract millions of players around the world due to the fact that they are as close to our reality as possible. They are also widespread among children, as they allow you to feel like an adult with responsibilities. These games are widely used on different platforms and have intuitive controls that will understand …

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17 Best Monster Catching Games in 2022 for Android & iOS

Best Monster Catching Games

Judging by the number of games in the monster catching genre, we can conclude how popular they are. Thanks to their addictive gameplay they have really earned the attention of millions of players around the world. The process of collecting monsters around the game world is really exciting. Moreover, all the games also come with …

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9 Best Apps to Measure Tree Height Using Android & iOS Mobile


Did you know that your smartphone can be turned into a real professional measurement tool? It is quite realistic to do so with the help of special services. They can come in handy in a completely unexpected situation, but if you have chosen this review, then you are definitely wondering how to measure tree height. …

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