11 Best Games Like Huniepop for PC

The rapidly growing interest in games like HuniePop is primarily due to the incredible amount of fun that all players have. In these games, you have to go through various challenges on your way to your dream dates, which can end up being an interesting night out.

In some of them, it is also important to solve mini-games that will bring you an extra opportunity to speed up all the necessary processes. This concept of the game will definitely get you through to the end.

The developers of the HuniePop game promised to release the sequel of this series. But if you don’t want to wait or want to try something else, but similar to this game, we can help you. 

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Here we have chosen the best games like Huniepop for PC that look to offer identical gameplay elements. Let us tell you what they are.

Kitty Powers’ Matchmaker

In this game, which represents the genre of the visual novel, you will have to play the role of a matchmaker.

You need to find the right settings for your character to find the perfect match with other people.

Based on their preferences and you will definitely be able to find common ground with them. 

Same sex marriages are available in this game, for which you must also find a match. After doing these things, you will have to set a date, choose a location, and prepare questions. All of this is accomplished by solving mini-games.

The game allows you to manage a matchmaking agency while taking guidance from your boss, a drag queen diva named Kitty Powers.

You are in charge of changing the lives of desperate clients, who you can match with candidates from Kitty’s little black book, and even guide them through awkward conversations and difficult dating dilemmas.

This game will not entice you much with its graphics, but its gameplay and its innate humor will waste no time in getting you hooked to it. 


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Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars

In Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars, the developers offer you to become a gifted student of an unusual academy.

Take part in even more unusual rituals involving the opposite sex. Also, you will have to fight against evil in the name of peace and quiet. 

The gameplay of this project is divided into two parts: passive and active. The passive part can be called the local everyday life. In front of you is a large city with various institutions, which you can visit for one purpose or another. But all events here are in the form of dialogs or transaction menus.

That is, for example, entering the academy, you can chat with one of the main characters to improve your relationship with her and raise her spirits.

As a rule, this process is a classic “date-sim” sequence of scenes, with dialogues, the possibility of choosing an answer or presenting the girl with a gift. In the upper left corner of the screen, you can see an indicator in the form of three hearts.

This indicator shows how much energy your hero has for dating. Three hearts means that you can spend time with three girls in a row. Then, to restore energy, you must either sleep or go to the maze. There’s no time commitment per se here.

You can sleep as much as you want and spend time with the girls, walk the mazes, and not worry that “time will pass. To advance in the story, except for those moments when you need to pass the maze, there is a special button in the academy menu – “Advance in the story. 

Visually, the game is well done. There are high-quality character models that are fully animated, both during dialogue scenes and during the active phase of the game, with good design. 

Can not but please the technical side of the game. Quite fast loading, no brakes, and crashes, as well as the versatility of settings everything.

So, being in the dorm room, you can get lost in the multi-level menu. There’s equipment, full squad control, the ability to change the heroes, customize the girls’ accessories, and much more.



This particular game is considered one of the best Huniepop alternatives because it falls in the same category. 

Roommates is a single-player game where you have to choose a protagonist from Anne or Mane, depending on the gender that you want to play.

Max is a guitarist and singer in college and a rebel kind of guy, while Anne is a shy and studious kind of girl.

The one big way Roommates is different from HuniePop is that it lets you play as a girl as well. You can be Anne or Max, as you adjust to living in a dorm. While Anne is an adorable book-smart student, Max is a guitarist in a band.

As you progress, you take control of their daily lives and their relationships that could develop into serious ones. Roommates has an interesting lighthearted story going for it that’s replete with humorous situations that definitely elicit a few laughs every now and then. 

The gameplay elements of Roommates are not unlike many other visual novel titles in that the focus of the title is mainly on the characters and their interactions.

The majority of player input is limited to scheduling after-school activities and making choices that that will influence the protagonist’s relationship with the supporting characters. Micromanaging the protagonist’s schedule is the hardest part of the game.

The difficulty scale offered at the start of the campaign seemed primarily focused on the degree to which the player will have to balance sleep, work, and skills. On the easy difficulty, players will find it easy to make mistakes, study or work when needed, or play around with romance options.

Those that want a challenge are in for it as the hard difficulty is rather harsh when it comes to balancing study and building stats to romance one of the supporting characters.

One screen lists the total number of skill points required to successfully romance a specific character. These requirements are different but also part of the relationship status with each individual character.

On the hard difficulty, players have little choice but to have a romance in mind and focus scheduling weekly events on building the skills required to ask a specific character out in time for Spring Break.

Following that sequence, players must rush to double their score before the end of the semester. Failing to study enough before the end of the second semester will affect the player’s academic standing and the ending of the game.

Roommates as a visual novel are lighthearted and those considering a purchase should be aware of this.

Anyone looking to relax with a cheery title with a satisfactory story and amusing characters should consider this game. Players have many options and the game has solid replay value. Roommates provide levity but it ultimately comes at the cost of being engaging.


Amnesia™: Memories

This is a great adventure visual novel, in which the player will have to recover the lost memories of a nameless girl and help her return to her homeworld.

The game has an original presentation of the plot. Instead of usual relationship building, we are to choose one of several parallel worlds.

At the same time, the heroine will be initially put into a situation where the player can only vaguely guess her early choices. Each flashback can literally turn the whole story inside out and make you question your own choices.

Otherwise, the game is a traditional visual novel with appropriate gameplay. This game has a great story, nice animation, many good and neutral endings, even more, bad endings, and mini-games that add variety to the gameplay.


Always Remember Me

Always Remember Me is a PC English visual novel.

The game follows a young woman who finds herself having to win back her boyfriend after he loses his memories after a motorcycle accident.

This is a solid game, average at best, but still enjoyable. The premise is unique and the characters are likable, but a little flat. Then there are the stats raising feature, which is the most grueling and time-consuming part of the entire game.

95% of the game is reserved for stats raising and even playing the game on the easiest setting doesn’t make the process any easier. But, all of the hard work grindings make achieving the best ending that much more satisfying.

So, overall, Always Remember Me is a pretty average game that many long-time Otome gamers might find boring, but for folks new to the Otome fandom this game is a solid introduction to the genre. 


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It is a Japanese visual novel with a touch of eroge in which the player follows a predetermined plot, interacting with the main characters of the story and other characters.

It is the player’s interaction with the characters and the story. The game is presented in the form of mostly static pictures and text at the bottom of the screen, which the entire gameplay is based on.

It only depends on the player to make various decisions affecting the development of the story, and the choice of answers in the dialogues. As a result, there are several options for plot development and the finale.

The novel contains many scenes that are characteristic of the simplest characters. For example, the main character has to choose who to ask out on a date with a cooking competition.

Most of the scenes do not attempt to make one take oneself seriously. Even in the seemingly climactic plot points, there is still room for humor.

But for all that, there is a noticeable high quality of execution. Events are varied, often flaunting beautiful illustrations or simple animated scenes.

The characters, though formulaic, perform their roles well in this romantic attraction. The voicing of the characters perfectly suits their characters, and the music creates a relaxed atmosphere.

The game is divided into two-story parts, which are different phases in one overall story. The second part will be available only after the first one. The project was well-received by the fan community and even received two expansions, manga series, and an anime adaptation.



It is a romantic visual novel with a moderately interactive gameplay characteristic of the genre. 

The main emphasis here is on a fascinating story that gradually unfolds before the player’s eyes.

Branching scenario allows you to play the game many times, achieving different endings, both “good” and “bad.

The variability of passing is achieved by making certain decisions by the player. You have to choose a certain answer in the dialogue, action, or even the course of thought of his character.

The game has the ability to save at any time, which allows you to select the best choices by trial and error. There is also a “fast-forward” mode already found in the past passages of the text.

The different branches of the narrative are independent. At the same time, they add details to the game’s world, making it more convincing on subsequent reading.

The game also has an encyclopedia that explains the various terms and references that appear in the characters’ dialogues. This makes it much easier to understand the characters’ lines.

The main theme running through the entire novel is family. The game raises questions about the relationships between family members, the mistakes they make, and the meaning of children’s existence for their parents and vice versa.

Clannad is a rare representative of novellas, which touch in the main plot not only the way of the main character to his/her soulmate but also what happens after they reveal their own feelings to each other.


Moe Jigsaw

This is a Japanese visual novel for adults with elements of parody, adventure, and fantasy, based on a classic Chinese novel.

The gameplay here follows a storyline with many planned scenario branches whose emergence depends on the decisions made by the player.

Great emphasis in the game is placed on the appeal of the female characters and their relationships with each other, as well as with the rest of the story characters.

The game was incredibly popular among fans of the genre and received two re-releases with new characters and storylines. Besides, a manga was released based on this project, and a little later an anime series, which existed for three whole seasons.


Love ritual

The creator of this visual novel is Xand arts. The main character is a girl named Rilaya.

She works as an expert on rituals and comes to the big city to help the investigator in a complicated case.

A dark ritual has been committed in the woods, the consequences can be most unfortunate, you need to find the culprit as soon as possible.

Two magicians fall under suspicion, but they have very good lawyers. Rilaia will have to investigate the mystery of the mysterious ritual. Each of the lawyers will try to bend her to their side, as well as win the heart of this beauty.

“Love ritual” is a very interesting game for girls. It involves not only watching the story but also solving puzzles and actively interacting with the people and objects around her.


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If My Heart Had Wings

This visual novel is really amazing, not just because of the explicit content. 

If My Heart Had Wings tells the story of an athlete forced to give up his cycling career because of a knee injury.

After the accident, he transfers to a college in his hometown, where he meets a disabled girl who has no way of making friends.

Slowly but surely they become best friends and more. Their common interest turns out to be flying, and they join a flying club and take on the task of building an airplane.

This is probably one of the best games on this list when you consider the story and the characters. They are superbly written.


Lingering Fragrance

This is a short anime-style erotic visual novel that tells three different stories, two of which open after the first one.

The game is set in a school, and its main characters are high school students, who start to lose their memory because of their active study.

In order not to finally forget each other the schoolchildren start to create warm memories.

The gameplay here is no different from other similar games. You are in the role of one of the three characters talking to different characters in the background of static pictures drawn.

Then you gradually progress through the story, choosing the appropriate answers that affect the further course of events in a certain way. The game has nice visuals, an interesting storyline, and good background music.

After the first story has been completed, two more stories will open for you: Consider that it’s three games in one. Also, Lingering Fragrance has an unobtrusive soundtrack, a decent story, and cute characters.


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