9 Best Quick Reaction Games to Play Online on Android & iOS

Best Quick Reaction Games to Play Online

Reaction games are widespread among users of mobile platforms. They are time-killers and allow you to usefully spend time anywhere. By the way, our chosen games are available for online play, so you can have fun with your friends. All these games are bright and colorful and also contain different mini-games that will diversify your …

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15 Best Cooking Games in 2022 for Android, iOS, PC

Best Cooking Games

Cooking games attract millions of players around the world due to the fact that they are as close to our reality as possible. They are also widespread among children, as they allow you to feel like an adult with responsibilities. These games are widely used on different platforms and have intuitive controls that will understand …

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17 Best Monster Catching Games in 2022 for Android & iOS

Best Monster Catching Games

Judging by the number of games in the monster catching genre, we can conclude how popular they are. Thanks to their addictive gameplay they have really earned the attention of millions of players around the world. The process of collecting monsters around the game world is really exciting. Moreover, all the games also come with …

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11 Best Physics Sandbox Games for Android & iOS

Best Physics Sandbox Games

Physics sandbox games have long been a very diverse way of entertainment on mobile devices. There are quite a lot of them, often developers add this element to the game for its greater distribution among users. Among the huge variety, it is hard to find exactly what will meet the high requirements and keep the …

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11 Best Post Apocalyptic Survival Games for Android & iOS

Best Post Apocalyptic Survival Games

Post-apocalyptic life fascinates with its obscurity and the constant desire to survive in a monstrous world. Thus, this genre is gaining in popularity every day. In mobile marketplaces, you can find a huge variety of games that are dedicated to this theme. But only some of them are really breathtaking and make you spend a …

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11 Best Realistic Simulation Games for Android & iOS

Best Realistic Simulation Games

Simulation games are a widespread genre among all gamers, including on mobile platforms. This type of recreation allows you to distract from real life and pressing problems by immersing yourself in a parallel universe. There are a huge number of games that fall into this category. You can find simulations of everyday life, various professions, …

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9 Best Kids Camera Apps With Games for Android & iOS

Camera for kids with games

Our smartphones are complex devices. It is easy for adults to figure out how to use devices correctly. How can we teach our children how to handle them well? The camera of the phone is its main component. Many people buy and upgrade their smartphones for a better camera. It is necessary to teach children …

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9 Best Skee-Ball Game Apps for Android & iOS

Skee-ball games

Arcade games are a genre in which important attention is paid to time. At the same point, the gameplay is very fast. Arcade games were originally in slot machines. Later people began to develop games for computers and smartphones. Everyone remembers Skee-Ball games. We have prepared a whole list of these games for you. You …

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11 Best Cloud Gaming Apps in 2022 for Android & iOS

Best cloud gaming apps

It’s so great to play your favorite games on your smartphone after a hard day at work. You can relax and enjoy the gameplay. Sometimes we don’t have enough memory for our smartphones to download our favorite games. It all depends on the model of your device. Try cloud gaming apps that don’t require installation. …

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7 Best Jigsaw Puzzle Apps for Android & iOS

Best Jigsaw Puzzle Apps

Do you adore collecting classic jigsaw puzzles? No more buying cardboard puzzles whose pieces can easily get lost. Now they have been replaced by mobile apps that make the process more exciting. What’s more, they allow you to engage in your best-loved hobby anywhere and anytime. The variety of styles, pictures, and difficulty levels amazes …

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