11 Best Games Like RuneScape

If you want to play an online multiplayer game and have a good time RuneScape is an excellent choice. This awesome cross-platform game has gained a huge popularity all over the world – because it’s simple, but at the same time the simplicity is the key here. To take a relief from stress, you don’t need the high end graphics – just a convenient game and fun people around!

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But what if you got bored or this game is simply unavailable to you? Don’t worry, there is a lot of alternatives to RuneScape. We analyzed best of them and compiled the list about the best possible substitutions of RuneScape.

1. Panzar

Panzar is an interesting combination of different game genres. On the one hand, Panzar is similar to an MMORPG, but on the other hand, it is an online action game.

During the game, you will have to fight in a group of allies against the enemy team. There are many different arenas for this purpose. And that is why Panzar can not be called a full-fledged MMORPG, the game does not have a large open world for research, but the role-playing system is there.


For each battle, you will receive rewards and experience, which you can spend on improving your character, buying armor and weapons.

The game exceeds RuneScape in graphics, so if that flaw that was bothing you in the latter game, Panzar is your choice. What is more, all of those who like magic creatures and monsters game will definitely appreciate this game.

You can get Panzar on Steam and you can play it online by going on the official website and pay for free. The cool thing is the game is not happening chaotically, where you simply have the multiplayer battle game, but it actually has the plot. Panzar was released more than 10 years ago but it’s still one of the most popular games out there.

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2. New World

New World is a MMORPG based on the new Lumberyard game engine with an open world and complete freedom of action, in which all events take place during the colonization of America in the 17th century. The land is full of cursed creatures and supernatural things.

The game is produced by Amazon.


The main features of the project are a completely open and huge world with super abilities, a rich selection of crafting items, the fight for your survival and the most important point-a team game, without which you will not be able to quickly achieve greatness

You can see that the graphics of New World is probably the best one from the games on this list. If your PC is powerful enough and you want to play something exciting similar to RuneScape – then you can go hard and play New World.

The animation is flawless as well – each character has its own unique skills that they will demonstrate during the battles. By the way, each location is executed in the tiniest details, so you’ll be plunged in the full-action game – be ready to hang for hours.

You can play the game online or download it on Steam.

3. Skyforge

Skyforge is one of the most popular online games at the moment, a joint project of the Russian studio Allods Team and the American Obsidian Entertainment.

Although Skyforge formally has all the features that are inherent in any traditional online role-playing game — a large selection of classes, long leveling, guilds, a lot of organized PvP and PvE activities — it is in many ways different from what we are all used to.


The most important and striking difference, perhaps, is how the character development system works. The fact is that here you can create a single character on one account, but this does not mean that you will always be tied to the craft chosen at the very beginning.

The game will suit the taste of those who like the space theme. You will be battling with the space monsters and the whle action takes place on the astro ships and in the levitation of galaxy.

Some battles will take place on Earth – so the diversity of locations is provided. Plus, the whole action is accompanied by the coolest soundtrack.

The gameplay, graphics, and animation are quite impressive – and they look something that a weak PC wouldn’t handle, so beware of it.

4. Gloria Victis

Gloria Victis is an MMORPG with a big bias towards the classic “roleplay”. The local world is a medieval Europe and the Middle East with some interspersed fantasy elements borrowed from Slavic folklore.

An important feature of the game is the so-called “non-target” combat system, in which to defeat the enemy you need to hit him with a sword or other weapon.

Strikes must be applied in the right direction at the right distance (the system is essentially similar to Mount & Blade and similar games), and well-developed physics greatly diversifies the use of the arsenal available to players.


The game is impressive by the range of weapons that you can choose for you character.

It is a classic game of this genre, but everything is made on a high level so a nice time with this game is guaranteed. An interesting fact that in Gloria Victis the worlds are developed so thoroughly, that there are not only the characters but also wild animals and even insects are running around.

However, many users complain that the game includes a lot of bugs, for example, the shield isn’t working at all.

5. Bloodlines of Prima

The next game on our list has quite mixed feedback – someone likes this game and for someone it’s the worst representative of the whole genre. In our opinion, it’s just more simple and it brings a vibe really similar to RuneScape.

Bloodlines of Prima is a multiplayer shooter with “roguelike” elements, in which players explore locations, get resources and equipment, and thus benefit their faction.

First of all, Bloodlines of Prima is quite an old game, so don’t expect any superior graphics or gameplay. However, both of them are quite bearable, and if you don’t focus on that, you won’t feel it as a drawback.

The game takes place in a mysterious fantasy universe, where gamers play the role of researchers who clear the world of monsters, as well as search for valuable resources and artifacts.

Completing quests and destroying enemies increases the player’s reputation with the faction to which he belongs. Access to good equipment and useful items depends on it.

If the reputation becomes negative, the character becomes an outcast, who can be killed by anyone who meets him without compromising karma.

In general, the game is veeery trivial and uses all the casual techniques that can be found almost in all the games of this genre. But once again, its vibe is similar to the one that RuneScape has.

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6. Tunche: Arena

Tunche – beat’em up in the classic style of games of the 90s, but at the same time adding a lot of modern mechanics and features. For example, the game has elements of a roguelike, platformer and even role-playing game and all this with an interesting and diverse plot.

For all of those who enjoy cartoon-like graphics, this game will be a gem in this genre. What is more, it is technically available almost for any PC. You will create your character and will be battling evil monsters.


The story tells about good and evil. But it can surprise you with bright personalities, interesting storytelling, and unexpected twists in certain game moments. Don’t forget to get as many scores as possible – there are leaderboards in the game where the names of the best players are announced every week!

In general, the game is more than decent especially for the 2D style, and the only thing that can kill lots of your time is the long loading process. Plus, it’s more convenient to play the game using your console – it’s not really convenient to play it using the keyboard.

7. Defiance

Defiance is an extremely ambitious project. Not only did its creators combine two different genres in the game, a shooter and an online RPG; they also tried to establish a very peculiar relationship between different forms of entertainment-video games and television.

The main impression taht Defieance brings is that this game is OK. There is nothing too exatraordinary about it, it definitely has the similar line with the RuneScape, but it’s quite an ordinary game in this theme and genre.


The action takes place, once again, in a magic world with monsters and humans and you have to fight for the latter. The graphics are OK as well – take into consideration that the game was released more than 6 years ago.

According to the plot, everything happens in the futuristic post-apocalypse world. You have to kill as many monsters as possible within the gaming time. Defiance has its own plot what makes the process more interesting.

The main drawback, of the game, however, is that the accounts of players here get blocked for no reason.

8. Star Conflict

Star Conflict is a team game. “Stick together, or we’ll be smeared!” advises the strong-willed captain’s voice. Business advises. Sticking together is crucial, though not the only, part of the local team-building mechanism.

You can play the game online or buy it from Steam. Just like the Skyforge, this game is concentrated on the theme of space. Spaceships, aliens, extraneural creatures, and supers powers are the main features of this game.


Part of the problem is the complex combat system. At crazy speeds, delighting enemies with laser special effects and covering enemy ships with bright energy flashes is not only wonderful in itself, but it also feels great. But you do not learn to navigate on the fly in three planes at once.

Overall, the gameplay is quite good, and there are no significant bugs in the game. The action is captivating and the battles will take your attention for the long gaming hours. Recommended!

9. Planet Explorers

Planet Explorers is a multiplayer sandbox and survival game developed by Pathea Games.

This game could become another MMO game with the space theme, but in fact, it offers much more. In some moments, you really goign to take part in the inter-galaxy battles, but in some moments the game turns into an adventure where you need to explore the new worlds and planets.


The open world in the game belongs to science fiction, but like all games it has its own unique features: sandbox, large open world, survival, space for adventure on the map, there is the possibility of playing with friends, role-playing, crafting various items, research, construction, science fiction, voxel graphics and much more.

You will have access to such game modes as “single player”, “multi-player” and “co-op”.

10. Summoner

Summoner has a fairly complex plot, organically woven into the overall history of the game world. It is difficult to describe it in a few words. Below is only a schematic description.

In one of the villages of the kingdom of Medeva, a boy was born with a strange mark on his hand. At the age of nine, Joseph (as the boy was named), with the help of a magic ring, unexpectedly managed to summon the demon of darkness Machival.


Joseph tried to save the village from robbers, but the demon was caught disobedient, and there was little left of his native village. Having done his dark work, the demon escaped, and the frightened little Joseph threw the ill-fated ring into the well.

Nine more years passed, and Medeva was attacked by the troops of the distant Orenian Empire, sent by the evil Emperor Murod to search for the summoner. From here, in fact, the game begins.

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11. Astral Terra

Astral Terra is a multiplayer fantasy sandbox game with RPG and survival elements.

You will explore the endless Realm of the Fairies of Sanctum as a Planar Guardian, build your own fortress, collect resources for crafting, or simply explore different biomes for discoveries.


In the game, everything is generated procedurally, starting from the abilities and skills of users, and ending with the landscapes and the environment.

In general, Astra Terra is another game of this genre where the world is filled with magical creatures and they battle against each other. The atmosphere of the game is more relaxing, thus, it’s a cool game just to forget about your daily problems and just go shooting your enemies.

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