9 Best Ship Simulator Games for PC, Android, iOS

Sea battle games are increasingly attracting developers and players themselves. Simulators can hardly be called a game, but in addition to rich graphics, a dynamic story, the ability to control the ship and fight – you can dive deep into the process itself.

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We have compiled a list of the best games according to users and divided them into groups, depending on the platform: PC, Android, and IOS. Since game lovers prefer a large screen and bright graphics, let’s start with simulators for PC.

1. World of Warships

The famous game of the sensational series of the whole universe Wargaming.net, the creators of World of tanks and other acclaimed games. So, having a premium account on the official website of the developer-you can quickly switch between the company’s projects and play with greater comfort.

At its launch, the game was only available for computers based on the Microsoft Windows system. On the official website of the game, users will be offered to “become the captain of the ship”. And not just a captain, but a participant in military battles on ships of the first half of the 20th century.


In addition to the colorful graphics and dynamic battle, players can see a wide selection of different types of ships that have a variety of tactical options. Each ship is unique in its way and is divided into classes: you can choose the ship with the highest firepower, speed, or hull protection.

Among the most famous types of ships: battleships, destroyers, various aircraft carriers, and cruisers. In addition to all the variety of views, there are also old unfinished ships, including ships that were created only as military projects of the 20th century.

The game features virtual copies of real models of the naval forces of major countries, such as the United States, the USSR, and the United Kingdom. The user can choose a script, a company, complete tasks, and achieve different military objectives.


By honing their skills in battle, players can unlock new ship classes and new aspects of gameplay. The maps are randomly selected, have their geographical features, and usually look like the locations of real historical battles of that time.

For a better immersion in virtual reality-the weather and time of day change directly on the map in real-time. The more the player fights, the more skilled he becomes in battle, which will help him build his army and conquer the seas.

This arcade simulator can be tested for free on the official website of the game. By the way, in April of this year, new updates became available in the game: the developers added the “auction” function, where the heroes of the storyline can buy game items: replenish resources and purchase rare artifacts.

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2. Battlestations: Pacific

The famous series of games, released in 2009, is presented in two parts Midway and Pacific, available on several systems at once, including X-box 360. In the first version of the game, various elements of arcade and strategy were combined. In the second part, the developers have kept this feature, so that the “veterans” can feel comfortable.

However, the game has added incredible graphics and a much-improved interface. The essence of the game is to complete tasks during the battle, replenishing your resources and increasing your experience in combat.


The game has a network and single-player game, in which combat resources are presented in several forms at once: you can get air support, passive reinforcement of weapons and ammunition throughout the battle, advantages for a certain amount of time.

The passage of the game is stretched over 28 missions, which is significantly less than in the previous version of the game, but the game becomes no less interesting. All missions are complemented by dramatic black-and-white clips and the lamentations of the announcer.

The game also features multiplayer modes, where you can be guided by various goals: whether it’s capturing an island, competing between players, dueling with certain players, or even besieging ships. If you are tired of playing online, you can quickly switch to playing short games.

As in the previous game, the plot is based on the real historical events of 1941-1945, during the attack on Pearl Harbor and the Battle of Okinawa. Players are immersed in unforgettable adventures on various types of transport.


You can chase an armored train, destroy ships, or meet the Germans in the south Atlantic. By the way, in terms of sound and the image of the game is almost indistinguishable from a real blockbuster. If you have good speakers and a subwoofer nearby, you can reproduce the real sound of flying projectiles.

The picture corresponds to the sound, as the detail of objects in the game has significantly improved compared to the previous part. If you like full-fledged historical companies, in which in addition to authentic stories, there is an opportunity to rewrite history, then you should try this online battle.

3. Naval Action

It was released in 2016 by Game-Labs, a publisher that produces mainly simulators and strategies, and was recognized by many developers as a masterpiece. This game, of course, is not as popular as the previous two, but it is also filled with an interesting storyline, graphics, and dynamic gameplay.

Players dive into the times of sailing ships, fight for possessions, discover new territories, and trade resources and ammunition. As a weapon, the game has almost all types of naval artillery: from long guns to carronades and mortars.


In the course of completing missions, you can buy additional equipment and equip it, depending on its size and model. As support in battle, you can purchase a fort or battle batteries. Good game detail allows you to punch through the stern of a ship, damage the rudder, or even see a shot ricochet and punch through a nearby ship.

The picture allows you to see the movement of the sails due to the wind. A huge selection of really beautiful ships with detailed characteristics, improved speed, reaction, maneuverability, etc. A large map of the world from the 16th century and the opportunity to create your territory, trade, and military empires.


Unlike the previous games presented, there are no classes in Naval Action, you choose how your character will develop. In addition to the development of the character, there is an opportunity to build your ship and fight with other nations (just do not overdo it if you do not want to become a pirate).

Moreover, you will have to move between the territories, as the captains of that time had to: with the help of compasses, maps, the direction of sunlight, and other markers. Now the game can be purchased on the well-known platforms Seam, Gamivo, etc.

4. Tempest: Pirate Action

An adventure game that has already won the hearts of almost half a million users. If you love pirate games, then Tempest is just for you. Buy a ship, equip it with all kinds of ammunition, trade resources and conquer new territories.

In addition to quite realistic stories, the game is complemented by mystical creatures like the Kraken and Leviathan. The captain of the ship can use magic crystals to repel the blows of enemies or bring down meteorites on them. In the arsenal of the game, there are many different guns, flamethrowers, and ship rigging.


For completing difficult objectives, players receive artifacts that will help them in battle. More than 10 islands and more than 100 tasks. Players dive into the secrets of the island, reveal the secrets and enjoy the free life of real pirates.


In addition to your ship, the pirate has the opportunity to gather a whole team of navigators, build a shelter on an abandoned island, improve it so that it becomes your new home, where you can safely hide your purchased resources or stolen precious things.

After completing the tasks, you get rewards in the form of small chests of gold, with which you buy improved gear for ships and the coolest weapons.

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5. Naval Battle: World War II

It a great game about the battles in the seas of the Second World War. Players are tasked with completing missions, recreating the real naval battles of 1942-1943. A good 3D picture will allow you to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of combat battles and will not leave any Android system user indifferent.


If you like simulation games, if you like to fight battles during the Second World War, if you like high-quality graphics-then this game is just for you.

The detailing is well done: the ships can be customized as desired, equipping them with various weapons or additional parts. The plot is based on real events, the battles are going on at a fairly fast pace, which requires training and ingenuity.

6. The Pirate: Caribbean Hunt

Another toy for pirate lovers. Immerse yourself in the era of piracy in the Caribbean, a time of white skulls, blue waves, and incredible opportunities. For those who still remember the Jolly Roger – take the helm of the ship and go to battle, conquer the land, take the treasure to become the Scarlet Ship of the islands.

To destroy enemy ships, the game has a huge selection of weapons. The pirate team will help you in battle, and the proper supply of various ammunition and parts will reliably protect you from attack. Beware of the storm while exploring the islands, the enemy may attack unexpectedly.


Players can also complete some tasks that will advance you on the way to the goal. After accumulating enough coins, you can buy expensive artifacts or buy everything you need for the team and ship.

The longer you play, the closer you are to solving the mystery of the hidden treasure that can be found only after you explore the island so well. In the game, you can choose several ships that best suit you in terms of characteristics, a player that you like, and a team that will help you in the battles.

The picture looks quite high-quality, especially if you play it on a tablet. The detail is not as good as, for example, in Tempest: Pirate Action, but the tasks are quite interesting. And in general, the game is addictive from the first minute.

7. Atlantic Fleet

Quite an interesting strategy about the naval battles of the Second World War in the Atlantic, released in 2015 and almost immediately became popular among App Store users. This game has a previous version of Pacific Fleet, the plot of which is set in the Pacific Ocean.

Excellent three-dimensional graphics allow players to immerse themselves in the atmosphere of battles, watch spectacular battles on the water, or even attack submarines. The gameplay features long strategic planning in balance with fast tactical operations.


The game has three modes, through which you can achieve success in rank or position in the war: the player can choose to become the commander of the British fleet or go to the enemy side to lead their fleet. Up to 10 ships can take part in one battle at once.

If you like to play games based on the plot, then in Atlantic Fleet you can go through a fairly large-scale story company, where you need to complete about 50 missions. The fighting, meanwhile, spans the entire period of World War II from 1939 to its end in 1945.

For more fun of the game, the user is invited to play through multiplayer, which will allow you to fight in competitive mode with real players. The picture is very good quality, every detail is modeled, the ships are almost exact copies of real historical models, which in turn, very realistically sink during the battle.


Well-developed visualization, especially noticeable during the battle, when parts of the ships are hit by shots. As tasks, you can choose both regular patrolling or spearfishing, and entire battles with air raids.

The territories and the weather are beautifully drawn. Aviation, unlike the previous version, has reached a new level, now the shells do not look like single bombs, but like heavy carpet bombing. The cost of the game in the App Store is about 900 rubles.

8. King of Sails: Sea Battle

A free app for iOS, which is especially suitable for users who can not imagine games without team battles. Players are immersed in the era of the beginning of shipbuilding. For fighting, you can choose one of the wooden ships of the 18th century, each of which has its advantages: in speed, maneuverability, or defense.

Each ship is drawn based on real historical ships like the “St. George” or the mystical “Flying Dutchman”, light and fast corvettes, or heavy battleships. And if you choose a whole frigate – you can not do without big guns. Therefore, the game has a wide variety of weapons.


It is possible to choose the fleet vs fleet mode, which aims to sink all enemy ships, which is quite interesting. You will have to learn the tactics of naval actions to make the battles effective: catch a fair wind, maneuver between rocks to protect the hull, and attack in the open sea to break the sails of the enemy.

As the game progresses, you can pump your ship, improve its power and speed, and supply the fleet with everything you need. Increase the range of fire, reduce the possibility of damage, protect your ship with additional details.

Through multiplayer, you can also compete with players from all over the world. The controls are extremely simple, with time becoming intuitive, which can also be customized. Nice scenery and the ability to control the sails make the game more vivid.


In the latest updated version, in addition, the graphics have been improved, the physics of ship movements have become more realistic, the balance of ships has become better, and some types of ships have been added.

In addition to everything, the game’s soundtrack will appeal to all users. By connecting headphones or good speakers, you can hear the sounds of nature: the singing of birds, the sound of the wind, the leaves of trees, and the noise of the mountains. During the fighting, the sounds of gunshots or bombs seem real.

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9. Ship Sim 2019

Now you can move away from the old models and move to the new time. The perfect version of the real ship simulator, released in 2019, is good to play on the IPAD. The visual part of the game is made very high quality, realistic ships make the game even more exciting.

There are about 10 modern ships to choose from, the details of which will pleasantly surprise everyone. You can choose a simulator for every taste: whether it is a cruise ship, an oil tanker, or a cargo ship.


Once you choose a ship, you can go free sailing: a large realistic map with changing weather conditions and beautiful landscapes will not leave anyone indifferent, reflections in the water look very realistic. You can control the ship in several ways at once.

It is possible to change the hull of the ship, its color, flag, and settings. The game so conveys the atmosphere of real movement on ships that you can suddenly run aground or damage the hull on the sides of rocks.

The game provides a variety of different missions, such as loading or unloading goods, transportation of petroleum products, or organizing a cruise for the passengers of the liner.


Each of the three-game modes will have its number of ships that can be unlocked in the process of achieving goals or completing missions. With the help of a cruise ship, you can take people to any place in the Mediterranean Sea.

Using cargo ship-players can transport various cargo anywhere in the world. Choosing the role of the captain of an oil tanker, you will be instructed to transport oil products safely and with extreme care from one point to another.

The mechanism of action is not complicated: after receiving the task, you go to the port, complete the loading and arrive at the planned destination.

Controlling the ship is quite simple, it happens on an intuitive level and does not interfere with the game process. The camera’s viewing angle allows you to view the ship from all sides for damage or chips.

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