11 Best Multiplayer Horror Games for Android & iOS

Most of us like horror games – they are so excited to play! Especially those with super creepy and captivating stories, when you’re hands are shaking because you’re afraid but the curiosity leads you through the game.

What is more, it is always more fun to play a horror game with your super emotional friend who screams and shouts at every shadow they see in the game. There are plenty of videos about it on YouTube. But you want to play the game yourself, correct?

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For this purpose and in order to make the whole process even more exciting, you can go for eh horror multiplayer games – invite all your friends! In the list down below we picked the 11 coolest multi-player apps for you to choose from!

1. Horror Show: Online Survival Horror

 A game that is opening our top of best horror games is Horror Show. It is an online horror game, where you can play with other players in two interesting roles. Role of survivor, who is trying to run away from the hunter with other players repairing generators, collecting useful for your stuff.

You can help each other because together you are stronger and can faster escape. But also you can let your friends die, but next time if they survive, they will not help you in such a difficult situating. The role of a killer or hunter consists of trying to kill every player and avoid their escape.


The plot of the game tells that there 4 tourists who just wanted to relax in the abandoned camp, but then they understand that they went to the territory of the real psychopath with is not that friendly to them and tries to kill them all.

The game is creepy sometimes when you are going your way and suddenly the killer comes out of the corner and starts running after you. When you are helping your teammate or doing a task and the slayer is near. So it makes the gameplay cool and the game has its sphere.

At the top of all there 4 various survivors with unique abilities and features. More than just people, there are even 3 different murders with specific characteristics and styles of hunting and killing, is not that cool enough? 


A great thing about it is that except for opening new characters, you can strengthen them and it gives you a goal to do besides only playing for fun. In the game there 4 men against only 1 murder. Who is more powerful? Download and find out in your game.

The game has some logical questions to solve and escape this camp. Original graphics and fearful sound effects make you think that you are a part of the game and frenetic it near, so you need to hurry up to find the way from here.

The psychopath hears the victim’s actions, can track her down, and take him hostage.

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2. Slender Man Hide & Seek Multiplayer Free

We think that everyone knows who the slender man is and sure what is Hide and Seek game actually about.

This is a multiplayer game of hiding and seek in 3 models against One player takes on the role of Slender, a creature which is white with a suit and it is so high, and three more players become students who try to run away, but I do not think that it is that easy, because Slender Man has special super abilities.


The goal of the students is to find and destroy the Slender amulet dolls. They are in chests scattered around the location. Slender’s goal is to catch all students and prevent them from destroying his amulets.

Online game for 4 people. Support your friends and try to win the slender man. Only one side is able to win. Helping if you are playing is the most important thing because in life you all need to stay alive to increase the chances to survive, but as always someone dies and it is sad.


Locations, sound effects are giving the game a dire atmosphere. Be careful, Slender can teleport near of you and all you will have to do is to run or hide.

3. Horrorfield

Being a really popular game, Horrorfield is a real-time game, where you, together with other players, decide who will be sacrificed to a psychopath, and who will escape from him and become a survivor.

Join the survivor camp. Choose from 7 special characters with varied abilities and specializations:

  • The basketball Player can run fast, because of the sport he was playing before going to that camp.
  • The Doctor heals himself and others and becomes one of the most important guys in that company this way.
  • An engineer can repair generators and craft beneficial items faster than others do.
  • The thief has stealth and agility to dodge the murder.
  • Mercenary is a stalwart soldier with high morale.  A brave man who is not afraid of many spooky things, and on the brink of death preserves reasonableness and can make a reasonable choice.
  • The scientist upgrades equipment and extends his aura of wisdom to survivors.
  • Police Officer can apprehend the killer.

The task of the survivors is to develop their team strategy and, leaving in harmony, together to escape from the creepy base, where the murder leaves.

You have to hide to stay alive,  help each other, use and combine various skills and objects. This why teamwork is so important in this game, every role is so important that you need to save more people.

Explore an abandoned base with traps and find the best hiding places. Repair all the generators in the location to turn on the electricity and escape from the terrible place of imprisonment.

This place is a quiet one so do not forget that your scream is like a scary bell that attracts the butcher.  However, it is very difficult not to scream when something with a weapon in hand is chasing you, so forget fear, otherwise, it will catch up with you.


You can not even build a shelter to feel safe. But, maybe you wondered to become the killer itself, so there 4 types of murders with their styles of attacking and hunting. More than just hunting for players, murder can go and just break generators, players were trying to repair.

Murder is truly unbeatable and unstoppable, so the motivation for escape rises. Reinforce the characters of the game to win more and more. Also, a good addition that you can craft things to increase your chances.

 And like a good feature, there are clans, ratings, and special targets to execute and gain experience.

4. Friday Night Multiplayer – Survival Horror Game

Welcome to your worst nightmare, where you need to escape from the killer, who is keen on people’s suffering. The game is rapidly developing and developers so there lots of things more to add and the creators of the game have many ideas, but now it looks pretty good already.

The story of the game is about Jason a, world-known killer who tries to kill as many people as he will be able to do.

How to win playing for the murder is okay, but what is about winning with survivors is to repair generators, cars, light to open the gates and escape, calling the police to say about your problem and tell them where you are, maybe you will be successful in it and they will help you.


Also, you can try to stop the murder with different weapons you will find and till he is stuck you will be able to make more tasks. Turning on generators is so loud thing and the killer will go to you to catch you, so other players can try to help you with distracting Jason. Working with your team gives you more chances to win.

One of the best features of the game that it has chat and you can write your friends to make a plan. And except the text chat, you can talk to players in voice chat, tell your teammates your coordinates, where the murder is, what is left to turn on, the real-time you can say that you are running from the killer and need help.

In case it is not enough for you,  you can customize your character whatever you want with the open the others. A really interesting game for a long period Horror Hunt: Until Daylight Horror Game 2 teams, a team of 4 hunters, a team of only one monster. Teams are competing with each other to stay alive.


The hunters have to work in a team and support everyone not to give a monster a chance to kill all hunters by one and eat them all. So hunters need to play carefully and think about all their actions, make plans and strategies.

The main goal of hunters is to destroy all the magical totems to make the monster weak and kill him, so in the beginning, the monster is hunting you, but then the monster itself becomes a victim, but it is not easy as it sounds. The monster will try to save his powers.

Every hunter and monster is a real player and all action in real-time. Monsters or hunters can be really good players or no and it would be easier to win so you need special tactics for every new game, being a monster or hunter.


Another good thing about this game is that is new and fresh, developers and designers are creative and it seems that they like what they are doing, the game is perfect. You can write the command of creators with the idea for this game or maybe become a part of this command if you have some abilities in this sphere and you want to.

This game has one of the best graphics on our top, animations are cool and the atmosphere with dark places, some moonlight. Special sound effects and sometimes it makes the game so creepy.

Truly, there much more features in the game starting with an interesting map and location full of various details and ending with even safes and cages for monsters. So the best way to learn more about it is just to play the game yourself and see how the game is developing.

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5. Bigfoot Hunt Adventure & Monster Finding

Find the real Bigfoot in the best FPS survival horror about Bigfoots and such monsters. Hunt the Bigfoots and try to kill you, because, in another way, they are going to do that with you.


Use different weapons from simple guns like pistols and up to sniper guns. Become the best sniper in the game and learn how to shoot correctly to always hit the monsters. It is free to play action game, you are playing alone in the spooky and dangerous world of monsters. As you are playing offline you can continue your journey anywhere anytime.

You need to be brave to survive, there lots of people who died in the forest trying to find treasures in this region, be strong and become stronger to fight more and more dangerous Bigfoots and take all the treasures if they truly exist.


The game has won an interesting story with tasks and locations to travel, explore and fight with monsters. If you want, you can shoot everyone on your way even just wild animals. You need to know that the hunter can always become a victim, so be careful.

You have ATV to explore the region faster and safely.

6. Hellraiser 3D Multiplayer

Fight with the evil in the action game Hellraiser 3D. You start as a week soldier, but with ambitions.

Complete missions, gain money and experience, practice in shooting and killing various monsters. With the money, you get you can buy new weapons, armor, medicine to heal yourself and rise health points. Play with your team of brave fighters, or save the world alone, like a legend.

 You can join the development life of the game and see how it is progressing and take part in its progressing, finding bugs in the game and telling about them to the developers, too, following the developers in social media.


And usually, they make some posts with bonuses in the game, so just following them will help you to develop.

Destroy zombies in interesting missions, among which you will military bases, clear from zombies hospitals and even secret bunkers from the times of the USSR, provide helping medical personnel and special army who survived lost battles.


You can face plot tasks like saving the daughter of an army general and get a reward. Blow up military warehouses and help civilians evacuate the infected subway station.

Shoot infected mutants from a helicopter and save the townspeople from the terror that has settled in their city. Visit the old castle and help our military to complete the assigned tasks. Good graphical settings allow you to set graphics, music as you want or if your mobile phone is not that powerful.

The game consists of 8 perfect locations with different zombies, where you can farm money and buy the best guns and become a good gladiator in online fights with other players.

7. Identity V

4 brave players are competing with 1 clown who wants to play with children. Players need to escape solving difficult problems, repairing generators, decrypt encryption machines and sure supporting their teammates if the clown caught them or they are in the trap. Investigate the open map of the game, find new places to hide.

It has a special gothic visual style, which looks great, and here you can to the Victorian era and watches it running away from the big dangerous monster. Characters look like dolls.


At the beginning of the game, you get the mystery mail, which invites you to the abandoned house and finds a girl, so It looks like a good plot, where you have a goal to do or find anything or anyone. There are some characters to choose from.

The game says that it is difficult to play and win, so you will need to think of a plan and make up a strategy for winning. So what are you waiting for? Start exploring this wonderful open world full of monsters, ghosts, and clowns.

8. Dead plague: Zombie Outbreak

As all Zombie stories start the Z virus from the scientific laboratory went away and now it is a most common problem, the place where the laboratory was is in the tropics and it helped the spread of zombies.

Our characters are sent from the company, which is trying to make a vaccine in the tropics full of zombies to take their DNA, blood, and anything that can be helpful for their purpose, but the first thing to do except taking the DNA is to survive, what is not always easy in their journey.

You can play alone and if you have friends who are playing the game, too, can play with you making it more interesting.


Lots of guns to choose from, people have special abilities and you can set them as you want. Additional equipment, like bombs grenades, and much more to blow up hordes of zombies coming for you and your friends. Find or craft guns and bombs finding useful stuff.

Many various types of zombies with their special abilities, so be careful about zombies and it is better to remember which zombie has this or that ability to stay alive, maybe it is fast, or blowing up zombies. Realistic lighting and sound effects are stunning.

Many locations, like the bridge over the cliff, flipped over bus, beach, cities, forests themselves.

9. Granny

This game looks so creepy only with its graphics, they are not so good, but it gives itself a special atmosphere in addition to the sound of the effects, the things and the house, and of course granny. She is shouting around the house some phrases, the most common one is “I see you”.


The game will not let you stay bored, because you will be trying to hide somewhere not to meet her. The feeling, when you are playing the game is so spectacular. You feel like you are not playing this game, you are a part of this.

The plot of the game is that granny caught you and keeps you in the room, but you need to escape and solve lots of logical questions and make lots of stuff in only 5 days and it is so hard to do, you just want the granny not to catch you, because she can be somewhere near, but you have to escape in time and so it makes you think rapidly, what you should do next.


You can hide anywhere, for example in cupboards. Collect useful things and use than to find the way out of here. If the granny catches you, you will have 1 day less to escape. When the days to escape are 0, she just kills you.

There are lots of cool referrals, like the room, where you will see the real good granny and understand that the granny who is trying to catch you is a spirit with the real granny’s skin. Recommend this game to everyone, one of the best games of escaping horrors.

10. Dead by Daylight Mobile

This game is a 3D game about escaping from the psycho’s farm. Again it is a game where 4 people are trying to survive on in the territory of the murder, which is trapping you and when your time is out – you or any player die. To avoid deaths.

Hide in houses, in the grass. Turn on the generators. Work in a team, otherwise, you will have no chance to survive.


Some features about the game:

  • You can play in the team with your friends online, invite them and play with tactics, divide on roles and everyone will do the thing he needs to do. Because playing online with real players is good, but if they are your real friends it has the better side of the game. Adding the ability to play with and is a good idea in any game.
  • You can play for the best and the most popular killers, like Leatherface, Michael Myers, Amanda Young from Saw, Ghost Face, Demogorgon from Stranger Things. And every killer has their proper weapons, skills, abilities, attacks, and strengths so try them all and decide who is the best.

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11. Into the Dead 2

Among all the horror multiplayer games, Into the Dead 2 is probably one of the most versatile ones. Here you can choose whether you want to simply play a multiplayer shooter game where you have to conduct a war against the zombies or you want to actually have some sort of story while playing – you can choose any mode.


This is just the sequel of this famous series of games, and if you like it enough you can try other ones. However, the game will be appreciated only by those who like zombie themes in horror games. To be more honest, this is not completely a horror game, it’s more a shooter – you’re just surrounded by zombies.

Still, the great atmosphere and graphics are so captivating you might want to play it even if you’re not a fan of zombies. There are some bugs in the game, especially in the story mode, however, they are not critical. In general, the users’ feedback is mainly positive and games are genuinely happy with it.

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