7 Best Horror RPG Puzzle Games for PC, Android, iOS

Do you think that puzzle games can’t be horror? You’re totally wrong! If you dig deeper you will discover lots of interesting representatives of this genre. Plus, such games are usually remarkable for the authentic style and atmosphere.

To someone, they might seem funny, for someone – silly, for others – interesting and luring, but you should try at least once. What is more, most of them are remarkable for their visuals.

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What is more, it’s always interesting to play a game that combines several genres in itself. Check out our article down below and explore the best RPG horror puzzle games for all the devices!

1. Darkest Dungeon

If you like games with a gothic atmosphere then Darest Dungeon is exactly what you are looking for. This game is aesthetically beautiful, it is an RPG strategy, but it also belongs to the horror genre.

In the game you will have to gather your own team of heroes – they all have their strong and weak sides. You will chase your goal and will pass through the dark forests, deserts, dark mountains full of monsters, and many other creepy locations.


In this game, you will find not only horror – but also adventures, captivating story, exciting battles, and authentic characters. The feature that stands out here from other games is that the main characters aren’t displayed in a noble light.

Your task is – you guessed it – to survive! You will need need to lead your team to the goal and stay alive. An interesting factor is that here the power of characters depends not only on the battle wounds but also on psychological factors – the strength of characters depends on how scared they are.


Plus, the game is remarkable for its beautiful 2D graphics, and all the locations are drawn beautifully. Explore all the magical places and discover the greatest secrets in this unforgettable RPG horror game.

The gameplay is also more than decent and you can be as creative with planning your tactics as possible. The game has totally positive feedback from users on Steam – another point to try it.

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2. Darkwood

In 2017, Polish developers from Acid Wizard Studio presented an action horror survival game. Darkwood takes place in Poland. The developers offer to get out of an incomprehensible strange and scary forest where you need to find a way out.

The tense atmosphere, accompanied by scary screams, sounds emerging from nowhere make you feel the atmosphere of a forgotten and dark forest.

Darkwood’s formula is very simple. The major character needs to survive the night, and during the day to explore strange locations and find the things for inventory.

At night, hide in your house, since it is that monsters go hunting in order to kill players. If you can survive the night, you will receive additional bonuses, and if monsters kill you, you will lose things from inventory and the player will have to look all over again.

On your way out of this dire situation, you will repeatedly come across strange characters who want to help you. The game is very confusing and mysterious and this is what the user has to go through. Multi-functional gameplay and a perfect soundtrack will always make you feel fearful.

The graphics may seem old for many users, but for beginners mastering the RPG horror world, it is just right for familiarization. Darkwood is a truly creepy and scary game with impeccable game mechanics, and the forest and the darkness coming out of it feel like real enemies.

3. Five Nights at Freddy’s

It released a unique and breathtaking surprise screamer game in 2014. Five Nights at Freddy’s results from endless criticism of Scott Houghton’s work. His last game filled with critical reviews because of the protagonist who looked like a scary robot.

Then Scott created actually something in the horror genre and here we see Five Nights at Freddy’s. The first three parts of the game take place in a pizzeria. On the first day of duty, the guard learns one of the terrible secrets of the pizzeria, the animatronic bit one child during the next holiday.


Since then, robots have banned from moving during the day, but they allowed to move at night so that their servos do not rust, and the guard must monitor the movement of unusual artists. The principle of the game is pretty simple.

The user plays on behalf of the security guard of the pizzeria who must not allow animatronic robots to kill him. The interface carried out on the camera. In the lower right corner, you can see the location of 7 cameras.

By clicking on each of them, we get to different locations in the pizzeria and it is there that you should notice the robots. The robots stop moving as soon as you see them. You must find them before 7 am, otherwise, they will kill you.


There are 4 types of animatronic robots in the game. Bonnie The Bunny is a nimble plush purple bunny that constantly walks on the left side and blocks all doors in order to kill successfully guard.

Freddy Fazbear teddy bear in an elegant bow tie. We can see it in the darkest places. Before the attack, publishes characteristic frightening music. Foxy The Pirate an animatronic with a plush fox pirate headband with a hook instead of an arm.

Can see it in the left corners of the room. Chica The Chicken yellow chicken in a “Let’s eat” apron. He walks on the right side and constantly makes noise in the kitchen.

By the way, Five Nights at Freddy’s is a great game for beginners to get on your nerves. The old graphics may confuse many, but it is in Five Nights at Freddy’s that it is appropriate. Locations are truly scary and mysterious, which gives a bonus for the game of this genre. The game is available for download on PC, Android, and IOS

4. System Shock 2

System Shock 2 is that version of the old good games that may be the older generation used to play. Frankly, the game is truly scary. You might say it’s not fully an RPG game, though it has some elements of it.

For instance, you can develop the skills of your character or solve a riddle from time to time. Well, the game is going to remind of a shooter of 90% of the gaming time, but hey, finding an RPG puzzle game is not that easy.


What is more, the true fans of horror games will definitely appreciate this game. You have to run through an abandoned creepy plant where you’re bumping into zombies and monsters. Use your weapon to kill them all!

The game was released back in 1999, however, it’s still trendy even nowadays. To be honest, the graphics are more than decent and you almost don’t pay attention because the process itself is really catchy.

5. Dead Space

The next game is an amazing creation of alien evil. Dead Space is a survival horror game where the hero has to survive in terrible conditions on another planet. The Concordance Extraction Corporation, which took the problem of natural resources as a basis, developed the plot of the game.

Therefore, spaceships created in the game to discover resources on other planets. The major character in the game is the enterprising and smart Isaac Clarke, who is an engineer. On board the Ishimura spacecraft, he finds himself in distress on planet Aegis VII and then sends signals for help to planet Earth.

The actual reason why Dead Space has an element of the RPG is how you can customize the guns in the game. You have a wide choice and you progress thoughout the game.


Members of the space corporation, worried about the current situation with the Ishimura spacecraft, decide to send the USG Kellion shuttle to help. After unsuccessful docking, they crash into the Ishimura ship.

The members of the ship are trying to fix problems on board, but suddenly they attacked by necro morph monsters who have resurrected from dead bodies by alien bacteria.

Dead Space has collected all the strangest and most terrible. Player will invite to take on the role of Isaac Clarke. A pleasant overall impression of the technical and logical component of the gaming environment.

A terrifying atmosphere of loneliness and vulnerability. Extremely inhospitable scenery fits well into the gameplay. The dark version of the lullaby Twinkle Twinkle Little Star fits perfectly into the atmosphere of Dead Space.

Dead Space is a game with an exciting and captivating atmosphere. The developers made the game so that each user could experience the excitement and eerie realities on another planet. Wonderful soundtrack, great gameplay, and eye-catching multiplayer are all that needed for a game of this genre.

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6. Granny

Granny is an amazing horror game with adventure and puzzle elements. Granny was developed by DVloper studio in 2014. The game’s plot is extremely simple. The major character finds himself in the house of an aggressive and dangerous grandmother from which he has to get out safe and sound.

Throughout the gameplay mysterious and mysterious puzzles will accompany you, solving which you will get the way to freedom. The gloomy interface makes you feel terrible. Horror atmosphere and extremely thoughtful gameplay.


At the start of the game, you can choose the difficulty level, of which there are four. At the lightest, the old woman walks slower. There are no creaky doors in the house that attract her attention, and the player gets a bonus day. Granny does not sleep and is sensitive to what is happening.

Any sound makes her go to check what is happening, and there is something to make sounds. After all, the house has creaky doors and various useless objects that fall with a clink as if pushed. If you have done this, then all that remains to be done is to run away, hide in the nearest closet, chest or under the bed, and wait for the grandmother to calm down.

Besides the grandmother itself, other dangers await the player. So in the attic, there is a hole in the floor, falling through which you can get injured and lose one day.


Also, the old woman can close the hero in the room, and she will have to make some noise, and then hide so that she comes to see what is making noise there, and leaves the door open. The game received many positive reviews on IOS and Android platforms, as well as 7.7 points out of 10 on the Metacritic service.

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7. Silent Hill

This is the legendary and best horror game in the history of RPG horror games. Release was in 1999. American ghost towns formed the basis for the creation of the plot of the game Silent Hill 2. The game takes place in 1983 in Maine. Harry Mason is the major character in the game.

One evening Harry and his adopted daughter Cheryl decide to go to Silent Hill. Suddenly on the way there is an image of a little girl from surprise Harry twists the steering wheel and loses control and gets into an accident. After a while, when Harry recovers, he tries to find Cheryl, but to no avail.


The developers suggest finding Cheryl. Users have to go through many confusing and terrifying tasks. If you are faint of heart, then think twice before downloading Silent Hill 2. After all, you have a thorny and long path fanned by many scary monsters that will accompany you in search of Cheryl.

The major character does not equip and does not know the basics of self-defense, so he cannot resist fully a bunch of monsters who strive to kill or intimidate the hero. The key feature of the Silent Hill series of games is fog.

It is he who creates a unique atmosphere in the game, accompanied by a composition created by Akira Yamaoka. The composer’s music in the genre of ambient perfectly maintains a game atmosphere that chills to the bone.


During the day, you can see an eerie, dense fog in the city. At night, it shrouds the city in terrible darkness where there is a bunch of terrible monsters that turn the night into a nightmare. In the Silent Hill 2 series, the developers have improved the graphics, increased the sound quality, and fixed many bugs.

Now playing the game has become much more enjoyable. Silent Hill received 8.9 out of 10 points and a lot of positive feedback from players. An excellent game that combines action horror and a difficult storyline to complete that will appeal to many RPG horror fans.

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