11 Best Post Apocalyptic Survival Games for Android & iOS

Post-apocalyptic life fascinates with its obscurity and the constant desire to survive in a monstrous world. Thus, this genre is gaining in popularity every day.

In mobile marketplaces, you can find a huge variety of games that are dedicated to this theme. But only some of them are really breathtaking and make you spend a few hours of uninterrupted play.

This review of the best post-apocalyptic survival games for Android & iOS includes the most outstanding representatives of this genre. Go through them and choose the greatest one for you.

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Underworld: The Shelter

Underworld: The Shelter is a post-apocalyptic game for survival enthusiasts. The world has been shattered by a nuclear bombardment by two warring parties.

Ordinary citizens had to either hide in shelters or die in the flames of a nuclear explosion. The few survivors now survive and try to build their new Future, where they and their children will not suffer.

The world was completely devastated, causing people to flock together, forming alliances. The essence of the game is to give you the opportunity to build your own shelter by clicking on the screen.

The goal of the game is to build a quality and safe underground shelter in which the best of humanity can hide and continue the lineage.

A safe shelter must be built according to a number of nuances. Because of this, you will face different situations, out of which you will have to get out throughout the gameplay.

It will be necessary to hide from the radiation and equip residential sectors. Research new technologies, attracting the best scientists throughout the wasteland.


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Day R Survival

Day R Survival is an RPG game that offers an introduction to the peculiarities of hardcore survival. Here you will have to confront hundreds of factors that expose the life of the protagonist to destruction.

You will return to a time when the USSR still existed, but life on earth has changed drastically. Your task is to try to survive because the conditions are really horrible. The post-apocalyptic Soviet Union of 1985 awaits you.

The Soviet Union was subjected to a nuclear attack that turned the entire land into a radioactive wasteland. Now violence, starvation, and disease reign in the remnants of human civilization. With these plagues, you will fight to the last breath.

The hero does not know how he got here, he has only memory fragments. When he woke up in an unknown place, the character needs to find out the details of his life, try to find his loved ones. Together with the protagonist, you will be moving around the territory.

The map of the game field is rather big, the developers even added 2500 cities. In fact, you only have the text, which will notify what you have found, what is the state of health of the player and will display the location on a huge map.

During your journey, don’t forget to keep an eye on your vitals. There are action scenes in this text quest, where you will have to fight enemies, interact with allies and take part in cooperative battles.


Nuclear Sunset

Nuclear Sunset is a game in which you have to try to stay alive in a ruthless world where nuclear Armageddon has happened.

The protagonist awakens from a dream in a place where he has no memory of how he got there and has no idea what to do next. He should first look around for useful items.

It can be bandaged, which will be useful in case of wounds, or a piece of pipe, which will come in handy to protect himself at first. Then you need to get to the point marked on the map. This is where the real adventure begins.

Repulse the attacks of wild animals and vagrants that will meet on the road. Look for items useful for survival and stash them for storage in your backpack. Since nothing will be superfluous here, you will definitely need them.

Do not miss the opportunity to talk to the characters, perform their tasks and wander the open world. Find new weapons and try to understand what is happening to you and the environment. Get quests and go to fulfill them, be careful and avoid contact with radiation that can kill you.

Use the virtual joystick to move, find enemies, destroy them and get experience points. Spend them on boosting your character’s abilities, increasing his stamina and strength. Find survivors, communicate and help them, build weapons and other items that will help you survive this hell.



Z.O.N.A is a new action game about the post-apocalyptic setting of the near future. The main character with a gun in his hands fights for survival in the constant danger of the post-nuclear world.

Z.O.N.A is set in the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone, which shelters the last survivors of nuclear war. Conditions on the planet are no longer suitable for human life: polluted water, scorched earth, poisonous air.

Cause of this, most of the inhabitants of Earth are dead or turned into zombies. You act as an experienced soldier, able to face all the dangers of a hostile world. On his shoulders rests the survival and future of all humanity.

The game is a 3D survival horror game with a first-person perspective. There is no tutorial in the game, but the controls are simple enough. At the bottom of the screen is a virtual joystick to turn and move.

When moving around the game world, you must be very careful, because the trap can suddenly lurk in any poorly lit corner. You can stick to an elaborate strategy, actively using shelters, medicines, armor, and weapon upgrades. Or you can stock up on plenty of ammo and act randomly.

At the very beginning of the game, you find yourself in the location-village, where the faction “Freedom” is located. You will receive your first mission to save the world from the aftermath of nuclear war from the people who belong to this faction.


Left to Survive

Left to Survive is an action-packed combat strategy game. A great survival simulator in the world of a zombie apocalypse.

The essence of the game is to develop a base, passing missions and PVP battles with other players. At the base are built production facilities, which are subsequently improved for the resources.

In addition to producing resources, the base serves as a training station for characters that are sent on missions. Each character is subject to improvement in terms of characteristics and equipment.

The story campaign is a multitude of levels that reveal the shooter aspect of the game. Explore locations and shoot off crowds of zombies, fight special zombies such as toxic blasts or armored policemen.

In addition to the shooter and strategy components, there is a multiplayer mode. Combat with other players is a run from cover to cover and a competition in marksmanship.

Yet, in multiplayer battles, the outcome is not decided by the choice of position and marksmanship, and the most highly pumped weapons. So players will have to constantly keep track of upgrading their equipment.

It is necessary to constantly make forays for new crafts. Helicopter scenes are also an important part of the game. It will be especially interesting to loot other settlements after the helicopter builds.



A post-apocalyptic game where you have to survive and confront the horrors. The retro style is the highlight of the app.

When you die, the character no longer returns, but the accumulated money and other resources remain for a new character.

An interesting plot delves deeper into the history of the virtual world. There are a variety of characters that need to develop abilities.

Characters must have great attributes. They have to endure hunger, cold, and the death of loved ones. The necessary attributes are hidden in abandoned buildings. They are also given for completing quests.

There are many unique locations in the world to explore. But robots, mutants and aliens can take your life unexpectedly.

High-quality sound design and graphics will ensure complete immersion in the game.


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Zombie Age 2

Zombie Age 2 is an arcade 2D zombie shooter. It is a prominent representative of the niche genre of platform zombie action games.

The plot is familiar to everyone: another zombie apocalypse, humanity is on the verge of extinction, resources are running out.

The last survivors, grabbing whatever is handy, break through the crowds of hungry dead in the hope for a brighter future. Go in two directions on 2D locations, kill the zombies as they happen, earn money for upgrades and new weapons.

A wide range of equipment is available for the player to choose from. For each level you will need to select a certain layout of equipment, approaching the choice wisely. There are also 17 different characters available for purchase, which are unlocked as you progress through the game.

The levels are located in 7 different areas and exceed 200 locations. For the passage of missions, the creators have prepared seven game modes, so that the player will not get bored.


Grim Soul

Grim Soul is a fantasy MMORPG where you only have to survive. The lands of a once-thriving empire have been shrouded in darkness, with fear lurking around every corner.

Fight the monsters and make your home a real fortress. As you travel through the vast world, improve your talents and exterminate the spell-prone zombie knights.

In this world, people are left to wander through the terrifying terrain, wondering how to survive until the next dawn. The game suggests that you start your journey by building a house.

The system of crafting items deserves special attention. Having crafted machines, you’ll have to look for blueprints and create items based on them.

Soon the duration of the forays will become longer, as your weapons and abilities will help you make your way deeper into more mysterious places. A large arsenal of weapons, crossbows, swords, and sabers, require working out your combat tactics.

Apply critical attacks. Fight off your opponents. Cages for crows will make your life easier as the birds become faithful messengers and scouts.

While walking through the forest, do some hunting, you can roast the game on the fire. Join clans, complete quests, search for ancient scrolls, learn swordsmanship and magic. Try to adapt to the harsh conditions of the post-apocalypse.



DEAD TARGET is a first-person shooter. Defend an area from an attack by bloodthirsty zombies, leading to the outbreak of large-scale hostilities.

The plot scenario is uncomplicated and trivial. A group of scientists conducted experiments to create a cheap and effective military force. A series of experiments was followed by dire consequences.

Now the test mice became humanity. To repel the attack of the invading monsters, a group of brave shooters was created, which you need to hit at all costs.

The most effective way to eliminate the target is a headshot, to make sure of the inability to heal once and for all.

A host of real-world weapons are available, recruiting the best and most knowledgeable soldiers in the field. Extensive locations make room to create maneuvering for the opposing sides.

It is important to anticipate the actions of the underdeveloped dead. Despite their appearance, representatives of the advancing side can be nimble and bloodthirsty. The battle with individual specimens is quite protracted due to the percentage of the subject’s infestation.


Cube Survival Story

Cube Survival Story is a new action game where you have to survive in this cube world, after the zombie apocalypse. Civilization is dead and you are the last stronghold of humanity and hope for the future.

The game tells the story. A once-developing civilization is hopelessly dead, its life energy extinguished. Now all that is left is a devastated world.

You will have to survive among monsters, zombies, and nomadic marauders. Prove your independence and rise to the top of the food chain. Develop your character. Each enemy you kill brings you experience points. Gain resources and become stronger and more experienced.

In the game, you will take a new look at survival. An unfriendly world will spread out around you, where everyone wants to devour you. Build a shelter. Collect the necessary items, gather resources. The main emphasis is on weapons.

Visually the action is made in popular cubic pixel style. Zombie Survival has absorbed the best of gaming. There are no rules in survival, except one – survive at all costs. Your fortress will constantly be surrounded by the living dead and other enemies.


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Fallout Shelter

Fallout Shelter is a classic representative of the real-time strategy genre. You will have to become a shelter caretaker, protecting the survivors from the threats of a post-apocalyptic wasteland.

You will be given the opportunity to create a high-tech shelter for the rescued from the rubble cave areas. As well as upgrading the technological equipment and room design.

There are 3 main resources in the game: energy, food, and water. Rooms for their extraction are available in the construction menu. Caps are the main game currency. Replenishing their supply, by completing tasks, you can build new rooms and develop existing ones.

Lunchbox is a reward for completing game tasks. In it, you can find rare types of weapons, costumes, junk, and characters. By completing tasks and exploring the wasteland you can get different equipment. By getting a suit, the resident increases the corresponding skill.

Equipped with weapons, he can cope with the attack of raiders or mutant animals. Disassembling the equipment you can get junk, which is used to create new weapons and armor. Each inhabitant has a level of satisfaction and skill development points.

Periodically new settlers come to the entrance of the refuge. By building a radio room you can speed up the process considerably. The wasteland is an area outside the asylum.

Exploring the area will allow you to explore the infested lands and be rewarded with caps, new types of equipment, and blueprints to build them. Periodically, the refuge is raided by raiders and wild mutated animals. Your job is to protect the inhabitants by equipping them with weapons and armor.


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