11 Best Base Building Games for Android & iOS

For those who are passionate about architecture, the base building games are a great tool to exercise their construction abilities.

The more complex the process, the better. Getting the necessary materials, upgrading the already existing objects, and reinforcing buildings inside the heart and soul of fortress construction.

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In the following top of the best base building games, you will be not only to construct the buildings, but you can also manage them. Each game is different and it brings different possibilities and styles. You can choose the one that matches the technical characteristics of your device – and enjoy!

1. Fallout Shelter

You need to survive the dangerous post-apocalyptic world after the huge nuclear war. Monsters are everywhere and the amount of food and water left is not that big and people have to make shelters to survive.


The story of Fallout Shelter is about a group of people, who were traveling around the world to find a safe place to live. Suddenly, they find an old bunker in the lifeless desert. The doors were open and they decided to make that bunker their new home.

In the game, you need to take care of your group of people, which will be rising during the game. Be sure that they have enough food, water, medicine. Develop your colony and your bunker, adding new rooms and floors in your shelter, starting with a small one you will bring it to the safe, modern place with lots of floors and rooms, laboratories, and comfortable conditions for the lives of many people.

Every person has their abilities and needs, so your goal is to make everyone happy in the shelter to make them work harder to develop faster.

As every character has their abilities and characteristics you will also have to decide what is he going to do in the bunker. Would he be a doctor, warrior, cook, or scientist?


Except the living, in the shelter, you are still will need food, water, instruments, or anything necessary for the development. To get what they need, they have to go outside the safe shelter to the deadly wasteland and explore it, finding buildings, new characters, and monsters, because it is also necessary to make a weapon, armor, etc.

Can you try to survive this dangerous world? Try this game for free and create your world own interesting world and survive it as much as you want.

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2. Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans is a world-known and one of the most popular mobile games. Here you can develop a base with buildings and an army.

During the game process, you are going to make your kingdom in the fantasy world. There are tons of different buildings you can make to save and develop your main tower. From towers with the archers and laser towers to elixir structures, which will give you an elixir or coins for your army and new buildings.

More than just towers there is another ability to stop enemies, this ability is to build walls around the village. You can make tactics of the towers, walls, and your development buildings with the barracks.


With the fact that destruction of your development buildings and barracks is not a good way of defense, you can put them nearer to the main tower to make them safe. And with the walls and defense towers you can make a multi-layer base when the enemies break the first layer of the base defense they will meet the stronger one.

So this game will be a good time spending for everyone, who likes such strategy games because here you need to make it as strong as you can without any weak spots, where the enemies will be able to break inside of your town.


Another thing about the game is that with the help of the barracks you can make your powerful army. In this universe of clash of clans are many heroes with special abilities and strengths. From archers to the big metal knights.

Upgrade all of your walls, soldiers, and buildings to unlock new ones and increase their defense and attack.

At the top of all the game has the system of clans and team wars, special events and competitions, the list of the best players all over the world. The game is actively updating and the team of lopers is always happy to help you with the problems.

3. My Colony

My Colony is a simulator of the planet’s colonization with the development of the base.

The game is not that easy as you can think.

There are 2 modes in the game. The first mode is a simple one, where you need just to make a lovely base as you want, but the only difficulty about it is a need of money, so your abilities are endless in the mode it is only about the currency you have, just mood for the supply of precious metals and that’s it.


The other mode is hardcore. Here you have lots of parameters. They are money, electricity, food, water, and various valuable minerals. 

To make a living you will have to get the source of the food, cooks, who will cook it for the rest of the people, electricity, the best source of which can become solar panels if it is sunny outside otherwise you will have to find another good way to gain it.

Collect the necessary stuff to make the buildings you want and make a huge city from some starting structures you will have.

The most important goal is to take care of your residents. In the case that everyone will die you will have nobody left to continue your surviving. This why getting enough food, making first ad centers and the good conditions for the people will be a good decision.

4. SimCity BuildIt

Welcome to your city. You are a mayor of a small town, which you have in the beginning, but as your goal is to make a metropolis out of it you are going to build various structures like residential buildings and flats, cultural buildings, restaurants, or even giant shopping malls. It is your choice rather make a big city or a relaxing beach town.

There is a level system in the game, which you will rise during the game, unlocking new structures and getting the rewards.


Also, the are some statistics about your town, the number of people living in your city, the quality of their life and how much are they happy about living in your area, there are lots of things, which can influence the quality of their life. And there is a counter of the buildings you have made.

There are 2 kinds of currency in the game. The golden coins and the banknotes, where the second-mentioned currency is more expensive. In the game, you will also meet unique tokens like the coins with the tree, etc. And the different keys.


The next fantastic thing about the game is that it is online and you can share achievements with the other players and your friends. They can consider all the aspects of your town and you, too.

Look for the best cities and see the ideas of the perfect tows. Except for that you can trade with people around the world and compete in the list of the best players.

5. Viking Village

Cool game with the beloved by many people low poly graphics, Viking Village is a game where you start with a small group of survivors in some area and need to bring your colony to the good life with lots of food.

This will not be an easy thing to do as there are enemies everywhere and they want to take all your goods and make their town in your area.

To build new houses and upgrade them to expand your settlement with more Vikings, sow fields, and hu, not for the wild animals to get enough food for everyone. Mine stone and chop down the trees to get such necessary resources for you. Make even a stone tower with the archers to look for the approaching enemies.


But it is not all about the game. The game itself has an open world and you can travel anywhere to look for the new villages with the resources. It is easier to take ready-to-use resources from the weak villager rather than thinking of the source you can get them in all Beach

Boom Beach is a good alternative to the Clash of Clans universe if you are tired of the first one and wants something different from the story about the mythical Middle Ages with similar goals.

Create your base and attack enemy bases on the island. The game is about the modern world with soldiers, heavy guns, tanks, and ships. Find a peaceful place in the ocean and make a nice beach town and develop your technologies or make your strong army and be a big threat to the farther islands.


There are lots of interesting daily events to speed up the development of your base. Various soldiers, heroes, and buildings. Global events and monthly ones will give you a chance to show your strength in the fight. It can be on the island and ship.

When you are attacking someone’s base, your army arrives on the ship to the enemy base and land on their island and the enemy needs to fight off you from his island.

If you win, you get the award for the battle. If you lose your opponent gets it and becomes stronger, so it is really important to be in progress to win fights and develop more rapidly. Try this game for free and join lots of players all around the world in big battles in the oceans.

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6. DomiNations

This game is about domination in the world with lots of enemies, whose goal is the same as yours and to become the most strong nation you have to develop your technologies, make a peace with some countries and go with a war to others.

Make you developed a modern city with a peaceful life inside of it and with lots of warriors outside of it. Build various barracks for the stronger soldiers and the destruction machines.


Make from the powerful tanks, which are going to wreck all the infantry armies and up to military airships, which goal is more and they are destroying everyone in the air and on the ground even the tanks.

The development of your army is not the main thing about this game. Except that you are going to develop your sources of food, money, and energy. To make it easier you can make a peace with some countries, build ports for the ships and send them to other islands and the parts of the world to trade with and get the stuff you need more.

7. Realm Grinder

Realm Grinder is a cool RPG clicker game with a smart system of development. The plot of the game and all your game is in the Middle Ages, so you have to build your kingdom to create an unstoppable army and the most unbreakable town lots of structures, and a big population. 

Make from a small village your biggest city which earns you money even if you offline.

In the game, you can join one of the many aligns. You can choose from humans, elves, demons, and others to play for. Each of them has a unique area to leave, structures, warriors, weapons, and armor, but the main difference is their abilities and strengths, which you will understand during your interesting game.


There are hundreds of upgrades. You can upgrade your buildings or the army in different ways. There are hours of content in the game and you can unlock new structures, weapons during the developing or exploring.

The game has a cool achievement system to make you fresh. And also there some events you can join and get rewards.

8. Zombie in the city

In this game, you will a pleasant graphics. The game plot is about a zombie pandemic world, where groups of people are trying to survive and build their powers you are grinning to be a leader of such a group.

During the game, you are going to your perfect base to be safe from the zombies and maybe even other people. Food, water, and medicine, guns, and ammo, and guns are really important in this world.


In order to get and save that you are going to make your small empire and turn some people and a few buildings into a town with a strong army and your settlers will not think of the need of food or water.

Except just defending your camp from the zombies you need to be also ready for the attacks of other people and they will be much stronger and dangerous, but the other thing is you can attack some bases, too. Traveling around the city you are going to meet others and be able to attack them.

9. Empire: Four Kingdoms

As the name of the game says there are kingdoms in the game and you can choose one of them. Every kingdom has its unique warriors, structures, strengths, and weaknesses, so choose a better one for you.


In the game you will make your city with the castle, houses for your settlers,  barracks for the armies, and the buildings for developing new abilities, weapons, and buildings to become stronger and have more ways to destroy any kingdom you meet.

Chat with your empire friends and make new plans for the next attacks on the enemies or the ways of defense if the enemies are attacking you.

Trade and help your friends with the currency of gold or silver, food, or help with your army to beat any enemy. Fight with a lot of players from other clans is the biggest clan war, where you are going to defend bases or attack them with all your powers and powers of your teammates.

10. Survival City – Zombie Defence

The last game we are going to consider in this list is a Survival City – Zombie Defence. It is another building game about zombies, where a group of people starts building their camp to defend against the zombies.


You will start in the forest with many resources in the wild, but to get them you need to develop and make new buildings for more people. Build farms for the permanent sources of food, which is one of the most important things in the world of zombies.

The hallmark of this game is its cool graphics – it’s more like a cartoon, so the game is OK for playing even for toddlers. Of course, the complexity is a little bit challenging, but your main tasks here are building the secure fortress and lead campaigns against monsters. Lots of fun!

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11. Soldiers Inc: Mobile Warfare

If you like war strategic games, then this app is for you. As you have already guessed, your main task here is to build an unshakable military base and defeat your rivals.


Plus, this is a multiplayer game so you can play together with your friends – divide into teams and build basements together! Play against each other to see who is more tactically correct. The astonishing 3D graphics bring an incredible atmosphere to the game.

What is more, the game is remarkable for nice animations and action scenes which you not so often see in RPG games. The action usually takes place on exotic islands and you need to use all the natural resources that you get in your work.

Considering everything mention above, take note that Soldiers will work only on the most technically advanced devices. It’s not going to work properly on a 2-year smartphone or older.

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