11 Free Fashion Games for Adults (PC, Android, iOS)

There is an opinion that only kids can want to play fashion games. However, fashion is a true passion of millions of people, especially nowadays that we have total freedom of expression. If clothing is something you truly care about you might also want to try your skills in digital games.

The games about fashion are actually a cool way to practice and see how the looks that you want to compile are going to look like in real life. What is more, there is a lot of cool fashion games that even adults might want to play.

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Forget those silly Barbie games that used to fill the market, because today we have games with nice graphics and a variety of choices. Explore our list down below and pick up an age that you like.

1. Lady Popular: Fashion Arena

This game is probably the best game with the fashion element from all. Here you can choose not only the outfits of the main character but also the interior of the house, a party, a wedding – of everything! The graphics are 2D and it feels like you’re playing paper dolls.


And of course, this game will be more suitable for the female audience. It includes the elements of a visual novel, but the central role, of course, is going to be played by the outfits. You will need to create your character from the scratch and create her style yourself.

Then you also need to decorate your house where she’s going to live. It can be anything – an apartment, a bungalow, a villa, and so on. Depending on the lifestyle you prefer, your schedule might vary. Don’t forget to go shopping for clothes and create new outfits constantly.

There is a fashion show that takes place every week. You will need to create your own designer collections and compete with others to prove your taste is the best one! By the way, there are certain awards and prizes in the game. Each time you have a new achievement you get an award.


And don’t forget about the party life! Go to the best clubs in your town and flirt with the most handsome boys! Choose a boyfriend according to your preferences. There is also a group chat where you can discuss all the latest trends ad gossips with your friends.

Choose your outfits every day, choose your makeup every day – express yourself in this fantasy world! This is the coolest fashion game for adults and you’ll definitely love it!

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2. International Fashion Stylist – Dress Up Games

And for those who want a game which would be for making the outfits only, there is a game with nice graphics and it’s called “International Fashion Stylist”. You can go fully creative with your choices here and make clothes of any type, for any type of person.


The app represents the full cultural diversity of our planet so everyone can relate to the game. When you open the game you first choose the location or theme for which you want to create looks. Then you start picking up the outfits – creating them basically from scratch.

For example, if you need to take a look for a luxe dinner, you can choose between dozens of shapes of the dress, then choose its pattern and color, additional details, and accessories. Then, you’re selecting the makeup and hair of the model.

There are actually several modes of the game that you can choose.

  1. The first one is called “Style Diary” – you choose an event and dress up your character for this event.
  2. In the style challenges mode, you’re competing with other designers in the runway shows.
  3. Or just do the daily check-ins – complete tasks in order to get rewarded.

Plus, the game has a bonus: the information section where you can read everything about fashion, general info, and the latest news.

3. Fashion Games – Dress up Games, Free Makeup Games

If you’re looking for a more simple fashion game then you need to check out this one. It will be suitable both for adults and children. The looks of the characters remind of the Barbie style as well as all the other things in this game.


The main idea of the game is that you’re a designer and you compete in different fashion shows. Each time you receive a new topic and you need to create suitable outfits for that. According to the theme, you receive different templates and you can colorize the clothes according to your preferences.

The AI in the game will judge all the outfits and will give you a score. Though, many users complain that often that judgment makes no sense. Plus, be ready that the game might crash at some levels. And many people say the number of levels, in general, is too small.

4. Become a Fashion Designer

In case you’re looking for simple fashion games to play online this is an excellent choice where you can simply open the website and play. You see a girl and a closet in front of you and your task is to compile the total look.

You can choose a dress or a different top and the bottom by clicking on the section on the left. Then click on the green arrow and choose the hairstyle. Then choose the makeup. Here it actually can be tricky because of the tiny size of the picture so you can barely see the color of makeup.


After you choose the accessories and a pet, you’re done! You go to the red carpet to take some pictures. The judges will evaluate your look. Don’t worry, all the scores are rather given randomly. Here is the moment that you discover that the game has ads.

This is probably the shortest game of all and it’s really suitable for those who just want to get distracted from their daily stress.

5. Covet Fashion – Dress Up Game

Another glamorous fashion game where you have to create outfits. Here you don’t need to take part in fashion shows, you just need to create dresses for special occasions. The whole game is made in 2D graphics and it’s quite simple.

Despite the last fact, it’s one of the most popular fashion game apps. It has something similar to the previous app, but this time we have an Android application. There are various style challenges in the game that you have to complete.

Before you start working you will get shows real-life pictures of the theme. You will study the main information, will get the idea, and then you can start creating! The AI in the game will decide whether you’re going to win the prize or not.

In order to get more customization possibilities and you can buy additional scores – and you will have to buy a lot of upgrades if you want to play the best version of the game. That’s the factor that many users get frustrated about.

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6. Dress Up Games – Fashion Diva

For those who want to play a fashion game, that allows creating outfits that match contemporary fashion and don’t look trivial like all those fashion games (with dresses-jeans-long sleeves), this app is just a perfect choice.

It gives you a chance to work as the stylist for the fashion week. You will be able to create the most stylish and bizarre outfits – combine the gold chains with the oversize hoodies and low-waist jeans, create the huge sneakers and 90-s looking sunglasses.


Plus, you can not only create collections that belong to the contemporary fashion styles, but also collections inspired by the traditional costumes and clothes – you got all the opportunities to colorize and shape unique-looking dress in the Chinese style, for example.

When you’re creating a new dress, you will see lots of items presented in the lower part of the screen and you can choose any of them. Don’t forget also to pick the hair set and makeup for a model. You can choose the theme of challenges and compete with other designers. Be as creative and authentic as possible to win the contestant!

One more distinctive feature of this game is it has a multiplayer mode. Now you can play together with your friends and compete with each other. Here, in order to win a contestant, it really takes some sort of taste and logic, so the game is definitely not for little kids.

7. Girl Squad Fashion – BFF Fashionista Dress Up

This is a more simple game where you need to give a group of girls a new makeover. The game will suit both kids and adults. The group of friends goes shopping and your task is to help them to pick up the best outfits that would match their type.

Just choose the character and tap on the different icons on the sides of the screen to give them either new clothing, a hew hair, or makeup. And don’t forget the accessories! When you’re done you can click on the “camera” button – the app will do a screenshot and you can share your result on social media.


However, the choice of clothes is rather lean. All the models and items in this game have quite a trivial shape and that’s why playing this game might get boring over time.

Plus, the excessive amount of ads can be annoying as well. Nevertheless, it’s one of the most popular games on Google Play in this genre.

8. Trendy Fashion Styles Dress Up

Well, this game is already more for children, but no one holds you back if you’re an adult and decide to try it. As you can see, it is a very simple game where you have to try on different clothes for different girls. The graphics are cute and are executed in the more “cartoonish” style.


And if you’re a fan of cute sweet dresses – this game will be a good choice for you. The abundance of patterns and bright colors is really impressive. What is more, the game is remarkable for its amount of accessories that you can add to any dress.

And it’s one of teh few games on our list that works without the Internet.

When you first launch the game you first choose the model, then you choose the style (a dress or trousers) and start choosing the clothing. Then you do hair and makeup and there you go! There are not fashion shoes or any other fashion competitions, the game is just for fun.

9. High School Couple: Girl Boy Makeover

Not every one of us got a chance to fully express ourselves in high school. This is that rare type of fashion game that is fully based on the school theme. Here you have to be creative and make the most stylish school outfits for boys and girls.


And yes, that’s right, unlike in other games, here you get to create outfits for men – so if that’s what you’ve been looking for, this game is for you. When you open the app you always see a boy and a girl on the screen and you need to create outfits for them.

You can pick up the type of clothes from the window in the lower part of the screen. And even though it’s school, you can choose the most savage outfits. You can also select the colors for the clothes. What is more, you can choose the accessories for both of them.

Create your super stylish high school couple and share the results with your friends. The game has fully positive feedback from users so it’s highly recommended!

10. ‎Super Stylist

If you want to feel like a celebrity stylist and someone really important in the fashion world, then you should definitely try this game out! You will have to create the best outfits for the red carpet for the most famous people.

At the beginning of the game, you open your studio and start looking for clients – so first of all, you need to gain a reputation. Work with what you have and create your unique masterpieces. Then you can sell the clothes to your clients and therefore, make money.


As you are progressing in the game, more fashion collections are unlocked to you. Basically, this is the whole real-world simulator, where you even have an alternative to Instagram – Stylegram. Watch for your client who would tag you there – it will boost your popularity.

Before you create an outfit for a client you should carefully listen to their wishes and opinions – thus you have more chances to succeed. By the way, the graphics are quite nice and even the locations are well-done. In order to unlock some additional bonuses, you need to buy gems in the game.

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11. Millionaire Wedding – Lucky Bride Dress Up

If you are into a wedding theme, you will definitely like this app. Don’t miss a chance to organize a fairy tale wedding and create the most stylish outfits! You have to choose everything from the scratch – starting from the location where the wedding takes place to the groom’s accessories.


Select everything one by one by clicking on the items at the bottom of the screen. Of course, the main part of the game is choosing the dress for a bride. There are dozens of different variants, and you can add a touch to your personal customization.

The graphics are made in 2D and the overall game is quite simple. What is more, many users complain that the choice of accessories for the bride isn’t wide enough. However, overall, the game is adequate enough to be interesting for adults and kids.

These were all the best fashion games for adults. They are really addictive and allow you to express your creativity – enjoy the game process and pick up the app that appeals to you the most.

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