15 Best Low MB Offline Games for Android

The mobile game industry is developing at an incredible rate. You can download to your smartphone game on any topic, any genre, and for any age. At the same time, all of them will be distinguished by high graphics, easy controls, and an interesting storyline.

Yet, most of them take up too much space in the memory of the phone, which affects its performance. But this is not a problem, as we have chosen the best low MB offline games for Android, a detailed review of which you will find below. 

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Hoppenhelm logo

Hoppenhelm will appeal to anyone who likes casual games that do not require learning the rules. Here your task is to go as far as possible.

The path consists of square blocks, on which, one by one, the movement occurs.

In this game, you can only move forward. If you decide to take a break or stay too long in front of an obstacle, be prepared for death by lava, which will begin to rise if the character stops moving.

The plucky knight will encounter retractable spikes, bats, and a bunch of other dangers.

The nice thing about “dungeon” is that you can find chests and doors to bonus rooms where you can quickly collect coins. To cope with all of this you have only three buttons to control. In conclusion, this is a fresh and exciting novelty among arcade platformers.

Gameplay on reflexes pleasantly different game situations. The graphics delight players with their stylish pixel art. The RPG system reliably holds the player’s interest.


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Slither.io is a simple but effective time-killer that devours time at a mind-blowing rate. Your goal is to grow a snake of the largest length and take a place of honor at the top.

At first, it’s enough just to collect colored spheres scattered on the field. Don’t bump into competitors with their tails tangled underfoot.

They do not interfere particularly strongly and pose no real danger. But after a couple of minutes of play, everything changes. If your snake crashes head-on into another player, it will immediately die.

The easiest way to get rid of an annoying competitor is to set it up by swerving sharply to the side at the last moment. To do this, you can use the acceleration mode, which is activated by double-tapping on the screen.

When the snake dies, its body turns into a scattering of spheres, which are brighter and more nourishing the bigger it was. If the size of your snake allows, you can try to enclose the enemy in a ring.

In general, the gameplay is completely uncomplicated but very fun. And failures do not upset you at all, because no one prevents you from immediately starting a new game. 


Tank Hero

Tank Hero is a fascinating shooter game in which you have to take part in tank battles.

You are the commander of a tank and your goal is to destroy all the enemies and at the same time to survive.

With each level, there are more enemies, and the armor of your tank can withstand only three hits.

Tank shells fly naturally, explode enemies beautifully, the variety of playgrounds is enough.

The goal of Tank Hero is simple – to kill enemies in different landscapes with a variety of weapons. Basically, the game is on reaction, but at some difficult levels, you need to think and apply your tactics.

The game has 120 levels, which are available as you pass. It is possible to play in the company or for time.

What is particularly nice – easy and intuitive controls. It is by default carried out by a kind of virtual joystick, shots appear as a result of clicking in the right direction on the screen.

If we talk about graphics, it is at a fairly high level. Delightful dynamic lighting and shadows in real-time. Control of the tank is made with a touch joystick, which perfectly listens to the player.

Shooting is done with the index finger of the hand, pressing in the place where the projectile should fly.

The game Tank Hero is a great shooter that will help kill time. At the same time, you will be able to train your reaction. 



In the game Mekorama, you will see an interesting virtual world, volumetric graphics, and interesting quests. They sometimes take quite a long time to complete.

The gameplay is quite simple and unremarkable. Here you have an astronaut, who has come to this small island of life and now wants to get to the exit.

To do this, he needs to solve certain puzzles and go from the landing point to the point of teleportation to the next level. At first, there is not much difficulty, but gradually the level of difficulty increases, and then you will have to strain a lot more.

Transitions between platforms, tricky actions, complex tasks. All this is available, so connoisseurs of really cool puzzles can safely enjoy the easy tasks and more difficult levels.

The creators of the product understand that it is not very convenient to play on a touch phone. So they decided to keep the control to a reasonable minimum.

Here you need to press your finger on the display and thereby move your character through the virtual world. To change the angle you can move the picture with two fingers. The rest is done by clicking on the desired sector of the playing field.

There are no pattern puzzles and some incredibly difficult tasks. You play, think, solve problems and reach the right point on the map. 



2048 Original is a rather beautiful game that has become very popular lately due to its ease of exploration and difficulty to score a record.

There is nothing brilliant in this game, except the game itself. It’s almost like chess because here you also need to think every step, think ahead, try to get out of a difficult situation.

Everyone has his own strategy of passing, but all players have one thing in common – the number 2048. The playing field consists of cells 4 by 4, that is a total of 16 cells, to develop their strategy.

On the field will appear numbers – 2 and 4. The numbers add up when two identical numbers are connected horizontally or vertically. Your goal is to collect 2048 points in one square, which is not insignificant.

At first, it’s easy and fast, but when you reach 512 it becomes incredibly difficult to get one more equal number. The developers have made sure that all your achievements do not remain unknown.

By registering on the social networks you can not only show off their records but also see points friends and see the world records.

The game is very simple and it seems like it will never drag you down for hours of passing. But when you stumble a couple of times and think you could have scored twice as much, the game takes on a whole different meaning. 


Dead Ahead

Dead Ahead is an endless zombie-themed ranger game. You have to hide from the reanimated dead on your bike by firing off a gun and collecting short-term power-ups.

As a backstory, the opening movie shows you a ruined city populated by zombies.

You watch this on behalf of the protagonist, who, while exploring his surroundings, is caught off guard by a giant monster.

Firing back, he runs into the garage, finds his scooter, and goes on the run. This is where the learning curve of Dead Ahead begins. By tapping on the aiming icon, the protagonist opens fire on the zombies chasing him.

On the road, there are obstacles in the form of abandoned cars, fences, and gas stations. Since the zombies in Dead Ahead follow the player directly, they can be used as traps. If the monster catches up with you, it will lunge at the hero and throw him off the bike.

The session will also end if you crash into a car. The passage of Dead Ahead is diluted by the appearance of bosses – huge monsters capable of jumping over obstacles. They can be killed with a series of gunshots.

As you gain access to new areas, other types of the dead appear, with different running speeds or special skills. The pixelated visual style both fascinates and disturbs the gameplay.

Given the side view, it is not always clear whether the character will skip between two obstacles or crash out of the pilot’s seat. There is no problem with the music – the game sounds great. The sounds of the running dead and gunshots create an authentic apocalyptic atmosphere. 


Crossy Road

Crossy Road is a mobile pixel game in which players cross a busy street with their character.

The combination of classic gameplay and the addition of an infinite component makes this game even more interesting.

Crossy Road has a simple gameplay and is accessible to all ages and the gamer scale device spectrum. Your only goal in the game is to progress as far as possible without dying.

Each location has its own obstacles to avoid fast-moving trains, cars, and floating logs on the river. Getting around these obstacles is a simple task. There are players instructing their character when to step forward, when to step backward, and when to step sideways.

Players are limited in their backward movements. The game encourages continuous forward movement. Players are similarly penalized for standing still for too long.

During each game, players also encounter gold coins scattered throughout the game locations. These are needed to unlock extra characters that you can use in future games.

Coins can also be earned in several other ways in the game. This provides a steady increase in in-game currency so that you feel rewarded for every run of the game.

It’s worth noting that there are over 100 playable characters in the game and choosing which one to use can take as long as unlocking it yourself. With a collection ranging from a simple chicken to other animals, memes, and special events.

As you can see, the game variety is impressive, and some also change the visual elements of other game elements.

Older players will get a game with a nostalgic trip back in time. Younger players will get the experience of a classic game that has been modernized for a new generation.


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Alto’s Odyssey

The game Alto’s Odyssey tells you about the snowboarder Alto.

The action of the game takes place in the hot desert, where Alto has arrived to see the world around them cold tundra where he grew up.

The game’s main screen changes depending on the weather the protagonist will be in for a while. Each level of the game is three different tasks, after completing which you’ll unlock as many more.

You’ll be doing stunts over air currents, doing somersaults over gorges, pulling flags off ropes. Coins are scattered on the slopes, and you’ll need them to make equipment in the workshop.

Here you can, for example, assemble a helmet that will protect you from one collision with an obstacle, or a pickaxe that will help you climb out of the gorge.

The game will introduce you to mountain slices that you can glide on once you get a good snowboard. This is a new mechanic that will bring variety to the gameplay.

To start gliding on a slice, touch the screen and don’t let go of your finger until you need to jump off. If you don’t learn how to do this, you won’t be able to pass many of the big obstacles in the game.

There’s a Zen mode, which is designed for those who want to immerse themselves in the game as much as possible without doing any tasks.

In Zen mode, by the way, the music will be different than in the main game. To start the game, just tap on the screen, and you will see the main character, hovering in a winged suit to the landing site.

The character is controlled as simply as possible. You need to tap on the screen to jump, and if you want to do a somersault – hold. This game has a photo mode, for which you only need to press pause and switch to the desired mode.



Swordigo is a platformer with RPG elements and it has a story. During the journey, the player will meet many characters.

The player can choose where to go first and which adventure to leave for dessert.

In fact, from the beginning, the game is not divided into levels. The progression of the player’s journey is divided by portals.

The location is not one: there are a lot of them and they differ not only in types and number of enemies but also in their surroundings. That is, during his adventures, the player will visit “green” places and dark dungeons.

The main menu of the game Swordigo has a nice background, where you can see the starry sky and the game’s landscape. There are also two sound and music controls, two icons for popular social networks, and three items on the right side of the screen.

There are usually 7 controls on the screen during the game. One of them can always be removed simply by drinking all the potions and not refilling them in the store. Almost all of the few virtual keys are located at the bottom of the screen.

At the top, there are indicators of mana, health, and game currency. There are also settings and management of magic abilities.

Between battles, the player can go to the store and buy new equipment, weapons, potions, and other useful things. In-game currency – a kind of coins, issued for certain feats of the player.

In order for the player was not bored to pass the game, the developers have included simple puzzles. For example, sometimes, to jump somewhere, you have to put one or more boxes.


Daddy Was A Thief

In the game, Daddy Was A Thief you have to conquer the depths of skyscrapers. It’s got pretty nice cartoon graphics, exciting gameplay, and a favorable atmosphere.

The whole game is built on bonuses – you need to run away from the police and collect your own money to live on.

The game does not have a standard set of points, as in other runners, here everything is quite different. The lower you go down, the higher the floor figure. This will determine how many points you get at the end of the round.

Besides, the points ring also displays the number of destroyed policemen, collected bonuses, and other chips. The game is also noteworthy because of the controls.

You don’t need to constantly wipe your fingers in different directions and try to do something in time. Simply drag your finger down and our protagonist will be destroying the floor beneath him gradually making his way down.

You can also pull your finger up and the hero will jump a little bit to the ceiling. This is useful when there will be a lot of coins in the air. Everything else depends on the reaction.

To dodge the policeman’s shot, you need to sharply press down and the prisoner will hit the floor, dodging the shot. This is the whole control and this is what users like the game from the first seconds. Easy controls are the first big plus that made the game popular.


Cover Fire

The game Cover Fire looks stylish and is very interesting to play. The game is based on a shooter.

You will have shelters on your way to the enemy and from behind these shelters, you can shoot.

That is, you enter the level, you see the enemy and sit behind cover, a firefight begins.

It should be noted that the enemy is also not stupid and just stand there and watch you shoot at him, he is not going to. When some of the enemies are defeated, you go on and fight there, killing the enemies again.

Once the level is complete, you open the next one and try your hand there. The developer created a rather interesting scheme of the game so that the touch screen did not become a problem.

Usually, shooters are terrible because of their controls, where you have to have three hands. One hand is for moving your character around, the second hand is for aiming and the third hand is for pulling the trigger.

The developer has removed one element from this game: the movement of the character. You don’t have to control it, which leaves you with just aiming and shooting. In this, you can handle it with two hands and it becomes comfortable to play with.

The quality of the graphics here is high and the controls are comfortable. You always have the opportunity to win through your skills, which usually pleases players. 


Ninja Revenge

Ninja Revenge has many positive aspects. For example, it is very pleasant to play and kill time with it. It’s all about controls, game tasks, and graphics.

Here they are enough to get the most pleasure from the passage. Especially, that you can pass the game forever.

This is a runner and there is no end to the location or the game as a whole.

If you get used to the Ninja Revenge’s controls, you will also get a break from the routine problems of your life. Here you have to run to the side. Just jump up climbing on the roof for bonuses and for the enemy not to cause you a lot of damage.

It will allow you to run as far as possible and collect more gold, game points and just become a cool ninja runner.

At the beginning of the game, you are given a certain amount of lives and for each hit, your opponent takes some of those lives off. When you run out of lives, the running stops.

So you have to practice, get used to it, hit on time, and collect various bonuses that can prolong your survival. 


Trials Frontier

Trials Frontier is a fascinating product with a very developed story and a huge game world. The racing tracks are enough for any fan of variety.

The game is not interested in the controls or levels, because with these elements almost every game is great.

But it is a great fact that there are dialogues, storylines, characters with unique characters and habits.

Thanks to this attention to detail, the toy is captivating for a very long time. Dialogues and tips will go with you throughout the whole passing. In addition to the dialogues and story just as the novelty distinguishes the simple and clear control.

All the tracks are almost not similar to each other, so after a couple of races want to play more. The race always starts at the start and ends only when you reach the finish flag.

On the way, you will be accompanied by the most unreal obstacles. Sometimes difficulties bring even a small pebble and even knock out the big ones. Your task is to cope with the management and reach the end while performing a couple of stunts.

By the way, the whole track is divided into checkpoints, and if you crash, you do not have to go from the beginning. This greatly simplifies the process of passing each track.

Sometimes it is very difficult to pass some parts and it turns out only by happy coincidence. You will be giving commands to your racer with fairly familiar control keys.

Novelty is interesting after the first level of complexity of the route and the fact that racing here tells why it is all, why the race, and why here. Besides, for the tasks give money, experience and the opportunity to race on new tracks. 


Kick the Buddy

In the game Kick the Buddy you have a rag-talking doll named Buddy. She needs to be destroyed. As soon as the doll reaches the critical point, it will resurrect again.

Buddy is not easy to kill, as he can playfully handle being beaten, fired upon, or blown up. So what’s the point if the doll keeps coming back to life?

First of all, thanks to the damage caused in the piggy bank the player gets bucks. These can be used to buy new torture weapons, clothing, and locations for Buddy.

The other currency, gold, you can get only in exchange for real money. But with it, you can buy special weapons and items that can be used to destroy the protagonist faster.

Besides, the player constantly has new tasks. When he completes them, gets experience points, which raises the level. The higher the level, the more pleasant bonuses.

Tasks are not very difficult, more often than not Buddy will need to work out certain tricks. But still, thanks to them, there is a variety in gameplay. You can choose weapons and torture for yourself.

Buddy can be beaten, stabbed with a sword, throwing shuriken at him, or give him a club on the head. Buddy can be hunted with clockwork explosives, fragmentation grenades, and land mines.

There’s another way to taunt Buddy. You can dress the doll up in a completely idiotic costume, throw inflatable balloons or spray paint. And he can not do anything in response, except to scold a little.

The game is a real relaxer. If instead of Buddy imagine a real person who annoys, it becomes real entertainment. Or you can not imagine, because you can replace the hero’s face with a photo from a photo album. Besides, the game is accompanied by realistic sounds and phrases.


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Toca Kitchen 2

Toca Kitchen 2 is an educational arcade game in which a child or adult player can create the most original culinary masterpieces.

This game is distributed free of charge and without in-game purchases. The player has at his disposal six kitchen utensils, which are interactive platforms on which to create dishes.

Ingredients are plentiful, but there are also various sauces that will make the finished product even more original.

The creation of dishes does not end there, as there is an opportunity to choose characters, treat them to their creations and watch for reactions.

Developer Toca Boca is dedicated to creating games for children. Thus, there are no ads and built-in purchases, so that the child can learn the world is absolutely safe.


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