Kakuro Game Review

Kakuro Cross Sums is an online puzzle game that will challenge your thinking.

When you first view the game it may look similar to sudoku and it is in some ways.

You use numbers to play, numbers cannot repeat in the same rows or columns. 


The blue squares on the board will indicate the sum of which you have to achieve. There is a diagonal line that separates the numbers in those squares. 

On the right side, there’s a sum for squares to the right. The sum of the numbers down the line is shown on the left side of the blue square.

To fill in a square, click on it and choose a number between 1 and 9. No numbers larger than 9 or less than 0 can be used. To erase the square, click on the cross. 


The rules of the game may seem confusing at first but there are instructions to it in the main menu.

Moreover, you can start in the “Practice Round” to figure out the game when playing for the first time.

As you get better, try out different levels: easy, medium, and hard. 


This game with a simple interface will engage your critical thinking skills and improve your puzzle-solving abilities.

If you enjoy different puzzles, Kakuro Cross Sums will be a great game for you as it is something unique and not like the other number puzzles. 

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