11 Free Space Strategy Games for Android & iOS

Want to stimulate your brain and conquer the galaxy at the same time? We’ve got exactly what you need!

Get ready to conquer galaxies, build empires, and crush your enemies with the best free space strategy games for Android & iOS. Blast off into endless possibilities as you navigate through space and time in these thrilling games.

From commanding your own starship to managing resources and building colonies on new planets, the options are limitless. And the best part? They won’t cost you a single cent! Let’s get into it!

Star Trek

That’s a game where you can bring your Starfleet dreams to life and venture into the vast and thrilling universe. With the latest update, the game has boldly joined the battle for control of the Alpha and Beta quadrants, cranking up the excitement and adding another layer of depth to this already epic adventure.

As the commander of your very own starbase, prepare to recruit legendary officers and build an unstoppable fleet. You’ll encounter familiar faces and iconic vessels throughout your cosmic journey.

Hold on tight, because the mind-blowing graphics will transport you to jaw-dropping space battles and awe-inspiring planetary landscapes. The game has crafted every beloved ship and character, ensuring they look and feel just as they should.

But it doesn’t stop at exploration and battles. Prepare to embark on tons of missions, negotiate with aliens, and strive for galactic peace. And if you’re up for a challenge, join faction wars to test your mettle against other players and guide your Starfleet to triumph.

Here’s the best part: real-time multiplayer battles! Collaborate or compete with thousands of users, form alliances to gain a strategic edge, and plunge into a truly immersive exp.


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Space Arena

Prepare for an epic cosmic conquest with this game. Brace yourselves, budding spacefarers, as you embark on a journey to build the ultimate starfaring vessel and dominate intergalactic battles. This is not for the faint-hearted, it’s for those ready to unleash devastating tech and craft cunning strategies to outshine the galaxy’s finest.

Hold on tight as you explore the farthest reaches of the universe, uncovering groundbreaking techs for your spaceship. Be the mastermind behind mind-blowing customizations – make unique starships and unleash weapon combinations that’ll leave others starstruck.

But, oh, the battles! Those powerful engines, those lethal rockets, that impeccable armor – you’ll need your wits about you to outsmart and outlast the competition. Vanquish foes from every corner of the universe, proving without a doubt that you’re the undisputed supreme space champion.

The stakes are astronomical, but the rewards? Beyond your wildest dreams. The fortune and glory await the brave souls who dare enter the game. It’s a cosmic necessity for any space aficionado. Join an intergalactic community of fellow adventurers and feel the cosmic camaraderie.


Infinite Galaxy

This game is an out-of-this-world exp (quite literally). It’s a next-gen immersive space fable that will have you exploring the far reaches of the galaxy and uncovering its deepest secrets.

The concept is nothing new, but it doesn’t make the game any less addictive. You start off by repairing your Spaceport, then build up your flagship and form fleets to take on space pirates and explore the infinite galaxy. With 30 types of ships and unique skill sets for each flagship, you’ll have endless options for strategy and tactics.

But it’s not just battles and exploration that make it so intriguing. The crew members you recruit each have their own life stories, adding depth and richness to the gameplay. Who doesn’t love a well-written character, right? And as you explore, you’ll uncover ancient secrets and learn about the unknown past.

The graphics on this app are top-notch, making every aspect feel incredibly real and immersive. And with tons of other commanders to compete or ally with in real-time, you’ll truly feel like you’re part of a magnificent space epic. So form your fleet and launch into the epic space escapade.


Hades’ Star

This game will take you on an epic ride through an ever-expanding galaxy. It will awaken your inner entrepreneur, diplomat, and fighter. Brace yourself for mind-blowing graphics, a killer soundtrack, and addictive gameplay that’ll keep you hooked.

In fact, this one is more than just a game, it’s a full-on universe waiting to be conquered. Start with a single planet and evolve into a strategic mastermind, making tough decisions to expand your empire and defend against alien races. Of course, you’ll need killer ships with modules that scream power.

Every move you make counts, making it a challenge worth conquering. Luckily, there are tutorials for newbies, so you won’t feel like you’re lost in space. And you don’t have to be glued to your screen 24/7. The AI takes over when you’re taking a breather, so you’ll never miss a beat or get caught with your virtual pants down. No resource raiders on your watch!

What sets this one apart is its power to create camaraderie among players. Embark on thrilling missions, and form alliances that transcend space and time. Who says gaming can’t bring people together?


Space Commander

This game truly has it all. It has mind-blowing graphics, combat that’s, well, out of this world, and gameplay mechanics that’ll leave you starstruck.

One of the stellar aspects of this one is the freedom to build a fleet. With ship classes that suit your playstyle, from nimble fighters to mighty bombers, you’ll conquer the galaxy on your terms. Boost your commander skills through epic upgrades and become an unbeatable force across the cosmos.

But hold on tight, because it has more than just intergalactic warfare. Are you in the mood to be a mercenary, a cunning trader, or even a mysterious mobster? Remember, your reputation with each faction shapes your destiny and the missions available to you.

If that wasn’t enough, there’s an economic syst that’s as unpredictable as black holes and trading systems that’ll hone your entrepreneurial skills. Conquer the universe by managing fuel, uncovering lucrative trade routes, and expanding your influence through space stations and production modules.

Oh, did we mention the jaw-dropping campaigns? From fierce corporate wars to extraterrestrial battles, the game caters to both casual users and hardcore fans of classic space sims.


VEGA Conflict

This game is set in a futuristic galaxy where you can stake your claim, command your fleets, and conquer the void. It packs a punch with its real-time PvP syst that lets you attack your enemies whenever you want. No more waiting for turns like those boring strategy games – here, it’s all about facing your opponents head-on and claiming your victory.

But don’t think it will be easy. You’ll need to band together with other players to take on the evil feds and even face a mysterious alien presence. However, you don’t need to do it alone – you can form or join an alliance with other players to increase your chances of success.

One of the best things about this one is the variety of events that take place on a weekly basis. These events let users battle for top prizes, making the game all the more exciting.

Crafting is an important part of this one, as you’ll need to do ship upgrades to help you defeat the feds. But don’t worry – the process is straightforward, and the results are worth it. Communication is key in any successful alliance, and the game makes it easy to chat with users from around the world in real time using auto-translated chat.


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Nova Empire

Want a space strategy game that’ll make you feel like a true commander? Give this game a try, then. It’s filled with epic interstellar battles to fleets, so you get everything that makes a good adventure. Ready to establish space domination and conquer other commanders in intense PvP battles? Game on!

The app’s spaceship builder is no joke. Unlock unique weapons and armor to adjust your fleets and become the galaxy’s most powerful commander. With frigates, drones, cruisers, and more, you’ll have the perfect lineup to crush your rivals.

But it’s not just about building ships. You’ll need a killer strategy to dominate enemy alliances and control the galaxy. Manage resources wisely, recruit top admirals, and guide your fleets to victory!

Oh, did we mention you get your very own space station too? Build it up from scratch with energy plants, trading posts, and defense modules. Strengthen your empire with research labs and naval academies to unlock even more powerful ones. You can also team up with other commanders because power is in numbers.



It’s an immersive game that lets you build a once-thriving planet that’s gone to cosmic ruins. From constructing and leveling up buildings to recruiting galactic heroes, you’ll be in command of your very own space colony, raising an armada of stellar starships.

And let us tell you, there’s nothing quite like ruling over a fleet of spaceships, conquering the universe! But hold tight, isn’t just your average game. It serves up mind-blowing space combats that’ll keep you at the edge of your space seat. Prepare for intergalactic combat against alien fleets, space pirates, and enemy squads.

Winning demands legendary spaceships enabling you to wage war with astonishing might. And guess what? You can even form alliances with fellow players from across the cosmos, uniting as galactic feds to take down alien spaceships. Talk about feeling like humanity’s hero!

You also get to shape national policies for your planet, each bestowing specific perks upon your space empire and starship fleet. You can seize the reins of despotism to expand your dominion or embrace the path of liberalism to foster a scientific society.



Ready to conquer the galaxy and forge your own intergalactic alliance? Cause that’s exactly what this game lets you do. It’s an ultimate space strategy that lets you build a kickass space station as your base. With this app, you’ll complete Republican Orders, strategically deploy, and kick some serious interstellar butt!

But the real star of this one is the process of forming an unstoppable space armada of your own. Pick from epic warship blueprints, modify your fleets with modular designs, and unleash havoc with style. Remember, every battle outcome depends on your clever decisions, so choose wisely! Oh, and don’t forget to assemble your intergalactic dream team.

Explore the sector with your fleets, witness whimsical stories, and unravel the truth behind the events. The Republic and Coterminal might have gone quiet, but you’ve got the power to shape the future. Will you diplomatically dominate or expand ruthlessly? It’s up to you, captain.

This game is all about endless fun and addictive gameplay. The graphics are out of this world, and the interstellar journey is one you won’t forget.



This game is here to give you an otherworldly exp like no other. It lets you take charge in rebuilding galactic civilization after an interdimensional invasion nearly tore the universe apart. Get ready to construct a space station and embark on a journey through nearly a thousand-star systems and planets.

What makes it shine brighter than a supernova? The fact that you get an out-of-this-world MMO exp. Play with tons of cosmic comrades, forming alliances to occupy space regions, trading, and even engaging in epic PVP combats.

But it’s not all asteroid blasting and space wars. The game also has a strong focus on economic strategy and interstellar trade. As your population’s demands skyrocket, you’ll need to specialize and maybe even become an intergalactic trader. The choice is yours, cap.

And who can forget the station-building extravaganza? Modifying a station with unique buildings and upgrades is truly out of this world. But it isn’t just a cosmic sandbox. It’s jam-packed with captivating storytelling in its event chains. Your decisions will shape the ultimate destiny of your journey, with never stopping events.


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Clash of Stars

To wrap up, we have a sci-fi game that will take you on a wild ride through the depths of the universe. As a commander in this expansive space adventure, your journey begins with a small space station. But beware, danger is lurking in the deep space, and you never know who will be the next target. Will it be the devious predators, the ambitious rogue, or the homeless nomad?

One thing is for sure in this universe: there are no permanent allies and no permanent enemies. The universe may be vast and uncharted, but as a commander, you’ll navigate it with ease.

With its unique newbie support and a variety of diverse ships to pilot, it’s an ideal game for those who love a good challenge, But what really sets ше apart are its fun and engaging events. From skirmish and legion war to territory war and arena competition, there’s always smth exciting happening in this galaxy.

And with massive real-time space wars, you can join other aggressive users from all around the globe to dominate the universe together. It’s time to strap on your spaceship, set your core modules, and conquer the universe, one planet at a time.