12 Best Multiplayer Strategy Games for Android

Ready to flex your strategic muscles with mates or strangers online? We’ve got exactly what you need!

We’ve rounded up the best multiplayer strategy games for Android you could try. From commanding armies to building civilizations, these strategy games will challenge your mind and pit you against other users from around the globe.

These games will challenge your critical thinking skills while also keeping you entertained. From team-based battles to solo skirmishes, there is smth for everyone in this genre. Let’s dive in!

Lords Mobile

If you’re a fan of tactics, this game is a must-check. It has smth for everyone with its diverse range of activities. The game is chock-full of tools that will keep you addicted for hours on end. It lets you uncover antique relics and use them to gain true power. By enhancing these, you can form a formidable army that will dominate the enemy.

There’s also a tower defense mode that is great for sharpening your skills. Gather new cards and mix them to deal with the rivals lurking around.

Building your own kingdom is also a fun exp. With the ability to upgrade buildings, conduct research, train your troops, level your heroes, and lead your kingdom, there’s never a dull moment.
But the real fun comes in the form of troop formations.

With tons of troop types and formations, you will get to put together powerful lineups that will outmatch your enemies. Use the counter syst to your benefit and form ultimately unbeatable tactics.


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The Ants

Calling all aspiring ant fans! If you’re into ants and want to test your strategic skills, give this game a try. First of all, let’s talk about the authentic anthill that awaits you. Just like in nature, your anthill is the heart of your empire. You’ll have to plan and construct tunnels to build the ultimate ant realm.

The layout of your anthill is your key to success, so make sure to strategize wisely. But what’s an empire without its citizens? The game covers them too! The ants are as realistic as they come. The number of ants in your colony illustrates the state of your realm.

To succeed, hatch as many ants as possible, and guide them in a battle to gain new resources and extend your territory! But here’s the twist: you can also mutate your ants to create a mighty ant troop.

With the help of soldier ants and special ones (which you can hatch from different eggs), your ant army will be unbeatable. And don’t forget to form alliances with other ant generals only makes defeating enemy colonies that much easier.


The Battle of Polytopia

Get ready to embark on an epic journey of world domination with this little game. It’s a turn-based civilization strategy that offers an immersive exp that will keep you hooked for hours on end. As a ruler, you’ll get to explore new lands, farm resources, and master new techs.

But beware, you won’t be alone! Enemy tribes are lurking around every corner, waiting to test your skills in battle. With invisible cloaks and daggers, you’ll get to launch stealth attacks, adding an element of surprise and unpredictability to the game.

There’s a vast scope of tribes, each with unique attributes, that will make each game feel like a brand-new adventure. The auto-generated maps ensure that you’ll never get bored with the same scenery while playing. The visuals are great, making it a visually pleasing experience.

There are several modes to diversify the exp, too. Each one is equally entertaining, and the MP one lets you have fun with your mates.



This game is a thrill ride from start to finish. If you’re a fan of zombie survival and tactis, then this one is an absolute must-have. The tower defense aspect is one of the game’s prime attractions. It really adds a whole new dimension, and it’s incredibly satisfying to watch your fortifications stand strong against waves of zombies.

And with the ability to set up ideal hero formations, you can really modify your defenses to fit your play style and tactics. To survive, leading troops and civilians within your shelter to fend off zombies and raid other shelters is key.

But you can also make coalitions with other users: it’s all about survival of the fittest. And with realistic spherical terrain and zoom controls, you’ll feel totally immersed in this post-apocalyptic world.

All the heroes are unique from design to backstory, and they made the exp even more immersive. With multiple troop types and hero skills, you can mix and match to assemble the ultimate battle plan.


TFT: Teamfight Tactics

This game will free up your inner tactician. It’s a combat arena game that’s an ideal blend of creativity, cunning, and epic battles. And with a multiplayer mode, you can draft an unbeatable team for each round and combat it out to be the last one standing.

No two matches are the same, thanks to random drafts and in-game events. It’s up to you to use your wit and tactic skills to create the ideal game plan and come out victorious. The best part? You can play on one numerous devices, including PC, which is handy.

Challenge your pals and rise up the ranks with full competitive support and PvP matchmaking. Battle your way up the ladder, and if you’re good enough, you might even earn exclusive perks.

But it’s not just about winning. Show off your style and personality with your favorite chibi champion. You can also unlock new looks o get some from the in-game store.


RTS Siege Up!

Ready to rule the medieval world and conquer enemy castles? This game lets you do just that. With stunning graphics that transport you back in time, you get a fully immersive exp here. You get to assemble your own castle, walls of stone and wood, while also making catapults and other advanced warcraft to break through your opponent’s defenses.

You can select from a variety of troops including archers, melees, and cavalry to guard your own castle. But the fun doesn’t stop there! The app also offers naval battles with tons of ships, boats, and all that. It just adds an extra layer of excitement as you capture and protect strategic positions and resources.

The campaign mode covers 26 missions with varying gameplay mechanics to keep you amused and inquiring. And if you want even more fun, you can participate in the multiplayer mode too. You can even join maps that offer cross-play with PC and other platforms.

Not to mention, there’s an in-game lib of over 4000 missions to try, made by users like you. You can even share your own levels with the community and watch them enjoy the challenge!


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Age of Conquest IV

That’s one of the most thrilling strategies, hands down. From the moment you enter the game, you’ll be captivated by the intricate maps and diverse empires to command. It covers a scope of maps for you to dive into.

Whether you want to dominate Europe, colonize new lands, or expand your Asian empire, there’s a map for just about every type of conquest. But don’t let the huge range of choices intimidate you. The app has stunningly intuitive gameplay that makes it easy to jump right in and start commanding your armies.

The diplomacy management of the economy and population adds a whole new layer of complexity to the game. Whether you’re playing solo or joining up with friends, the game is just as fun and thrilling as it is challenging.
And if you’re worried about finding a worthy opponent, don’t be! The game covers an AL algorithm, so you can bet every round will be a challenge. The app encourages creativity and exploration, with a map editor and central server for making custom bundles.


Kingdom Maker

If you’re someone who can’t get enough of medieval worlds full of magic and adventure, then you gotta check out this game. It truly has it all: exciting quests, hilarious moments, and a cast of characters that will keep you entertained for hours on end.

But the fun doesn’t stop there. It lets you command your own army and battle with other users in epic conflicts. With unique tactics for each fight, you’ll always be on your toes, trying to outsmart your opponents and emerge victorious.

And it’s not just about the battles and action, either. You’ll also get to research new techs, and craft equipment, and recruit mighty champions to lead your armies. You can even expand your noble family and form your kingdom from the ground up, starting a dynasty that will stand the test of time.

But perhaps the coolest thing about this one is the MP partnerships and diplomacy. You can spy on your enemies, chat with pals, and form coalitions that will help expand your dominion.



Wanna conquer the galaxy? This game is here to help. It will put your tactical skills to the test while keeping you occupied. With 150 lvls, each with its own twist on classic gameplay, you’ll need to be one step ahead of your opponents.

And speaking of contestants, why not take your skills online and wage planetary war against users from all over the world? But it’s not just the gameplay that’s out of this world.

The game is optimized for Smart TV, allowing you to play on the big screen and really immerse yourself in the exp. Thus, you’ll get to enjoy native 4K, increased unit counts, and two free multiplayer maps, all contributing to an even more engaging experience.

But let’s talk about the real stars of the show: the new maps and modes. From black holes to supernovas, you’ll navigate through space like never before. Each one will test your skills differently and keep you coming back for more.



If you haven’t tried this game yet, you’re missing out on all the action-packed fun. With its asynchronous MP battles and challenges, this game has it all. Compete against other users in epic conflicts, where your attack skills will be pitted against their defensive schemes. Plan out your moves and lead your soldiers to victory.

The rewards of war are waiting for the victorious, so make sure you come prepared for battle. But if PvP isn’t your thing, don’t worry! There are tons of single-player challenges to examine your abilities to the limit.

Fight against puzzle bases, stand against hordes of zombies, break out of military prisons, and more. Each challenge covers unique perks to help you grow your army and gain power. You’ll also get to make a custom base. It even lets you watch replays of your opponent’s attacks and strategize to improve your defenses.

Speaking of armies, you’ll be able to recruit and upgrade new soldier classes to join your team. Each one has unique abilities, and it’s up to you to create the ideal mix for your conflicts.


Game of Empires

This game takes you on an adventure through time and lets you become the ultimate emperor. It lets you form and expand a culture, recruit historical legends, and engage in real-time combats that will put your tactical prowess to the test.

It covers tons of civilizations, each with its own unique buildings, soldier types, and buffs. There are plenty of opportunities to explore, extend, and conquer as you navigate different eras.

To succeed, you’ll need to form and develop your empire by recruiting villagers, constructing farms, and making research. But watch out for barbarians who may try to stand in your way! You’ll also need to engage in real-time conflicts and use tactics to achieve victory.

As you gradually grow your habitat, you’ll have the chance to conquer new lands, capture amazing wonders, and even gain control of maritime hubs. Another cool thing is that you’ll get to learn about historical figures and the tactical conclusions that made their successes.


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Primitive Era

And lastly, there’s a game that lets you unlock the mysteries of prehistoric times. It will you back to a time when survival was the key to success, and you must form your tribe from scratch.

Hereby, you’ll get to communicate with other users in real time. The game lets you collaborate to explore the new continent and conquer nature together. It is also a personalized exp with unique displays and decorations for your tribe.

To thrive in this era, you must improve productivity and develop your tribe with limited resources. And don’t forget about utilizing language and tools to advance your tribe. There’s even room for romance here: reproduce as many offspring as possible to ensure your tribe’s growth.

You’ll also need to domesticate wild beasts, including mammoths and saber-toothed tigers, to help you along the way. And of course, there’s always a bit of friendly competition. Fight other tribes and emerge as the ruler of all, leading yours to victory.