Chrono Project Game Review

The Chrono project is a modern 2.5D side scroller game, set in a colorful fantasy world, with magic and technology are mixed together.

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The game features a powerful time rewinding mechanic which is used for exploring different timelines and eventually saving or damning the world.

Fans of good online games will definitely appreciate it. The game is payable, but not expensive.

Therefore, it is worth the money spent. You can download it in Steam. The plot of the game is based on a fictional story that develops every level and episode. So, it isn’t just a game but the whole adventure. The plot has puzzles, simple combats, and platforming.

All actions take place in the first person. The goal of the game is to complete various tasks and win battles. The interface of the game is pleasant, the quality of animation is really high and its colors are bright. Despite the fact that the main page is dark, it is quite pleasant to the eye.

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Sound effects and music are chosen really great. It helps to feel the atmosphere of the story better. The technical support of the game is great because the creator always helps players with appearing problems. Moreover, Steam guarantees a lack of fails and errors.

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