Top 10 Apps to Speed Up or Slow Down the Music

Getting bored with the same old songs at the same old tempo? Do you need to add some pep to your workout playlist or slow down that ballad for a romantic night in? Well, you’re in for a treat!

We’ve rounded up the top apps to speed up or slow down the music you could try. These let you adjust your tunes to fit any occasion and even extract audio from vids for added convenience.

Whether you’re a pro DJ or just want to mix things up, these apps give a user-friendly and enjoyable experience. With a variety of filters and sound FX, you’ll be able to make the perfect ambiance for any mood. Let’s get into it!

Music Speed Changer

This app lets you alter the speed and pitch of your fave tracks, or even play them backward. It’s like a mini editing soft that you can use without any special skills.

This app is ideal for music buffs planning to elevate their listening exp. With this one on hand, you have full control over the rhythm and pitch of any audio file on your device. Want to slow down a song to practice your favorite guitar solo? No problem. Need to speed up a track to get pumped for your morning jog? Easy-peasy.

What’s more, the app uses a pro-quality engine to ensure that your music sounds natural. And no matter how much you adjust the speed or pitch, it won’t start to sound distorted or smth. So go ahead and experiment to your heart’s content!

But it isn’t just for casual listening, it’s also a powerful tool for musicians and music students. The app’s looper tool lets you easily loop sections of a song for practice, while the waveform view lets you seek precisely through any audio file. And if you’re feeling really adventurous, you can even apply audio FX like echo or flanger.


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Music Audio Editor

Tired of messing around with lackluster audio editors? Then this app is right up your alley. It’s the kind of app that’s about to drop a beat on your sound editing game!

With a treasure trove of powerful tools, it will have you slicing and dicing audio like a pro. But wait, there’s more! Mix, splice, and even alter the tone and tempo of your tracks it’s a party for your ears! Oh, and did we mention you can convert vids to audio on-the-fly? Talk about multitasking!

But hold up, there’s still more awesomeness! Unleash your alter egos with the voice modifier tool – robot or old man, anyone? And let’s not forget the optional equalizer parameters. Adjust the music equalizer without breaking a sweat. No gym membership is required!

Worried about file size? It won’t be an issue. Export your audio files in a jiffy, compressed to perfection for easy sharing and uploading. It’s like magic but without the smoke and mirrors! And all that is completely free, even the ads are nearly noticeable.


Music Editor

If your goal is to find an app that can offer more than just basic audio trimming, give this app a try. With its powerful MP3 editing capabilities, you’ll never settle for mediocrity again.

One of the standout aspects of this one is the ability to merge multiple audio files into one seamless track. If you’re a DJ wanting to make a new mix or just want to combine your fave songs into one playlist, you can easily do it here. And if you have zero experience, you’ll quickly figure out how the app works.

Plus, the app will rescue you from bland ringtones by letting you cut out parts of songs and turn them into personalized tones that flaunt your music taste. Say bye to boring default tones and hello to personalized ones that reflect your unique taste in music.

It can also convert audio files to diverse formats, compress audio quality without losing any of the essence, and alter the metadata. And for those of you who love tinkering with audio speed and volume levels, the app will work nicely, too.


Up Tempo

This app is here to boost your music exp to new heights. It’s like a personal music magician with all the tools offered. The app covers a full-on editor, speed modifier, and pitch-shifting companion made by musicians themselves.

If you need to practice fast songs or alter the pitch for an extra tuning, this app will make it a breeze. The app has user-friendly controls and crystal-clear visuals, so you can easily tweak the playback speed and pitch independently or simultaneously. Its waveform view lets you zip through songs and skip to specific points in a snap.

Need even more precision? Just pinch and zoom for a closer waveform look. It even comes with a music looper, ideal for setting loop points during practice. And hey, it opens diverse formats right away, no waiting around!

Hereby, the UI is beyond simple, even a complete newbie can cope with it. There’s also a pro pack in case you need even more tools, but a free one is enough for an average user. Long story short, if you want to practice like a pro, this is your go-to app.


Music Speed Changer

This app is a gem for all music buffs out there. Firstly, it supports a plethora of formats, including wav, and flac. So, no matter what your music prefs are, you’ll be able to use this app with ease.

Now, let’s talk about the real kicker – adjusting the tempo and pitch of your tracks. The app covers a range of 4x slower to 4x faster for tempo shifts and pitch octaves between -1 and +1. You can also switch between two modes of changing a slider and pad, depending on your prefs.

The best part? You can apply these modificatiosn and the app saves your values. Plus, there’s an equalizer and loop range tool that lets you alter the tracks to your heart’s content.

But wait, there’s more! The app also has optimization modes specifically for music and speech content types. So, you can use it for anything, from listening to your fave songs to enhancing podcasts or audiobooks. Saving and exporting your modified track is a breeze as well.


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Here’s an app that will keep up with the tempo of your life. It’s a lifesaver for musicians, language learners, and anyone who loves indulging in long audio tracks.

The app lets you modify the speed of your content anywhere between turtle mode (0.25x) to turbo mode (4.0x), without missing a beat. But wait, there’s more! You can also shift the pitch up or down an octave and get all fancy with percentage adjustments. Now that’s some serious audio sorcery!

But what really sets it apart is its mind-blowing audio control system. It’s like having a personal sound maestro right in your pocket! Multiple seek bars give you absolute precision over those marathon audio journeys, and you can even mark spots with custom names.

With handy widgets and a playlist playing, you won’t waste a precious second picking out your jams. If you’re worried about annoying ads disrupting your vibe, upgrade to the Pro pack and remove them altogether. The pro pack unlocks more tools, but you can easily ignore it.



This is an award-winning app that covers every tool you could possibly crave to fine-tune your music. Imagine adjusting the track tempo without messing with the pitch, or tweaking the pitch seamlessly without touching the tempo. It’s like having a musical guru in your pocket!

The app takes it up a notch with its techs. Now, you can play audio note-by-note as you glide through the waveform – ideal for conquering those head-scratching sections. Oh, and wait, there’s more! It is super responsive and user-friendly. Import audio from your lib or cloud storage.

And when you’re done polishing your masterwork, export it with custom pitch and speed adjustments, and share it with your peeps. As if that’s not enough, let’s talk about the markers and A-B loop tools. Unlimited markers to navigate to important parts or bookmark sections? Yes, please! And the A-B loop? It’s a godsend for practicing specific sections like a pro.

But here’s the cherry on top – no pesky ads to ruin the vibe! You can fully immerse yourself in your music without those annoying pop-ups or distractions.


Audio Speed Changer

Need to adjust the speed of your tracks? Itching to play some wild sound FX that matches your quirky personality? This app will help! It’s a genius tool that lets you twist and twirl any audio file in ways you couldn’t even imagine.

Now, here’s the best part – with just a couple of satisfying slides, you can modify the speed and pitch of the files in ways that’ll blow your mind. Slow down a song, savor that bassline, or crank up the tempo to get your heartbeat racing.

But wait, there’s more! You can even mess around with the pitch and unleash your inner squeaky chipmunk. Who knew audio manipulation could be this entertaining? Don’t be fooled, though. This app isn’t just for playing around with vocal recordings. It’s got some practical superpowers too. Need to jazz up lengthy audio clips or make smooth fade-ins and fade-outs? Consider it done. It is a powerhouse of possibilities.

The app uses advanced techs for time stretching and pitch shifting, so your audio quality stays crystal clear no matter how crazy you get. No complicated tutorials or frustrating UIs – just open the app, pick a file, and wave your magic wand.


Music Speed Changer Classic

This app is your key to musical wizardry. It lets you alter the tempo and pitch of your music on your device in real time without affecting the quality of the sound.

You’ll get to twist and tweak your tunes like never before. The app lets you regulate the speed from 33% to 300% and even change the BPM if needed. Feeling brave? Blend pitch and tempo together with our mind-bending rate adjustment feature!

The app also comes equipped with a looper tool that lets you seamlessly loop audio sections and practice over and over again (AB repeat play). And if you want to decode a secret message or learn a passage backward and forward, you can even reverse the tune and play it backward.

And the best part? It’s all wrapped up in a sleek, easy-to-use package. From opening any files to exporting those in diverse formats, the app’s modern material design UI has got you covered. Plus, this app is completely free, with no restrictions, and all the fun!


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Lastly, there’s an app that has everything you need to boost your skills and truly understand the music you play. First off, the ability to slow down songs without changing the pitch is a true gem. It lets you really dissect a song and learn every note, helping you to play it more confidently and accurately.

But the app doesn’t stop there. You can also mark sections of a song with diverse colors, label them, and loop them as many times as you need. Plus, the ability to fine-tune the pitch and tempo of a tune to your exact needs means you can practice in any key or non-standard tuning.

But what really sets it apart is its integration with Spotify and Apple Music. You can slow down and loop your favorite songs, making it easy to learn and practice the music you love. And all of this comes with amazing quality, even at slow speeds. The waveform visualization and full song view make it easy to navigate through a song and find the sections you want to work on.