8 Best Full Body Avatar Creator Apps for Android & iOS

Tired of using generic avatars that don’t quite capture your style and personality? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered here!

We’ve rounded up the absolute best full-body avatar creator apps for both Android & iOS to unleash your inner artist. These apps let you generate a full-on digital version of yourself. You’ll get to make everything from 3D to anime avatars, so there’s smth for everyone.

Express yourself with ease by making a reflection of real life or your wildest imagination. From changing hairstyles to capturing movements, these apps offer endless options to let you stand out in the digital space. Let’s get into it!


On the hunt for a fun and unique way to express yourself online? This app is here to help! It lets you generate the 3D embodiment that will look just like you (or however you want it to look). You can pick from a vast scope of outfits, seasonal costumes, and even cute onesies to give your avatar some flair.

One of the coolest aspects is the fact that you can use your phone’s cam to translate your facial movements directly onto an avatar. Thus, it will be able to wink, smile, and even stick its tongue out just like you do in real life! It’s an interactive way to make your avatar feel more like a real extension of yourself.

If you’re interested in live-streaming, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the functionality of the app, too. You can start your own stream in secs and keep your identity totally secret since viewers can only see an avatar.

You can play drawing and card games while you stream to give your audience some fun content to watch. But even if you’re not a content creator, there’s still plenty to enjoy here. You can watch popular streamers and even send interactive gifts if needed. There’s also a live chat to connect with others. Fun, right?


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Meteora Metaverse

This app lets you step into a digital world where there are no gender boundaries and full freedom of experiments. With this one, you can generate a full-body avatar that truly represents you (or get creative and make it look like smth magical).

The app covers multiple ways of interacting with others. There are endless opportunities for digital experiments. Sing your heart out, use unique templates to enhance an avatar, collaborate with pals on projects, and even enjoy time-lapse features.

The coolest thing about this one is the way your avatar depicts your movements and emotions. Every little detail is captured, letting you truly express yourself in the virtual world. Plus, you can even make interactive postcards to share with your mates and loved ones. It’s a great way to connect with people who share the same interests as you.

Plus, it’s pretty easy to customize an avatar and navigate the app in general. The graphics are top-notch, and the animations are smooth looking. The app is free to use, but you can buy some clothing packs or other stuff for real money. The variety of free ones is still big, though.



If you want to spice up your virtual life, this app is right up your alley. It is the ultimate platform for personalized avatars, social connections, and immersive gameplay.

Let’s start with personalization options. Seriously, the prospects are endless here. You can alter every single aspect of your embodiment, from the shape of your face to the color of your shoes. And the best part? You can mix and match items from popular brands and user-made designs to make a truly unique look.

Once you’re satisfied with it, it’s time to explore the thousands of virtual worlds. Whether you’re into K-pop, fashion, or RPGs, you’ll find a world that suits you. And, of course, you can invite your pals to join you in these adventures.

Speaking of pals, the app’s community is super friendly and welcoming. You can easily bond with people from all over the world, based on shared interests and hobbies. The chat and feed makes it easy to stay in touch, and you can even join live streams to hang out with people. You can also become a creator via fashion or build your own games and worlds for other users.


Anime Me

This app lets you design your own anime character. Whether you want it to represent yourself or want to recreate your fave characters with a cool twist, this app absolutely delivers.

The templates and combinations available are endless, letting you generate unique personifications in a breeze. And the best part? You can achieve different facial expressions with so many details. From the shape of the eyebrows, and eyes, to the mouth, you have the power to express all kinds of emotions.

Personalization is key when it comes to crafting avatars that stand out. That’s why you’ll get to adjust the hair in detail, too. You can modify every little detail, really. Feeling extra playful? You can add some quirky accessories, such as glasses even horns, to make your character even more unique.

Backgrounds are also given the attention they deserve, as the app provides a vast scope of options to elevate your creations. You can try a glitzy cityscape, clouds, or whatever else comes to mind. And the cherry on top? You can save it in your cam roll or share it online right away and show off your masterpiece!


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It’s one of those gems from the old-school era of avatar-making that’s worth trying out! The concept is simple: the app lets you generate expressive cartoon avatars of any kind. While it may not have the most cutting-edge graphics, its charm lies in its retro feel and extensive modification options.

With a huge lib of stickers featuring none other than you, you’ll have a blast modifying your personification and seeing it in action. The amount of options is truly impressive, you’re sure to find smth that caters to your needs.

You can choose expressions, outfits, and accessories that match your mood and personality. It’s like having a virtual version of yourself that’s always ready to chat.

But that’s not all, the app is also pretty versatile when it comes to usage. You can use it in all kinds of messaging apps and social media platforms, including Snapchat. And trust us, once you start sending emoji versions of yourself to your mates, they won’t be able to get enough.


3D Avatar Creator

Have you ever wanted to make a 3D embodiment of yourself? This app lets you do just that. This app is an absolute blast to use. With a wide variety of modification options, you can truly cartoon yourself and bring your personification to life.

The avatar maker is incredibly easy to use, and you can tweak and adjust it to perfection until it looks just like you. Once you’ve done that, it’s time to have some fun! The app lets you make personalized emojis and animated stickers. You can use these to chat with your mates on socials or any other messaging app. Plus, the cute stickers can even be used to edit your pics.

It even adds a pack of custom stickers to your keyboard. You’ll need to enable it in the setting first, so keep that in mind. Above that, the app is a fantastic way to get more subs on socials! By sharing fabulous pics and vids with your creation, you’ll be able to boost your followers and get more likes for your posts.



Bored with the same old emojis? This app is a great way to express yourself through your digital communications. It lets you generate an avatar that is as unique as you are. Pick your look, your style, and even bg, and alter it up as often as you like.

The process is easy and intuitive, letting you select from a wide scope of options to design your ideal virtual self. From your appearance and style to your voice and mannerisms, every aspect of your embodiment can be tailored to your liking. The app actually captures your expressions and voice, so it will look extra real.

But the real fun begins once you’ve done designing. You can use your embodiment to make engaging clips and messages. Whether you’re sending texts to mates or sharing your creations on socials, the app provides endless opportunities for original expression.

You can even bring your embodiment into the real world using augmented reality. It lets you engage with it in a whole new way, making unique experiences that blend the digital and physical worlds.


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It’s the ultimate tool for anyone wanting to design cartoon avatars that look eerily similar to the real thing. The app lets you alter every aspect of your embodiment, from the shape of the nose to the color of the eyes. The modification options are practically endless, enabling you to make a character that accurately represents your unique features.

But this app isn’t just about making an avatar. The app also covers some powerful editing implements that can take your pics to the next level. You can add stickers and emojis to make your texts even more fun and creative.

One of the best tools is avatar snapshots. With this nifty instrument, you can insert your avatar into different bgs and play around with their expressions. Trust us, you’ll have a blast creating all sorts of funny poses and sharing them with your mates.

As for sharing, you’ll get to effortlessly share cartoon stickers and pics on socials. It even covers some gaming options where you can earn coins to spend on new stuff (outfits, mostly).