13 Best Polaroid Frame Apps for Android & iOS

Do you still dream of reliving the good old days when pictures weren’t just digital files? Well, good news, now you can easily gain this vibe.

We’ve rounded up the best Polaroid frame apps for Android & iOS to give your snaps that retro feel. These let you add stunning frames that mimic all the analog cams that were around in the 70s.

Not only that, but some of them even let you make vintage vids and IG stories. From classic white to funky neon borders, these apps are sure to add that charming touch to all your snaps. Let’s get into it!


Tired of generic editors that leave your snaps looking like everyone else’s? This one will change that: it’s here to serve up some serious vintage vibes! And before you start wondering, of course, you can use it to add a Polaroid frame.

If you’re into everything retro, you’ll be instantly drawn to numerous frames and bodies covered by this app. It’s filled with vintage and colorful textures to give your snaps an extra pop. And the handwritten fonts are sure to add a personal touch.

And let’s not forget about the adjustment tools: they make it easy to crop and enhance your snaps to perfection. The app is all about aesthetics, so you can easily get this edgy vintage look.

But the real kicker? The app’s print service. That’s right you can get your shots printed in the way they look like you’ve taken them with an instant cam. You can easily order the prints and have them delivered to your doorstep.


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This app lets you get that vintage cam aesthetic that IG made so popular. It lets you make cool IG-worthy snaps that give off an authentic retro vibe. It covers tons of frames that make your snaps look like they were taken in the good ol’ days.

But that’s not all, folks! The app also gives you a lot of editing and modification options, letting you fine-tune your shots until they meet your exacting standards.

Like, seriously, the amount of creative possibilities is simply mind-blowing here, especially if you’re trying to obtain the Polaroid pic look. You’ll get to add filters, headers, and a bunch of stickers to decorate your snaps too.

You can even make vintage collages. The UI is super intuitive, so you don’t need to be a pro to get great results. All the snaps are easily sharable, you can even post them straight to IG. The app is also free, with no hidden fees or pesky ads.


Polaroid Vintage

If you like your apps minimal and not overloaded with functions, don’t get past this one. It’s mainly focused on turning your snaps into Polaroid pics, and there are not many things to do with it beyond that. It doesn’t only offer frames, though, so don’t discount it yet.

This app is a nice way to spruce up your snaps, especially if you’re into Polaroid aesthetics. The app is incredibly easy to use, we’ll give it that. Not only you don’t have to be tech-savvy to cope with it, even your grandma would navigate it with ease.

You won’t find tons of frame designs here, you can only get a classic white one. Hereby, you’ll get to alter the frame to fit your pic ideally, which is great for horizontal shots and those of unusual size.

Plus, there are tons of filters you can add with just one tap. You may rather enhance the colors or give your pic a more vintage look, the options are endless. And it was all just a few clicks away!



If you’re longing for the days when instant cams were all the rage, you have to try out this app! It lets you capture memories and watch them magically develop right before your eyes. Like literally, the app mimics the way Polaroid cams work.

One of the coolest aspects of this one is the anticipation factor. After you’ve snapped your shot, you get to shake your phone and wait with giddy excitement for it to fully form. Sure, it may not be quite as tangible as holding an actual instant print in your hand, but it’s pretty darn close.

And let’s talk about the pics themselves: they truly are one-of-a-kind. As you may know, no instant cam pics are exactly alike, thanks to the film’s chemical reactions and the slightly unpredictable nature of the app’s processing. This means you’ll never get bored of looking through your cam roll since each one has its own special quirks.

Plus, with 10 films per day, you’ll be able to indulge in that genuine exp. You’ll think twice before snapping another lifeless selfie with these limits.


Polaroid Frame 

This little app lets you transform your snaps into charming Polaroid-style prints. Well, not prints in particular (although you can definitely set these to pricing), but your shots will get an ultimate vintage vibe with this one.

In fact, you can elevate the exp by editing the shot before applying the frame. It covers all the basic editing instruments that let you adjust the pics to your liking. You can crop them and add some filters for extra authenticity.

As for the frames, there are tons of options here, not just plain white ones. You can get a colorful or patterned one to match it with the style of the shot.

You’ll also surely appreciate how fast this app is. No need to wait forever for your photo to process or save. With just a single tap you can get a cool and retro-looking snap ready to get posted. No watermarks or paid tools here, everything is entirely free.



If you’re into vintage-looking pics, you know this app is one of the go-to options out there. It takes away all the struggles of tirelessly altering and retouching the shots trying to achieve an aesthetically vintage look.

This app lets you get the most realistic film shots with just a few clicks. And yes, it covers Polaroid styles as well. It presents the pics with a square film frame and retro scratch effect, so you get an IG-worthy snap right away.

In fact, it is capable of mimicking multiple film cams. Each one works great for certain situations, aka low light, and all that. It also comes with a built-in cam, so you could view the filter in real-time.

And don’t forget to add light leaks, grain, and all that for an ultimate cinematic look. You can also make a custom date stamp if needed. Plus, the post-office tool lets you send those straight to your mates’ home screens!


Lomopola Cam

This app lets you unleash your inner vintage-loving, retro cam-wielding self. It has everything you may need to give your snaps that flawless throwback look that will make all your mates envious.

First off, let’s talk filters. This app has over 25 options here, and all of these will take your shots to new heights. Want to give your pic a cool blue hue? Go for the frost ones. In the mood for a 70s vibe? There’s an option for that as well.

The app also boasts over 30 different light leaks, burns, and dust textures you could try. These will make your shots look like they were captured on old-school film, complete with the imperfections and character that only analog cams can provide.

And speaking of analog, the frames are so realistic, you’ll swear you’re looking at an Instax print! These cute frames will give your snaps that extra touch of nostalgia that will make you feel like you’re flipping through an old photo album.


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This is the app to go for vintage vibes and retro aesthetics. It covers splendid analog film qualities and over 50 retro film filters, so you can easily transform your snaps into masterpieces that capture the essence of old-time caps.

The app’s attention to detail and its old fuji-style design will make you feel like a pro retro photographer, even if you’re just using your phone’s cam. You get over 60 light leaks and other textures to add a touch of nostalgia and cherish to your snaps.

But it’s not just about filters and effects, it’s also about storytelling. The app covers over 50 frames to mimic the ones retro pics used to have. These make your shots look like a part of a vintage story.

From classic black and white to colorful retro ones, each frame will add a unique touch to your shot. Plus, the app updates its presets frequently, so you can always expect fresh and exciting new tools.



It’s the kind of up you should use to up your IG game. It’s not necessarily made for Polaroid frames, but you can surely achieve this look with this app. The app covers over 200 unique templates to use for your stories, and there are tons of vintage ones.

What’s great about this one is that it’s easy for everyone to use. You don’t need to spend hours learning graphic design to make smth amazing here. Simply add your snaps, change shades (or don’t), and voila! You’ve made a pro-quality design that will impress and grow your subs.

In fact, you can skip altering the template entirely if it sits right with you from the beginning. There are tons of courses for inspo here, and if you’re still looking for your style when it comes to IG, this app will help you find it.

You can also get a pro version with even more designs and fonts, but the free one has more than enough for an average user. You can also make your own templates and save them for further use.



That’s another app made for IG stories, but it boasts some major vintage vibes too. If you need a tool to get creative with and that won’t bother you with tough functionality, that’s a great option.

It covers a vast scope of fully editable templates for you to use. You can use a search bar to find smth specific, so getting a Polaroid one won’t be a problem. Make sure to save these for easy finding, though.

Plus, there are tons of ready-made letterings and stickers from regularly updated packs, so feel free to get wild here. And if you want smth entirely unique, you can make custom layouts for further use.

The app coves numerous design elements to elevate your snaps. It covers all the popular resolutions, not only ones made for stories. It can even work with vids and GIFs if needed. And it’s a true gem in case you like to make all sorts of collages.



This app is a treat for all the IG buffs out there. It covers a vast scope of layouts and has a plethora of filters and other tools for you to make a cool pic. It really has it all, from captions to bgs, so you’re all the way covered.

This app is a go-to tool to make your snaps more engaging and creative. Does it let you get that aesthetic Polaroid look? Yes, it does. But do you have to do some digging and search for it? Absolutely.

You can easily grab the layout, add your snaps and use it without changing anything else. But if you’re in the right mood and have time, you have all the powers to make a unique shot.

Another tool you’ll find yourself lost in is the feed planer. It lets you schedule your posts to get an aesthetically pleasing feed. There are numerous pre-made layouts for it as well, so you can get it done with minimal effort.


Dazz Cam 

This app is an absolute gem for those who love a vintage look of snaps from the 80s and want to recreate it digitally. It takes inspiration from film cams of the 80s and does a brilliant job of restoring the color, texture, and noise of it.

You’ll love the way your snaps turn out, complete with interesting light leak FX and more. It’s like having a time machine in your pocket! The app is loaded with a host of other tools that make it even more essential for IG buffs.

For starters, you can take two pics and superimpose them for an edgy look. You can also set a self-timer, which is great if you’re taking a group snap or trying to get that ideal shot of yourself.

It can even help you take shots in low-light conditions if needed. And there are diverse flash colors to get even more creative. All the basics aka the exposure are covered too, and there’s even a fisheye lens to add a fun twist.


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Finally, we have an app to fulfill all your aesthetic girlie needs. It’s all about making vibey shots that look like they’ve taken hours of editing. Although it’s not incredibly easy to operate, an average user is more than capable of figuring it out.

It also covers tons of frames, including the ones mimicking analog cams. Plus, there’s a Super 8 option and a VCR one, and all look like the real thing. It takes one tap to add a frame, and you can alter your snaps after that to achieve an edgy look.

The app covers over 40 presets for all kinds of styles. From vintage to moody vibes, there’s smth for everyone here. There are also tons of retro effects aka flames, subs, and all that.

You can use the app to make cool stories, too. There are tons of layouts that are fully adjustable to your liking here. Most of these are free, so no worries.