11 Best Dating Apps for Single Parents

Being a single parent can be tough, especially when it comes to finding the time to date. Between shuttling kids to school, packing lunch boxes, and doing laundry (let’s not forget about the endless piles of it), it’s easy to forget to make time for yourself.

And that’s why our list of the best dating apps for single parents has come to the rescue. With these apps, you can easily connect with other single parents who understand the joys and struggles of raising a child alone.

These apps are gems for new moms looking for a trustworthy partner or those who’ve already raised their kids and finally found some time for themselves. With these, you can connect with potential partners without having to leave the comfort of your home (or kids, for that matter). Let’s get into it!


If you can’t deal with mainstream dating apps because mentioning your kids makes you disappear in a puff of smoke, this app is for you. This exclusive platform is for single parents, with a friendly UI that’ll have you finding a match quicker than a wink.

Now, hold your horses, the free version of this app may have fewer bells and whistles than the paid one. But hey, can you really put a price tag on meeting someone who’s basically sailing in the same boat as you? Nah, didn’t think so!

But let’s talk about the superpowers of this app. Need to squeeze in dates during specific times? No sweat! Just add free time to your acc, and voilà! You’ll see when others are available too. It’s like fitting puzzle pieces into your jam-packed schedule!

It also respects your dating goals. Whether you’re up for a rollicking rollercoaster or a love that’s steady as a rock, you’ll find someone who’s on the same page. Oh, and they’ve got this cool option where you can warm up with phone or video dates before the grand meetup. The app knows life can be a bit nuts when you’re a single parent, and it’s got your back.


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Whether you’re seeking a pro in parenting or a brave soul willing to embark on the adventure, navigating dating apps can be daunting. But this app’s got your online dating hustle covered – no guesswork involved.

Unlike others, this one caters exclusively to folks open to dating parents. Many users sign up because they’re proud parents, searching for a partner who vibes with that lifestyle. And hey, there are even child-free peeps open to joining a blended family!

The UI is smooth and user-friendly! Profiles give you all the deets on potential matches – kids, their desire for more, and even if they’re cool with adoption. Plus, filter your searches to show peeps in the right age range, nearby, or with similar interests.

Now, let’s keep it real – this app, while great, is a bit more exclusive. The user base isn’t as massive, but hey, that’s a good thing! Everyone on the app is truly interested in dating someone with kids, increasing your chances of finding genuine compatibility.

Best of all, it is absolutely free! No paid packs or sketchy purchases here. Ideal for those of you dipping your toes back into the dating pool without breaking the bank.



This app is a gem for single parents navigating the daunting world of dating. With all its tools, finding love, friendship, and companionship is a walk in the park (or a swipe).

One of the main perks of this one is an AI icebreaker. It saves you from the dreaded blank screen of awkwardness. Just give it a keyword, and voila! Three flirty and fun messages magically appear. Need an up that keyword for a fresh batch of icebreakers! Oh, and the app remembers your recent picks so that amazing conversation starter is always just a tap away.

The app knows the single-parent struggle, so you’ll only browse accs and chat with matches who get it. No more swiping through clueless users.

And the cherry on top? The free version of this one is already pretty cool. You get to make an acc and chat with matches without shelling out a dime. But hey, for the real dating pros out there, there’s a paid version with even more goodies to level up your game.



Dating can be quite a challenge if you’re a single parent. Between work, kids, and trying to maintain a social life, it feels like finding love is mission impossible. But hold up, cause this app is here to save the day!

It’s like your own superhero made for single parents to meet and connect in a safe and welcoming environment. Say bye to those painfully awkward conversations where you awkwardly bring up the fact that you have kids. With this one, you can be your fabulous self right from the start (and hey, feel free to gush about your kids too!).

Now, here’s the kicker: it not only has an incredibly friendly vibe, but the UI is so efficient, that it’s practically tailor-made for super busy single mums and dads. Oh, did we mention it’s absolutely free to discover accs near you and chat with other singles?

But let’s be real, safety comes first in the world of online dating. Luckily, this app has your back here too. All accs are 100% moderated and verified. Plus, there’s a team of trusty moderators keeping an eye out for your well-being.

Now, let’s talk about the magic of connection. Detailed accs give genuine insights into potential matches, and fun questions about your home life guarantee you’ll find like-minded partners.



This app is made solely for those who have been previously married or have children, making it the perfect place to mingle and find your next love.

One thing that sets it apart is its impressive search syst. With an abundance of filters, you can modify your acc and prefs to ensure you’re finding the right fit. The matching algorithm gets the job done well, too.

Another perk of this one is its commitment to safety and anonymity. With verified accs and a secure platform, you can feel confident that you’re connecting with real people and not falling victim to any online scams or catfishing. And if you prefer to keep things private, you can remain completely anonymous until you feel comfortable revealing your identity.

Sure, the annual membership may be on the pricier side, but can you really put a price on finding love and companionship? Plus, with a small user base specifically tailored to your needs, your chances of finding the right connection are higher than ever.


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Coffee Meets Bagel 

Here’s an app that goes beyond surface-level swiping. It is tailored for those seeking long-term commitments and meaningful connections, so you can be sure that every match you get is worth your time.

Now, it’s not for single parents specifically, but you can easily disclose that you, already have kids and would like to find those who are ok with that. And that’s all thanks to in-depth bios. You’ll know if someone is on the same wavelength about important topics like kids and relationship goals. Plus, the accs are sleek and easy to navigate. You’ll get to know your matches before you even say “hello”!

The standout feature? Personalized matches are served daily, just for you! Based on your prefs and behavior, the app curates a tailored list that gets better over time.

There’s also a 7-day chat limit that keeps things serious and banishes ghosting. Pick your fave way to chat and make meaningful connections that last. Whether you’re into curated matches, exploring on your own, or diving straight into the ones who already like you, this app lets you do that.



Although this app is surely not for everyone, there’s a large pool of those who may find it worthy of trying. We’re talking about you, fellow silver foxes and vixens. This app is made solely for individuals over the age of 50. At this point, you’re kind of expected to have kids or be okay to enter a family with them.

With a low monthly fee, it offers an in-depth personality test and self-guided search options to help you find your match. And let’s be honest, we all know that compatibility is key to a successful relationship. You can even upload your FB pics directly to your acc, because let’s face it, we all look our best in those vacation pics.

Speaking of compatibility, you get 3-7 highly compatible matches daily, with access to complete dating accs. No more wasting time on a first date only to realize that you have nothing in common (cue the awkward silence).

But don’t worry, if you’re still a little shy, you can start off by sending smiles and likes, or even icebreakers. And if you’re feeling confident, you can use an open search to look through even more accs.


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This app is a fantastic option for anyone in the quest for a serious relationship, and it’s especially dandy for single parents who need a secure and trustworthy platform to find love.

The app stands out with its attention to detail in profiles. Whether you’re a busy parent with a jam-packed schedule or just want to ensure your potential matches share your interests, it lets you make an acc that’s as captivating as your charming self.

What makes it even cooler is its compatibility tool. By matching you with folks who dig what you dig, you’re more likely to find that special someone you can vibe with. Plus, there’s a secure messaging system to chat safely – you’ll be waltzing through the world of online dating like a pro.

Plus, the app goes above and beyond to ensure your virtual dating experience is top-notch. With pic verification, background checks, and other nifty safety features, you can trust that you’re talking to genuine individuals. But it isn’t just for single parents. It’s a real gem for those seeking a serious relationship with successful or attractive people from all corners of the globe.



This tried, and true app has been around for ages, and for good reason. Its impressive stats speak for themselves, boasting a high success rate in making forever matches. But what sets it apart from the rest is its commitment to safety and maintaining a high-quality dating pool.

No one wants to spend time on catfishers and scammers when you don’t really have much time to spend on dating apps, right? Well, it won’t be an issue with this one. And don’t mistake it for a standard mainstream app, alright? It’s not about quick connections and hookups at all.

Plus, with this one, you won’t just be meeting someone at random. The app suggests potential dates with a boatload of criteria in mind, considering your prefs and lifestyle. And if you’re ever dissatisfied with the matchmaking process, it has your back with three months of free service.

It’s also a nice way to meet single parents in your area. Finally, a dating app that understands the unique challenges and joys of raising kids on your own.



If your goal is to find someone as quickly as possible, this may be just the app for you. With its top-notch behavioral technology, you can trust that it will pair you up with someone who’ll give you heart-eyes without fail. And with over 80 countries and 25 languages in its arsenal, it is one of the most diverse dating apps on the market.

But the real kicker for single parents is the app’s search filter for kid counts. Let’s face it – being a parent is a huge part of who you are, and this app recognizes that. So, don’t be afraid to disclose your number of offspring on your acc.

What seals the deal for single parents is the myriad of tools available. You can show off your interests, hobbies, and lifestyle while simultaneously finding a match who shares those same values. And let’s not forget the toolbox given to users to help them find their one true love.

All of these perks and tools, and the cherry on top – affordability. There’s a vast scope of tools for a rather low monthly fee. And the free version is fully usable, too.


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Lastly, we have an app for those over the age of 30 and ready to find someone serious. It caters to the professional crowd, specifically those who are seeking long-term, committed relationships.

One of the standout aspects of this app is the in-depth personality test that each user takes. This survey takes personal values, lifestyle, and goals into account to ensure that each match is highly compatible. Plus, the app even includes future planning specifics, like whether or not you want to have children.

You can also disclose if you have kids and point out if you’re okay with your potential partners having them, too. It lets you skip all the awkward questions and sort out those who won’t be a good match after all. The app gives you up to 7 daily matches that they believe are highly compatible with you.

You’ll get to view accs of your matches to get to know them on a deeper level before making any moves. Speaking of it, it’s rather easy to show interest in someone here by sending smiles and likes.