11 Best Warez BB Legal Alternatives

You may know what is Warez-BB if you have ever wanted to download a game, some music or literally movie for free. It’s usually anonymous and safe to install.

Unfortunately, this website has been down a long while. It has been difficult to find the same free software or a film that time.

However, there are lots of alternatives now which are simple to use and to help you with finding and choosing a better one we have collected the list of the best Warez BB legal Alternatives. We will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of those programs, their interface, and their aspects.

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Such programs like Warez or Files Tube are considered like illegal for software, music, film file. So content makers are trying to block them and they have success in this, but the main problem for them is that it is so easy to make new ones as it is impossible to block them all.

1. SearchShared

The first program that is opening our list is SearchShared. Global browsing gives you responses from the biggest and most popular websites on the internet.

Working with such big certified companies like Media Fire, Rapidgator, Speedy Share, Deposit Files, and Rapid Share, SearchShared obliges fastly giving you only tested websites with the best answers.

Its lovely interface helps you navigate on the platform.


You can even select a file-sharing server starting with Up To Box and ending with Google Drive which is so comfortable.

One of the main disadvantages of this service is that it does not have any filters for browsing files, so it would be a bit hard to find the thing you wanted without them.

After all of this, we can say that Search Shared is one of the most reliable and fast browsing file repositories on the Internet.

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2. DllDump

The next interesting site is DllDump. Why is it interesting?! Okay, firstly it is one of the biggest archives with free to download .dll files. Managers are ready to help you with any problems with their files if you have some or you are always able to ask your question to the same users like you who have faced such problem on its forum. Files are fully available and safe.

The website has quite an old style, but it doesn’t disturb its helpfulness. Because DllDump.com helped so many people with their Windows problems with the absence of some necessary data.

Besides all websites, you can see organized filters for each of the .dll files that the site offers to be downloaded. You can browse .dll files it offers that begin with the letter you may choose.

Using DllDump you would not have any problems in such an area anymore because probably anyone who is using or has ever used Windows could face such a problem and this website is your best solution, so use it and enjoy.

3. AIO Search

The third website we are going to review is AIO Search. Saying about comfortable browsing, this app would be one of the best because it has a huge number of filters, tabs, and categories to find what you wanted rapidly. It has a modern and minimalistic style which makes your time spending there pleasant.


At the top of all website has nice features:

  • You can tune categories and filters how you want to personalize them in the list.
  • The next good feature as we think is that you can add your own personalized categories to the list and browse with them.
  • Arrange Sites list and categories with easy drag and drop form.
  • All settings will be saved in your account, so you would be able to use them on your PC, mobile phone, and website.
  • AIO Search works with Google web. It makes it fast and trustworthy.

Also having lots of tools you can torrent files on the same one page or use another tools from the tabs.

Browsing with AIO Search can make it favorable and snug.

4. Birdload

Another good service is Birdload. Easy to upload, download, share and manage files. It is one of the best cheap cloud storage, so you choosing it you would be glad of the result. Especially if you work with lots of files saving there them and managing in Birdload would save you a lot of time.

Moreover, you can use Birdload as cross-platform storage for your data which you can use any time and anywhere.


Lots of people shared their comments and expressions about the site and most of them are positive. People write that really great amount of memory is available for free and if you want more, so a Premium account costs a little. However, managers in Birdload are fairly slow and you need to wait about a week to get a response from them.

Finally, website is fully safe to use and you don’t need to be in fear about your files as security and privacy are reliable. So Birdload is verified website for working with big files, recommend a lot.

5. Entireweb

The same as AIO Search Entireweb has pretty elementary and cool view. As the name says itself, you can browse entire web fastly on this page.

The best about this app is that you can find anything you want but only from propitious websites. There are so many fishing websites or viruses.


You can suddenly go to such a website, thinking that it is actually real, and leave there your information or download something. And you are hacked. This why services like Entireweb make your time on the Internet safe and comfortable. You will not go to the wrong one. Your information won’t go to hackers.

It is easily understandable and has a simple view. And its own filters would help you find the file you want selecting only suitable to your request replies. You can look for a site and find out official is it or no, it is so easy to use and free, so if you have never tried it, you are free to try.

6. Searx

Searx – is a secure website with a solid license. It doesn’t share your story or personal information, like passwords, logins, or IP with anyone. So you can feel safe and anonymous there.

Each link is verified and sends you to the official site. Managers and the program itself checking all information you can download or look for. It except suspicious and dangerous sources.


On the first page, we have just browsing line and advanced settings more optional researches. And what more do you need for searches? Page does not contain any other information that can confuse you.

You can browse the entire Internet, respond to separate browsers, like Google, Wikipedia, Yahoo, Reddit, etc. It means that this simple tool can help you move from site to site, from browser to browser in just a few clicks. This is why so many people are using Searx.

As it works with Google, you do not need to wait a lot for responding to your request as it is very fast. And all the websites are sorted based on the browsing text and advanced settings. So you will be able to find information in just a moment.

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7. SearchFTPS

Known as NAPALM FTP Indexer, SearchFTPS is not a complicated thing for browsing files in open ftp servers. There you can download anything you want, starting from music, film, cartoons and ending with real games and software.

You can join and add your own projects to this huge library of free data just by opening your own open ftp server and loading there almost everything. Except for deleterious viruses which can harm someone’s computer or phone.


Being reliable and fast to find it is so powerful. Program with a team of managers checks every server successfully for you not to catch a bad virus. As SearchFTPS team wants to make their app site fully safe and cozy. It is extremely hard to make your product so safe, but their team is doing it super well.

The administrator is open to everyone and you can write him about your problems with his site or any suggestions, questions. And the main thing is that it is free to use. This great storage of different files just in your pocket. Fantastic, isn’t it?

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8. Mega Search

Here in Mega Search you can nicely spend your time by downloading and using music, books, movies, games, and software. Service is really big and popular. It has a cozy interface with browsing tools in the toolbar, many categories of types of files. You can use it to find what you have desired to have in an extremely short period of time for you not to waste your precious time.


Fortunately, it is all free and open for everyone. You can try to upload your files but you need to sign up to do it. We do not think that you can have any problems with it because it will take you 1-2 minutes to do.

The interface of the website can give you pleasure using it. It is colorful and simple. So you may not have any problems with using it.

Mega Search team says that their researches are very secure to make. They are trying to keep their clients feeling conveniently on their platform.

9. SearchFiles

Advanced instrument of searching files on the Internet with lots of options. Service provides you fast approach to the file you want without visiting the website. This option is really good because if you will visit it yourself you can accidentally download something bad for your computer or click the ad, but SearchFiles clever system does not make any mistakes in its work.


It is using Google responses and big platforms like Mega, Mediafire, uptobox, Uploaded, and much more.

Like some websites from this list, SearchFiles does not have really plummy view, but it is still quite satisfactory.

10. Rapid-Search-Engine

Rapid-Search-Engine is a tool for rapid searches on the safe Internet. It collects all information shared on the global Internet, on ftp servers, various platforms, big and small websites. Getting a response is happening instantly fast.

  • It has out of number amount of files in databases that are free and easy to download.
  • They search files from Mega, Rapidator, Rapidshare, MediaFire, etc.
  • Files do not have malware because they get data from platforms that check files themselves.
  • About the interface, it is plenty boring and not catchy at all.

Whatever, browsing there is a really good choice of getting your information rapidly, so as a file browser this app shows real good result.

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11. UVRX

UVRX is another safe website that searches files from Google responses. Here you can download data from all open FTP servers all around the world on the Internet for legal use only. Also, you can share your things with others.


Ftp servers go through strict checks for administrators to be confident about it. Safety is the most common and main thing in such sites and the Internet at all. Especially in such platforms, their browsing instruments can be the same but the quality of its safety is the most important thing why people can choose exactly this or that program.

UVRX has an original and easy navigational design that is so pure. Website view is not the main thing why you need to choose a certain site, but agree that is a really big plus to the system.

UVRX gives you results from Media Fire, Depositfiles, Easy Share, Shared Zilla, Divshare, Zshare, and other trusted platforms. It has its storage which collects a huge amount of information.

At the end of all, it is your choice to choose what would be better for you and we would be glad to help you make it with our list. Some websites are quite different and specific, so you can choose more than one to use.

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