Velocibox Game Review

To understand what Velocibox is, just think of the Battletoads turbotunnels. And, if you already remembered, now speed it up considerably. And make it multidimensional, so you avoid obstacles not on one plane, but on all four. And make the obstacles move in unpredictable ways.

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And have the levels change every time so you can’t memorize them or learn them. And add death by a single blow. And add lots of flashing lights and a pulsing electronic soundtrack to make everything seem even more overwhelming.

The creators of Velocibox set themselves the interesting task of making a very simple, very complex game – it starts off with such an insanely high degree of difficulty that it’s hard to get into it at all.

No sooner are you shown the basic mechanics of the game (you control a cube rushing endlessly through a tunnel) than you die, die, and die again. It’s not like, say, Cosmophony, where you could at least build up the necessary muscle memory by gradually going through each level.

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No, here you die from the beginning and then die again when the game changes.

This aspect of the game brings up a storm of conflicting emotions and a barrage of gameplay criticism, but not everything has to go according to plan, does it? Here you are guaranteed to get an emotional shake-up that will excite you for a long time to come.

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