5 Best Fake Image Detector Apps (Android & iOS)

Do you ever come across a viral image that seems almost too good to be true? With the rise of editing software, it’s easy for pics to be altered and depict smth that never actually happened. Not to mention all the fake selfies on socials and dating apps!

Luckily, we’ve rounded up the best fake image detector apps you could try. These apps use advanced algorithms to detect any alterations or image enhancements that have been done.

These spot any suspicious activity right away and show you all the editing, too. Plus, the apps let you identify the source of an image, so you’ll never get fooled or catfished again. Let’s get into it!

Google Lens

Have you ever been suspicious of a photo someone sent you online? Yeah, we’ve all been there, unfortunately. So if you ever had someone slide into your DMs with a selfie that just seems too good to be true, you need to try this app.

It’s s seriously a lifesaver when it comes to identifying fake images. Not only can it help you identify whether an image is real or fake, but it also has tons of other features that are seriously impressive. For instance, it can find similar pics to make sure some person isn’t catfishing you (or does).

What you’ll love about this app is how easy it is to use. The UI is clean and simple, and the features are all super intuitive. You’ll be able to get answers to all your questions incredibly quickly.

Plus, it has this incredible ability to copy and translate text using just your cam. No more fumbling around with translation apps: just point and click, and you’re good to go. But that’s not all: the app can also identify plants and animals, and even scan QR codes. It’s like having a super-powered cam right in your pocket!


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Photo Sherlock 

Can you even recall how many times you’ve stumbled on a pic online and wondered if it was real? Does it really show what it claims to? Or is it just a cleverly crafted fake? Not to mention all these pics people send you on dating apps or IG: you can never be sure if someone is trying to trick you or not.

That’s where this app comes in. It lets you do a reverse search on images and check the truth for yourself. It’s like having a personal investigator verify the authenticity of pics at the touch of a button. You’ll also get to search for a person by photo.

The app’s custom cam lets you snap pics quickly and easily, or you can pick an image from your cam roll. From there, you can search by image with different search engines to get the best results. Don’t want to search the whole thing? That’s okay, you can crop it to remove unwanted regions and rotate it to the right orientation before starting your search.

The app automatically reduces the image size to provide a fast search experience, so you don’t have to wait long to get your results. And when you do get those results, the app’s built-in web browser makes it convenient to navigate between the pages with backward, forward, and reload page actions.



Tired of seeing perfect pics that may not be so perfect after all? Do you want to uncover the truth behind those flawless images? Give this app a try, then! It is a game-changer for anyone who wants to find out if a pic has been edited with just one click.

It’s easy to use and provides you with instant results. Simply upload the image you want to check, and the app will analyze it to see if any editing has been done. The app’s state-of-the-art algorithm is capable of detecting even the most subtle changes to a photo, meaning you’ll get accurate results every time. The UI is super simple, you’ll find out how to use it in literal secs.

But it doesn’t stop there! The app goes beyond just detecting edits. It also gives you an explanation of what has been altered in the pic, so you know exactly what you’re looking at. This tool is ideal for anyone who wants to improve their photo literacy and learn more about how images are manipulated.


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Image Analysis Toolset – IAT

This app is packed with tools that make it super easy to analyze pics. First of all, it is able to identify any element in your pic and search for any info about it. Impressive, right? It’s awesome how it supports a wide range of categories, ranging from inanimate objects to plants and animals.

Plus, there’s a tool that searches the web for similar images and related web pages, giving you the related links and all that. It also shows all the matching and visually similar images (if available). It’s incredibly useful if you want to check if the selfie that has been sent to you is real or not.

You can even save the respective links or the image files. It’s super convenient and saves me a ton of time. Plus, there’s a face insight tool that you’ll surely appreciate. It can detect multiple faces within an image, along with the associated facial attributes and emotions. You can even compare faces to determine the resemblance level. The app can even point out the age range of people, and it also identifies celebs.


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Have you ever come across an image and wondered where it came from or where else it has been used? This app will answer all your questions. It has a range of tools that make reverse image searches a breeze.

First off, it is able to search web pages displaying a certain image. Say goodbye to hours spent scrolling through search results! With this app, you can simply crop and rotate the pic for accurate results, and even search for a higher-resolution version of it.

Another cool thing is that you can easily search for someone’s acc on socials. It takes literal secs and you get all the matching profiles. Simply use the editor to crop and rotate the profile pic, and the app will do the rest. It makes it too easy to check if some pics are fake or not.

But that’s not all: you can also save pics from the web and use the app inside other apps with. The app also helps to navigate through your cam roll. It’s free to use, and the amount of ads is not too overwhelming.