11 Best Construction Worker Games for Android & iOS

Have you ever dreamt of creating your own house? Or, maybe, a whole city? Did you like construction games back when you were a child?

To be honest, we all love construciton games, because they allow us to be creative, feel powerful, and see how our fantasies come true. What is more, there is a lot of cool construction games on the market nowadays, so picking up the best one might be difficult.

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In the list down below we have chosen the best construction games for your PC so hurry up to check them out!

1. SimCity BuildIt

SimCity BuildIt is your small town that will give you time to relax and escape from the daily hustle and bustle. In another way, the game can be called pocket Muriel.

In this game, the mechanics are quite simple, and the process is certainly short-lived. Here you earn currency and develop production facilities. The game itself focuses on the need to invest in production and extract new resources.

To start the game, you will need to find a place in the city and build it for a new residential area. The app decided to limit the addition of new residents, so only 4 city services were added – sewerage, garbage, energy, and water supply.


The game has everything for the user – a dynamic city, small investments at each level, specialized buildings, medium-term goals, and increased monotony of work.

The game has a pretty nice interface, it looks very similar to the famous game The Sims. The app is quite nice, it also has a change of time, weather, and time of year. All this fuss and creating your own city can distract you from work, calm you down after a hard day at work, or just help you pass the time in the queue.

Reviews of this application are quite good, many users give high ratings and recommend the game. Of course, there are also problems for some players, such as: excessive demand in the global market, poor tax calculation and a tendency to donate.



  • Good graphics
  • The size of the city corresponds to the computer version of the game
  • A wide variety of buildings


  • There are no statistics for the city
  • Slow development

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2. Fallout Shalter

Fallout Shelter is a fairly popular game from the company that gave us a pretty good and interesting series of Fallout games. Now they also decided to surprise us and released a mobile version of the game about creating your own bunker.


You take on the role of the caretaker of the shelter, your main task is to equip your bunker so that you can provide your residents with food and water, maintain electricity and protect them from attacks by looters and all sorts of creatures.

There are many quests in the game where you can get useful resources, animals, weapons, clothing, and even robot helpers to help you in collecting resources. You can also build a radio station to find new residents for your shelter.

The game also has a collection of special characters that you can collect if you want. In addition, your subordinates have a level of happiness, you must give the sad residents a rest, recuperate, or give them special animals that will bring them happiness.

And another rather unusual feature of the game is the feelings between your characters, the girls can get pregnant and bring new wards to your shelter, who, as they grow up, will help in the extraction of resources and in sorties for outside.


The game has a rather unusual interface, people playing the computer version of the game will understand that the whole style is taken from an item called “Peep-Boy”. This unusual style helped the app to break into the top and become one of the most popular games in this genre.

Reviews of the game are all positive, every user recommends this game, and people who have played the original Fallout series will be absolutely delighted with the game.


  • Great visual style
  • The monetization model is not too aggressive


  • The game gets boring quickly
  • Slow development without investing money
  • Optimization leaves much to be desired

3. Megapolis

Megapolis is a pretty good app created by Social Quantum. This is an economic game in which you have to build your own metropolis and maintain your infrastructure in perfect order. At the moment, this is the most popular application in this genre.

After registering in the game, you can start building your own city. To start your construction of the metropolis, we want to give you tips:

After activation, the game gives you $5 every day, so try to get rid of it, do not rush to buy new buildings, because after passing them you can buy buildings for ordinary dollars, not mega dollars. You can also exchange rare things with your neighbors, the more you give, the more chances that you will get what you need.


Give rare things to your neighbors to always have support in extreme cases and the more gifts you give them, the more you will get. Approach the construction of buildings wisely, calculate the materials and observe more objects in the vicinity of the city.

This will allow you not to spend money and choose gifts for others according to their level. And, most importantly, don’t try to hack the game, as it is an online version.

The game has a pretty nice interface, but sometimes it hurts your eyes that all the objects are quite small, and sometimes it is inconvenient to click on certain buildings, but despite this, the application has quite nice colors that look pretty good, and do not cause discomfort during use


The game has quite positive reviews, practically all users are happy with this game and recommend it to other players. The only drawback that many people highlight is how we described a rather inconvenient interface, which sometimes causes some discomfort.


  • Lots of possibilities
  • Many tasks
  • A wide range of possibilities


  • Objects are small

4. Bit City

Beat City is a pretty good pixel game that will drag you on for a long time. Here you will build your own unusual city.


The mechanics of this game are very similar to the symbiosis of clicker and economic strategy. Initially, you have only three tasks, namely: one resembles a bank, the second relates to the city hall and the management of the overall development of the city, and the third resembles a huge parking lot.

Pumping each element provides you with a growing budget, thanks to which you can invest in whatever you want. You can build a new building on vacant lots, but there are some problems, such as you only have three areas to choose from: providing the population with living space, developing infrastructure, and providing jobs.

Another feature is that each new building will be more expensive than the previous ones. In short, Bit city is a wonderful clock which, thanks to gradually developing progress, simply can not get bored.

The game has a rather unusual interface, it is a pixel city. The application received a pretty good and interesting design of the locations, high-quality graphics in pseudo-pixel performance, good animation and quite a decent soundtrack.


Reviews of the app are quite good, almost all users speak well about the game and advise you to immerse yourself in this unusual world. It’s perfect for killing time or just passing the time while waiting for something to happen.


  • Lots of possibilities
  • Unusual design
  • Great gameplay

5. Dungeon Village

Dungeon Village is a pretty and unusual pixel game about creating your own village from the company Kairosoft. The game is an amazing world in which you can build not just a small village, but also a point for the most daring and ambitious heroes.

In addition to building your own city, you will also be able to participate in adventurous wars, kill monsters and earn money from it. You can build training centers such as magic labs and battle schools to boost your village’s popularity and hone the skills of your own warriors.


The main goal of the game is to build a village and attract heroes and lead them in battles with monsters located on the outskirts of the area. To attract heroes, it is necessary to hold events that attract attention and fame from the outside, and it is also necessary to improve the village by building new buildings.

The game has a rather nice and unusual design, all this pixelation complements the game, making it so unusual, which is why you want to spend more and more time in it. The app is very bright and attractive. In the field of pixel graphics, Kairosoft has been practicing this for a long time.

Reviews of the application are positive, everyone is happy with this game, literally all users who have encountered this game are ready to recommend it to every person who uses a mobile phone.



  • Unusual graphics
  • Lots of quests
  • Interesting gameplay


  • Game freezes

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6. Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans is a game that everyone has probably heard of, but it’s been pushed out of the market due to new apps, so I think it’s worth talking about. This is one of the first and most successful games from Supercell.

In Clash of Clans, you will have to build your own village and fortify it with all sorts of weapons from the attacks of other players. The game begins with a training session, in which you are shown how the main development will take place, and with whom you will have to fight.


To maintain the village and build new buildings and structures, you will need elixir and gold, and in the future, also black elixir. You can mine resources either through special buildings, such as elixir stations or a gold mine, or knock them out from other players by attacking them with your wars.

The game also has a separate game currency in the form of crystals, you will need them to quickly build or improve a building, or buy unusual things to decorate the village, remove unnecessary things from the territory, such as stones and trees. In addition to the usual things, you can buy a special shield so that you can’t be attacked by other players


The game has a rather unusual interface, it resembles the graphics of cartoons, because of this, it can be recommended for both children and adults. The colors are quite pleasant and gentle, which is why it is nice to be in the game and the eyes get less load.

The game has very good reviews, diligent development and an observant team from Supercell always add something new to the game and fix bugs, so every user is happy with this application.


  • Good graphics
  • Active support
  • Multiplayer mode
  • A lot of different tasks

7. SUBURBIA City Building Game

Suburbia is a pretty good city planning simulator game designed for 2-4 players. This application is somewhat similar to monopoly.

In the game, participants compete with each other to see which of them will build the most attractive city for the residents. To build the coolest metropolis, they invest new tokens every time, trying to increase their income and reputation.


This income can bring them money to buy new tokens and reputation-new residents. During the game, participants go through three-time phases, with each phase the tokens become more specialized and more expensive — thus, the game simulates the eternal difficulties of suburban growth. The winner is the one who has the largest number of inhabitants by the end of the game.

The game has a rather unusual interface, it is very similar to the famous game monopoly. The colors are well chosen, which helps a lot during the game, namely, reduces the load on the eyes


Reviews of the game are quite good, every user praises it for its unusual gameplay. This app is perfect for having a good time with your friends.


  • Interesting gameplay
  • Lets you have a good time with your friends


  • Few modes available

8. The Battle of Polytopia

TheoTown is a city planning simulator, it is this game that can be considered the successor of the computer game Simcity, even the graphics and interface look the same. The main feature of the game is that it moves only when you are in it. This concept is taken from old apps from the 2000s.

This is a very interesting feature, it is not in other games of this plan so that you can pick up all the bonuses in 10 minutes and get out, here you will have to improve the buildings in your city in real-time and build new ones. With each change in your metropolis, its status, village, suburb, city, etc. also changes.


The whole game is about balancing on the edge. Sooner or later, problems will start, and everything will start to fall apart.

Yes, the game does not look very good from the point of view of graphics, and in itself, it is not very friendly — there is a very short training, you have to learn a lot through many attempts and mistakes. But it is worth your attention, and believe me, you will fall in love with it.


The interface in the game is quite simple, we would even say not very, but this is normal, the application decided to take the graphics, very similar to the games of that time, so that people who lived in 2000 could return to their childhood for a while.

Reviews of the app are positive, people like the concept of the game, and the fact that it is not like the others, but, as we said above, many are not satisfied with the graphics, but this, as they say, is for the amateur.


  • Great gameplay
  • Interesting chips


  • Poor graphics

9. The Simpsons: Tapped Out

The Simpsons: Tapped Out is an equally interesting project based on the famous cartoon ‘The Simpsons’.

The game begins with Homer blowing up a nuclear power plant due to his incompetence at work, and now you have to restore Springfield from the garbage that Homer turned it into. After the introduction, you are given to restore the Simpson family home, after which your construction of the city begins.


You build and restore buildings from the TV series of the same name. To build new buildings and houses, you will need money that you can earn as a profit from the buildings that you have already managed to build.

In addition to money, the game has its own separate currency, ‘donuts’, which serve you to speed up the construction of buildings, speed up the completion of a quest or’ debt’, or to buy premium items.

Unfortunately, without donuts, the game becomes very difficult, boring, and monotonous, they greatly affect the entire gameplay of the game. A separate feature that can be highlighted is the interaction with the characters you get with the buildings, which is quite unusual for this kind of game.


The interface in the game is quite nice, it is completely copied from the cartoon. The colors are well chosen, which allows you to comfortably stay in the application, and the eyes do not get a lot of load.

Reviews of the game are positive, everyone likes this app, the only thing that users complain about is a large amount of donat.


  • Good graphics
  • Interesting gameplay


  • Lots of fees
  • Quickly gets boring

10. Pocket Build

Pocket Build is a relaxing sandbox game, allowing your creativity to freely maintain and navigate the difficulty levels as low or high as you want. This game may surprise you, from the very beginning you get not a simple house, but a whole medieval town with its excellent infrastructure.

And you can increase and improve it to the limit. The creators of the game have provided many options for construction, from small fences to hefty islands in the middle of the ocean.


The app has everything you need to build your dream city: towers, bridges, houses, roads, trees, farms. There are only two types of resources in the game: wood and food. They may end sooner or later, so do not forget to develop agriculture and plant new forests.

Pocket Build is suitable for everyone where you will find an atmosphere of kindness and tranquility. Spending time in such a place is a pleasure. The game has a pretty nice interface, it is made of simple shapes that do not load the brain much, poorly drawn shapes allow the eyes to relax while you are playing it.


Reviews of the application are quite good, every user recommends this game, and most consider it a good anti-stress.


  • Beautiful interface
  • Diversity
  • Interesting gameplay

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11. Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff

Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff is another game based on the Family Guy animated series of the same name. This is quite a long-awaited film adaptation for fans of this series. This game begins with the fact that a real apocalypse has come to Quahog.

Because of another fight between Peter and the rooster, chickens caught fire, which ignited the flames of war throughout the city. After a short clip, you will have access to the Griffin family home, after which you will be able to restore the entire city.


The main currency of the game is money, with which you can develop your city and discover new characters. Money can be earned by building buildings, each building brings a certain income after a while.

In addition to the usual currency, there are ‘golden oysters’, with which you can instantly improve the building or buy additional special buildings or other things to improve the appearance of the city.

The main feature of the game is the interaction with the inhabitants, you can drag them around the world and after clicking on them to hear their unique phrases. The interface in the game is quite nice, it is completely transferred from the series. The colors are well-matched, allowing the player to relax and enjoy the game.


Reviews about the game are positive, everyone likes this game, the only negative that all users highlight is a large amount of donat.


  • Beautiful interface
  • Interesting gameplay
  • Mini Games


  • Lots of fees

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