Overhang App Review

The Overhang online game mainly develops the user’s creative potential. The essence of the game is that the user must stack blocks over the edge of the table, preventing them from falling, thereby achieving a perfect balance.

Moreover, Overhang provides an opportunity for players to set a new world record for the largest weight of blocks in the history of the game. Every user can compete for this record!


 Among the benefits of this online game there are:

  • game blocks of various shapes and sizes
  • an unlimited number of levels for complete freedom of action of the player
  • providing a leaderboard and displaying the world ranking in real time
  • the opportunity to see the best overhangs of other real users at any time
  • the game is absolutely free!

 The size of the game is also its positive quality, because it is absolutely insignificant for the storage of any smartphone. The main principle of the game, that is, building a balance not only develops creativity, but also improves brain activity, as well as relaxes a person for further productive work.


The developers have provided improvements that are constantly updated. This means that the game will never get bored because of the variety of levels, soothing color palette and variety in the game itself.

Be careful, this online puzzle game is very likely to become your best antistress!


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