9 Best Games Like Wartales for Android & iOS

Best Games Like Wartales

Avid computer gamers know about Wartales and are even fans of it. This is justified cause the game is really exciting and draws you in for long hours thanks to its strategic component. Also, this game is known for its incredible graphics, gameplay, and the ability to develop many skills. With the development of mobile …

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9 Best Games Like Astroneer for Android & iOS

Best Games Like Astroneer

Astroneer is a cool sandbox game that lets you become whoever you want. The gaming world is at its peak. The races have reached the end of the universe. Your task is to explore new worlds. Multiplayer is available in the game. Building, inventing and changing the landscape make Astroneer one of the best sandboxes. …

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10 Best Games Like Terraria for Android & iOS

Best Games Like Terraria

Terraria is not a two-dimensional copy of Minecraft, as many people mistakenly believe. It is an independent adventure sandbox whose gameplay has RPG elements. In addition to crafting and building, the player can go on dangerous journeys, fight bosses and explore hundreds of artifacts that hide dark and confusing dungeons. Terraria was released back in …

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11 Best Games like Humankind for Android & iOS


Humankind is a truly unique game where you will travel through 4 different periods of world history. It’s a historical strategy where you need to win wars, make world-changing discoveries, lead your people through the centuries. The main hallmark of the game is that you need to collect the whole story like a puzzle. The …

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