11 Best Games Like Minecraft for Android & iOS

At the moment there are only a few games that can achieve at least a semblance of the phenomenal success of Minecraft by Mojang.

The mobile version of this game is constantly at the top of the iTunes App Store and Google Play, and it has no plans to give up its position. It offers players almost endless gameplay based on building their own game worlds in sandbox mode.

Besides Minecraft, there are other games with similar gameplay and pixel graphics. All of them are original in their own way and give players the opportunity to prove themselves in the process of crafting, resource extraction, and all the things for which Minecraft is so beloved by many.

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In this review, we have gathered for you the best games like Minecraft for Android & iOS, which will help you have almost the same fun.

Block Story

Block Story is a role-playing sandbox, which is an improved clone of Minecraft.

The player will see a familiar cubic world and will be able to do pretty much the same things in it. You will be able to dig blocks, extract resources, craft items, and make buildings of various kinds a reality.

But this game has much more role-playing elements – the player can arm themselves with various weapons and go hunting monsters.

The world is full of different creatures – from poisonous snakes to fierce dragons. The latter, by the way, can be tamed.

So that you don’t have to travel alone, the game Block Story has a system of pets. They act as part of the inventory, can be summoned at any time to fight against the monsters. They lose their power when they get hungry, so you’ll have to get or prepare special food for them.

When fighting monsters, pets gain experience and level up. For example, when a dragon or spider reaches level 30, it can be saddled. 

Several pets are placed in the inventory, they must be lumped together to fight against powerful mobs and joint pumping. 

The main currency of the game Block Story is diamonds. You get them for daily visits to the game, killing mobs and destroying blocks.

What’s sure to please if you download the game Block Story, this is a sensible control. There are some bugs, but on the whole, the background is the only plus of the project.

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UCraft brings all the beloved gameplay in a two-dimensional format.

Players expect familiar activities – an exploration of caves, shelter construction, resource extraction, taming animals, and so on.

As in Minecraft, monsters appear at night, which, but, can be blown up using TNT. There is also dynamic weather, which affects gameplay.

The player cannot develop without a craft. The main one in the game is mining. The player will need a pickaxe. The most reliable ones are the iron and the diamond ones.

With these tools, the player will easily overcome the strong basalt layer. It is in it contains iron, diamonds, and sulfur. Sulfur will help the player to create explosives, matches, flaming arrows, and the like.

Survivalcraft 2

SurvivalCraft 2 takes the Minecraft formula and greatly improves it. So, here you can create any item, using the detailed editor.

Things, by the way, are very plentiful. In addition to the standard digging tools and wooden tables, there are firearms, computers, modern furniture, and others.

The game boasts other details. For example, the character can pick up pants, shirt, shoes, and other clothes (there are over 300 different things).

Impressive and the underwater world, which is inhabited by small fish, and graceful dolphins.

The game has 3 modes: Survival, Creative, and Survival to One Death. Before you start the game, you will be asked to choose a character gender and a specific character of 4.

Each has completely different clothes. Multiplayer mode has been added to the game for up to 4 people on one screen. But, this is not always convenient and is recommended to do on the big screen. 

For reasons unknown, the player has dropped off the ship on the mainland. It will be difficult for the player to adapt to the weather conditions if he does not have suitable clothing. The constant cold can make the player sick, which can lead to weakness.

The player will need to feed himself and have time to build a house before sunset. If the player fails to do this in time, he may die from predators or starvation in most cases. The player can sleep anywhere, just not on hard surfaces like stone. 

There are no monsters in the game, except for werewolves. Animals are on land, in water, and in the air. There are birds, mammals, herbivores, and fish in the game. Predators and herbivores are dangerous to the player.

Each terrain has its own inhabitants. For example, such animals as bears, wolves, wild boars are found in almost all biomes of the game. Panthers, leopards, and tigers are very fast animals and can cause great harm to the player.

Animals such as hyenas and wolves are always in a pack, and in case of danger can attack the player and ruin his life. The most dangerous predator in the game is the rhinoceros. The rhinoceros need only about 2 strokes to kill an unarmed player.

If you meet it and see it munching peacefully on grass, I recommend you run, as it can attack a player at a distance of 15 blocks. To defend against the dangers, the player needs weapons and equipment.

Weapons play an important role for the player, and armor will protect him from difficulties. The game has weapons such as sword, spear, bow, crossbow, and shotgun. The sword will help you as a cold weapon.

Crossbow and shotgun are very effective against large predators. But, the player will only be able to make them after mastering iron. You will need iron, copper, or diamonds to make effective armor.

A beginner can make wooden armor from sticks, but it is fragile and unreliable. To create weapons and equipment, the player will need to do crafts to get the right resources.

There are special modifications in the game, and you don’t have to look for them on the Internet, everything is already available in the game. Here you get beautiful biomes, exciting adventures and space sunset.

Block Craft 3D

The authors of Block Craft 3D take just one Minecraft gameplay element – building on blocks – and make a whole game out of it.

The player has to bring his fantasies to life – he can build a peaceful village, a modern metropolis, landmarks of real cities, and much more.

You can also place ready-made options from the developers (eg, a pirate ship, the White House).

Explore the expanse of a virtual sandbox is much more fun with other players. Invite friends to your range or stop by and visit them. But, no one prevents you from playing alone and put your own characters and animals.

At the initial stage, the user will be allocated a small attractive area in which to develop their own village. What to build depends on the decisions made by the owner of the mobile device. 

It is necessary to equip virtually the entire allocated territory. When selecting the next building, the view camera will be raised over the map so that the user can choose a place for the next location of the object. 

The next construction will need the personal participation of the player. Each building should be collected brick by brick. It is important not to forget to bypass it from all sides and click on the empty icons in which the building materials should be located.

Block Craft 3D has good animation effects and a nice soundtrack. There is a full system of changing day and night depending on the time of day. 

Block Craft 3D will enjoy young children, the game will easily act as an educational tool for building. After building your own village to a certain stage of development, you can visit the villages of comrades in online mode. 

Block Craft 3D has an impressive set of building materials and all kinds of buildings, the construction of which must be shown an individual approach.

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It’s not even a game, but a whole online platform on the basis of which gamers can create their own games.

Despite the fact that Roblox was released long before the first version of Minecraft, for many years the two games were actively compared, considering it was Minecraft the winner in the popularity race.

But, in August 2019, it was revealed that Roblox has 100 million monthly active players, while Minecraft has ten million fewer. 

But comparing the two games is wrong. Minecraft is a self-contained game, a sandbox in which players can build, craft, mine, survive, and have fun in a variety of modes.

Roblox, on the other hand, is a platform that has given rise to hundreds of fun games. Often gamers like to play popular projects on the Roblox engine, such as Counter-Strike.

The only two features that unite Roblox and Minecraft are cubic graphics (although Roblox has much more polygons) and endless possibilities for gamers.

If you’ve already played enough of Minecraft and want to experience something different, but similar in atmosphere and style – get acquainted with Roblox. This platform will open up a huge new world for you.


It is a colorful sandbox game with survival elements, which, like Minecraft, sends gamers into a cubic world.

In addition to the familiar actions and activities, the player can create custom items in a special editor, as well as place ready-made buildings (mill, church, and others), thus building an entire village.

Battle fans will be able to test their skills in battles against wild beasts and monsters, as well as other players in multiplayer mini-games.

For example, the Battle of the Snowballs, the Battle of the Bed, or the Battle of the Egg. But, you don’t have to fight – you can build and survive together with your friends.

In the “Creativity” mode, the players have no restrictions – all the resources are pre-mined and provided completely free of charge. Here you can erect majestic buildings and small comfortable houses, engaged in cattle breeding and fishing, planting plants, and much more.

Portals help players quickly access worlds below the main location. For example, to create a portal to the Lower World, you must make a rectangular vertical frame of obsidian blocks and activate it with a flamethrower.

Feed the character in the game only in the survival mode, and only when he is hungry. You can feed any edible object – just grab it and hold your finger on the screen.

Some types of animals in RealmCraft can be tamed. Especially popular is the domestication of horses. To tame a horse, you need to put a saddle on it by pressing the “Tame” button.

There should be nothing in your hand. The animal may not be tamed immediately, it may take several attempts. If the domestication is successful, the player will be able to saddle the horse.

All items in RealmCraft consist of blocks. It is with them the player can build any building and furnish it to your liking. To build walls use all kinds of stone – from cobblestones and wood to cement and concrete. The game offers a wide choice of colors and materials.

Glass panels, also in different colors, are perfect for the windows. If desired, you can create your own garden – place flowers and trees, plant vegetables and fruits, fence off the area.

You can equip the house in different ways. First, you should put the basic furniture – toilet, shower, sofas, bookshelves and more. Next – take up decorating. It’s up to the player to determine how it will look like his own home.


PlanetCraft is another Minecraft clone with a cubic world, crafting, and cave trekking. The emphasis in gameplay is on the social component.

You will play simultaneously with dozens of gamers with whom you can engage in collaborative survival or arrange a war with the siege of fortresses.

Of the features should be highlighted the possibility to create your own golem of simple blocks. Acting as a companion, he will help you in the fight against mobs.

The player can grow rye and bake bread. Cotton helps the player to diversify clothing in the closet. And pumpkins can be simply eaten. The player can use the fertilizer found in the sand mountains above the water. A rake is used for this craft.

Cattle breeding will help the player to feed himself. It is enough to build a pen and get some cows there. To protect the cows, it is better to get a bull. The player must feed them, otherwise, they may die.

Exploration Lite Craft

Exploration Lite Craft looks like Minecraft’s little brother. With simplified graphics, the game offers all the same activities.

During the day you try to survive and build a house, and at night you defend against various monsters (mummies, monsters, and others).

The game also allows you to get a riding animal, upgrade your hero skills, check out the in-game store, and go to an underground city where hellish creatures guard treasures.

This game has brought the familiar features of the classic to everyone to the platform view. It first saw the light of day in the computer version and immediately found success among the huge user audience, which prompted the developers to transfer the entertainment to mobile platforms. 

To start your career in the game you need to create your own character. The game provides good opportunities to customize the hero. Choose gender, skin color, color design elements of clothing, as well as give the new inhabitant of the land a name.

Exploration Lite Craft can be downloaded for free on Android.


Lokicraft is another Minecraft clone, which is a three-dimensional arcade game.

It seems that the authors just changed the textures a little bit and released the game with absolutely identical gameplay.

The player will go to explore a limitless cubic world, where he will think of what to amuse himself.

Construction, crafting, battles with monsters under the cover of night, dark caves with creepers – these and other familiar details are in place. But unlike Minecraft, Lockycraft is available for free on Android and iOS.

All the action takes place in several locations: the forest, dungeons, hell, soaring islands, and others. Moving between them and earning experience, the character will unlock access to hundreds of items that can be found in the most unexpected places or create yourself.

Crafting is one of the main activities in the game. Some items are made right on the spot if you have the necessary components in your inventory.

To get other items you will need special devices: stove, anvil, workbench. For the workbench you need wood, to make a furnace – stone blocks, wood, and a torch, for anvil – iron or lead ingots, and so on.


Worldcraft offers everything the same as the previous games in the selection. This is a clone of Minecraft, the authors of which simply transferred the familiar gameplay to the free format.

The graphics, by the way, are a little worse, but all the other activities are in place. Create, build, fight, have fun alone or with friends, tame animals, and enjoy the vastness of the endless cubic world.

This is a great game, which has its own huge in-game world with a lot of creatures, biomes, items, and opportunities.

The player himself builds the story of the game, creating new items, constructing buildings, exploring new territories, mining resources, fighting with ordinary enemies and bosses. Mechanics of crafting pleases with its logic and a large stock of related recipes.

Controls as conveniently arranged as possible both for mining useful materials, and to build a home. Create a unique character and go on a long journey through the vast world of the game.

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Terraria is a mix of platformer and pixel-based survival simulator. The player is thrown into a fantasy world, where he has to mine resources, build a shelter and go into deep caves in search of adventure.

As in Minecraft, the blocks here can be broken and built anything from a run-down dugout to a beautiful castle.

The game focuses on dungeon trekking. Players expect different biomes, dangerous enemies and bosses, and treasure. Terraria also boasts a number of in-game items – more than 3,500 in total.

The game starts with the fact that the player is thrown into a random place on the map and provided with three basic tools: sword, pickaxe, and axe.

The first, obviously, serves to protect against a variety of local fauna inhabitants. The pickaxe is required for the successful extraction of various minerals, including precious ores. The ax, on the other hand, is needed for chopping wood and extracting wood.

You also have five life hearts on your account. If they run out – the protagonist will die and lose all mined resources, ready and found items.

The in-game world of Terraria has a life of its own, independent of the protagonist. Monsters and other characters wander carelessly through the location, and the day is humbly replaced by night.

Two joysticks in the lower corners of the screen are provided for control. The joystick on the right is responsible for movement, and the one on the left is responsible for the character’s interaction with the world around him.

At first, there will be a small selection of tools for labor and defense: pickaxe, ax, and sword. You use the pickaxe to chisel the ground for minerals, the ax to cut down trees, and the sword to defend yourself against enemies.

The goal is to survive in a fantasy world full of danger. The first step on the way to the goal will be to build your own dwelling, in which you can take shelter from the elements and enemies.

The hero must survive many things: a solar eclipse, an invasion of goblins, an attack by the slug king, and the queen bee. In everyday activities, don’t forget about the changing time of day, because many enemies are activated under the cover of night.

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