11 Best Games Like Ashes Of The Singularity for Android & iOS

Ashes Of The Singularity is a real-time strategy game that has long been loved by players around the world.

This game really deserves the attention of all PC users because of its large-scale battles and other advantages. But some users prefer mobile platforms, so there is a need to create similar games for this audience.

We decided to save your time and created for you a selection of the best games like Ashes of the Singularity for Android & iOS. They are excellent representatives of the genre on mobile devices.

For all of the fans of the real-time strategy, we recommend going through this review of the best MOBA games for Android & iOS and trying the greatest one.

War and Order

War and Order is an epic military strategy with massive battles for world domination. Assemble a powerful army and take part in a war for supremacy.

Orcs, wizards, elves, fire-breathing dragons, horsemen, and other heroes are already engaged in battle. This is a multiplayer strategy where you have to stand up for the kingdom and take over new lands.

Develop your own empire, increase the number and power of the army. Fight solo or get allies and fight shoulder to shoulder. Seize enemy strongholds, destroy orcs in your path and seize rich lands. Fantastic heroes and residents of the empire are ready to follow their commander.

Upgrade your army and heroes. Seize resources and gold and unlock new lands. Become the strongest king in the land and make history. It’s time to show who the true ruler of the world is.

This is an excellent smartphone game with pleasant graphics, dozens of mythical characters, and epic battles. Huge locations await you. You can attack other players, loot them, capturing gold and other resources. Expand and fortify your castle.

In this curious RTS, the action takes place in a fantasy world with a lot of amazing mythical creatures. A war has broken out between all the factions, take part in it and emerge victoriously.


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Battle of Polytopia

Battle Of Polytopia is a strategy game in which you must control an entire tribe. Choose from over a dozen tribes and start a new life.

Build relationships with other tribes, explore the game world, and defend your territory. At the beginning of the game, you need to choose an empire to rule.

Choose from over ten available and fictional civilizations: Samurai, Aztec, Viking, Roman, and many more. Once you start the game, you will have a small pixel location at your disposal, on which there are several capital cities.

In these locations, you can train different types of troops. Each type is good in its own way and is created exclusively for different tasks. For example, a horseman is suitable for quick scouting, a defender for guarding possessions, and a knight is a balanced unit.

Explore the world, gain experience points and kill enemy civilizations. For successful actions, you will receive experience as well as stars. They allow you to train different kinds of troops.

Play in single-player mode or choose specific civilizations and fight with other users online. Build your own empire in a short time and experience the role of a real leader.



Vainglory is a cool strategy game done in MOBA style. Several characters with special abilities are waiting for you here.

The goal is to attack enemy bases, where you have to come out the winner. This is an online multiplayer arena, choose your main character and start fighting right now.

Make alliances, cooperate with friends and together achieve victory in powerful battles. The main task is to sneak into the enemy’s base and destroy the crystal.

However, this is a standard goal in any MOBA game, where you must seize and destroy a guarded tower in the opposing team’s territory. You can upgrade your chosen characters and enhance their abilities.

Before the battle, think through the tactics of attack, because the battles are really fast and fierce. You will have no time to think and no right to make a mistake.


World at War

World at War is a first-rate strategy game where you will be the commander-in-chief of one of the three powers of World War II.

Your main task is to fight off the constant attacks of the enemy, as well as to capture territories.

To start the game you need to decide what nation you will be fighting for, and then proceed to the development of the military base. The gameplay of the World at War game is a classic of the genre.

Create production buildings on your territory, huge farms that will bring food for the soldiers. Build cement and steel factories and other structures. Once you have the resources, you should upgrade your headquarters. They will give you access to new technology and powerful buildings.

Level up and distribute the points you’ve accumulated by skill. Produce a countless number of combat vehicles. Capture a nuclear facility to show who’s really the leader of the world. Complete tasks for which you’ll receive extra experience and resources that are never in short supply.

Get the right amount of points, distribute them competently by skills. Improve the performance of buildings, pump up the storehouse of resources, develop your army.

Save the world by choosing the right time to retreat and attack, choose the time to make peace, and start a war. Become a part of history.


Clash Royale

Clash Royale is a strategy game in which you build your own castle and attack and destroy enemy fortresses. Assemble a deck of cards and go to war.

Synchronized multiplayer picks up opponents in real-time. Clash Royale offers to take part in online duels.

Here you will meet familiar characters from the beloved game Clash of Clans, such as barbarians, archers, giants, goblins, and others. The strategy gameplay is really straightforward and clear from the first game. 

You will have three towers: two on the sides and one central, the task is not to let the enemy destroy them. You must also send your troops to defeat the enemy fortress. Each battle lasts about three minutes, on rare occasions, you will be given extra time.

This is a multiplayer game with real opponents with dueling maps. At the beginning of the game, your army is very sparse, but with it, you will have to defeat the enemy to gradually unlock new cards and improve the characteristics of your army.


Badland Brawl

Badland Brawl is a popular multiplayer hardcore strategy game. you will have to destroy the enemy tower. You will fight with real players, for victories – you get trophies.

This is a fun toy based on the world of Badland with fun characters. The explosive strategy will take players to the world of Badland, where you will fight opponents from all over the world.

Enjoy the action taking place in the game. Take control of the tower and defend against enemy attacks. Go to the enemy tower, create as many clones as possible and start the battle. Develop your own tactics. Take part in duels and invite your friends.

You can become the founder of your own tribe. You can also join an existing one and invite other players. Military craft is a treasure trove of knowledge, score points, earn trophies, hone your skills and win spectacularly.

You’ll also be able to watch other players fight, thanks to the built-in BadTube player. Dive right now into the world of war and emerge as the hero. Immerse yourself in epic action with crazy adventures and unrealistically cool characters. The controls are not difficult.

Badland Brawl is ready to give you emotions and an incredible amount of experience. Hurry up to take part in this madness, gather your company, travel to locations. Fight for the legendary rewards.

Be sure to think through tactics and try to outwit the enemy. The whole gameplay is based on the action of physical laws. Your opponent’s towers must be crushed.


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Gods Of Arena

Gods of Arena is a multiplayer strategy game in the gladiatorial combat genre. Get a personal army of fighters and win many battles, going through enemies with the support of allies.

In the main plot, the player is Cornelius, the owner of an abandoned gladiatorial house. Previously this institution gathered crowds of plebeians.

Then the Emperor of Great Rome himself regularly visited the stands of the famous stadium. Now the hero will have to revive the former glory of the place. The path to revival will be thorny and difficult.

The player must train gladiators, earn virtual currency in battles. Then, form a powerful detachment and resist the emperor himself, who wishes to seize the territory for state purposes. The game is designed for a wide audience of players.

Developed lightweight versions adapted for older or weaker models of phones. This strategy develops analytical, economic, tactical skills. Gods of Arena captures and keeps you in suspense. Each level opens a new page of history.


Mushroom Wars 2

Mushroom Wars 2 is a strategy game in which the player needs to control mushrooms. Fight with other characters, capture their territories, increase the number of his troops.

In the game, there are many options for the development of events. Here it is possible to constantly develop your army, consisting of mushrooms. In the opening movie, you will learn the prehistory of the game world.

The planet survived the apocalypse. After the tragic events, almost nothing was left on Earth. After a few years, plants, small organisms began to appear. Then, mushrooms appeared. They quickly assimilated and began to increase their numbers.

When they became numerous, the mushrooms began to unite in communities and feud with other settlements. The main task of the player is to manage the squad mushrooms, open new territories, maximize the number of settlements, to conquer new homes.

Once on location, the forest will appear. Initially, the characters live in small houses. On the opposite side should be enemies. In the middle are neutral buildings. It is necessary to send your units to unoccupied houses to capture them.

The main task in all battles is to gradually repopulate the empty houses, while at the same time killing the enemies. Attacking the structures of the opponent, a battle will take place. The side that has more units will win.

Simply put, in the game, everything is decided by the number of soldiers, their quality has no effect on the outcome of the battle. On the locations are protective structures that destroy the warriors. There are also blacksmiths, towers, watchtowers, and extra buildings.

By capturing them, they will increase the characteristics of the troops. In the future, it will be possible to get unique fighters with passive skills. During the battle, it is necessary to regularly improve the captured houses.

They will allow increasing the largest number of fighters and the speed of their creation. For winning battles the player receives chests. They are opened instantly with crystals or after some time, but for free.


Forge of Empires

Forge of Empires is a strategy to lead and develop a small settlement into a major capital city. The online strategy begins in the distant Stone Age.

There you will build primitive huts, try to explore the world around you, and establish trade in the settlement. After successfully managing several cities you will be able to lead an empire.

The game invites you to act as a leader, commander, city planner, economist and develop your empire, passing from era to era. Immerse yourself in the action of the game over 6,000 years B.C.

The main task of each player as a great leader is to build a powerful superpower and pass all the key eras. Battles with other players are waiting for you. There you can show your talent as a military leader and crush your opponents, thus ensuring a bright future for your empire.

Lead your city, research technology, expand your land borders, and conduct internal and external trade. The controls here are multi-component, as the game has extensive functionality. A step-by-step strategy with excellent detail looks really a masterpiece.

This is a simulation of human development, where you have to develop economically and technically. Start now, because you have a long way to go from the most primitive settlements to the megacities of the future.


Zombie Siege

Events in the game Zombie Siege take place in the year 2048. A new unknown virus has broken free and is close to enslaving all of humanity.

People begin to mutate and turn into real monsters that have a completely darkened mind. The world begins to gradually descend into darkness and chaos. The world as we knew it is close to extinction.

You are humanity’s last hope with the ability to build a real military base and shelter any number of survivors. You have a tremendous amount of combat options in front of you to fight the world epidemic that has nearly wiped out all of humanity.

Build a powerful military garrison and defend against the hordes of infected. They are trying their best to turn this world into an eternal apocalypse. The wandering dead walk through towns and cities, destroying the entire infrastructure.

With each passing day, the hope of getting a vaccine and saving the rest of the healthy population becomes more pointless and impossible. Install defensive structures and powerful weapons at your base, use all man-made advances to fight the virus.

At the beginning of the game, you will be familiarized with the plot and introduced. You will have to command a large number of troops and build your safe garrison from the ground up. Extract resources to ensure the base’s chances of survival.

Improve the main building, train troops in barracks, and complete various quests and interesting tasks. You’ll get extra resources and currency for completing quests. They will greatly help in advancing the development of the base and changing the world for the better.

Be prepared for war with the infected, lead your mighty army into epic battles and immerse yourself in survival in a post-apocalyptic world.


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Rebel Inc.

Rebel Inc. is a fascinating simulation about politics and war, where war is not the most important action.

To stabilize the state after the war and to restore the balance between divergent military and civilian interests, you must make wise policy.

When you start the game, three buttons appear in the window: play, how to play, and progress. After clicking on the first button, the user is prompted to select the difficulty level of the game.

The easy level is suitable for beginners or for a quick game. At this level of difficulty, the locals are eager to contact the hero, the actions of the rebels are disorderly. The medium level is for those who have experience with rebels.

At this level the locals are reluctant to contact, there are more opportunities for corruption and the rebels have a fighting spirit. The hard level is for the most experienced. Here the locals refuse to cooperate, the corruption is unbeatable and the insurgents are backed by powerful sponsors.

After selecting the level of difficulty you need to select the operation, you can generate its name or write your own. After this, the game begins, where an information message introduces the user to the situation.

In front of the player a map from the height of the plane, on the map, there are rivers, mountains, different structures, and other objects. The graphics are detailed and very high quality. The player chooses a place for the headquarters in a building or settlement.

After this, at the bottom appears an information panel with information about the settlement. For example, the number of people, the situation, and other data. The green color shows the territory of influence, various areas have different trust of people, corruption, and inflation.

The further away from the headquarters, the worse the situation is. Information about each area can be viewed in detail. The information panel shows the task for that district, the governor, the annual budget, the level of corruption, and inflation.

It is also possible to look at statistics for different segments of the population. For example, civic, government, military initiatives, and others. All of them have a badge, and it is possible to buy other initiatives like intelligence to expand influence.


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