11 Best Games Like Lioden for PC, Android, iOS

Lioden is that old-school classic game that we used to play when the Internet only started becoming something usual for us. It’s a role game about African Savannah, and the main characters are animals.

The game wasn’t remarkable for any superior graphics or gameplay, however, users liked the fact they could choose what they could become and dive into an imaginary online world.

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It seems like nowadays games like Lioden are long gone. But don’t rush with your opinions! Actually, we have found 11 interesting games which bring the same spirit as Lioden and maybe you will love some of them even better!

1. SimSafari

In 1998, Maxis released SimSafari. The game received many positive reviews and high ratings. The game takes place in the African Savannah. A wild and scary place inhabited by various African animals.

They need to be taken under control. In SimSafari there are 3 play areas that the player has to equip. The first location on the map is a natural park. All that has to be done to care for the park, breed animals, and observe the population.


It is necessary to consider the natural balance, otherwise wild animals will ruin the whole nature of the savannah. The next location is a compact African village inhabited by local people. People hired to work in the local tourist area.

It is also necessary to maintain a natural balance here. If workers from African villages do not work, they will attack the natural park, reducing the population and species of animals. The most interesting place is the tourist area. The player have to equip his African park for tourists.


Build beautiful cozy houses, luxury hotels, and clean swimming pools. Tourists generate additional income that can improve their park. As far as the graphics concerned, they are old, but playing SimSafari is very pleasant. The multifunctional user interface will not let you get bored.

The animals made in an interesting format for them. They look alive. The excellent soundtrack, written by Jerry Martin, completely complements and gives you a feel of all the atmosphere of the African savannah.

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2. Youda Safari

It is the duty of every person to preserve the diversity of animal species. In particular, African representatives of the animal world endangered. Sandlot Games developed Youda Safari. In Youda Safari, it gave players the opportunity to create their own park where various wild animals will be located.

The player needs to make sure that the population of predators does not destroy another population. In the game, after launching, you will need to study the recommendation well, carefully read the tips that will constantly appear when you perform actions.


To maintain his park, it gave the player the opportunity to deliver tourists to locations and receive money for this. It is worth considering the fact that it is you who will drive your car, passengers, reproduction of the inhabitants of the park, and then monitor constantly how everything goes.

As for the delivery of customers to one animal, try to do it quickly, because in case of delays, the passenger in the game will leave a critical review about you, and it will seriously affect the development of your fleet.


Collect money, breed animals, take part in the park’s life and get experience. Old graphics with a nice soundtrack make the game the most interesting. Youda Safari is a place where you can preserve animal species and take care of their offspring. The game is full of different functions that will not let you get bored.

3. Wildlife Tycoon: Venture Africa

If you’ve ever wanted to control wild animals, this is the game for you. Wildlife Tycoon: Venture Africa is a simulation game developed by Pocketwatch Games in 2006. Create and control your own wild animals. This is an African place where you can build magnificent fauna and control it completely.

The game has great graphics in 3D style, amazing and multifunctional gameplay that allows you to control both animals and fauna at the same time. The player’s task is to create a balanced ecosystem and supply it with all the elements.


Plant fruit trees and bushes for animals on the territory, get water, and create an ecosystem. Control every animal. The whole fate of your savannah depends on your actions. Maintain a balance between predators so as not to disrupt the ecosystem. The game has collected 7.3 points out of 10 on the Metacritic service.

The best part about playing Wildlife Tycoon: Venture Africa is a pleasure thanks to the real soundtrack. Bright and rich interface in Wildlife Tycoon: Venture Africa will allow you to spend an interesting time.

4. Ultimate Jungle Simulator

The Ultimate Jungle Simulator from the developers of Gluten Free Games will appeal to jungle and wildlife lovers. An interesting simulator with amazing gameplay will allow users to get used to the role of African animals and feel the whole wildlife of Africa.

The 3D interface will allow you to enjoy fully the gameplay. Ultimate Jungle Simulator is a wildlife survival game. Get food, protect your family and find an object to attack and compete with other representatives of the wild.


You must fully think over your steps so as not to find yourself in hard conditions. Each step can be deadly for your character, so consider your actions.

Food can found in the jungle’s vicinity. Often you will have to engage in deadly combat to appear as a self-contained representative of the wild fauna. When wounds received, it can repair them by resting or licking. Keep your ecosystem stable and safe.

Ultimate Jungle Simulator is available for download on Android and iOS

5. Wildcraft: Animal Sim Online

Wildcraft: Animal sim online is a 3D multiplayer wild animal simulator. If as a child you dreamed of becoming a tiger or a lion, then Wildcraft: Animal sim online 3D will make your dream come true. The essence of the game is as follows.

Choose an animal and explore endless spaces in Wildcraft: Animal sim online 3D. A simple control panel with the lower-left corner allows the movement of the selected animal.


The panel includes actions such as jump, run, hide and attack. In the upper right corner, there is a button that will allow you to change the scale of the territory, zoom in or out to detect the enemy.

Wildcraft: Animal sim online 3D has one striking feature. The user can change the appearance of the animal. For example, put on your doorknob tiger a cowboy hat or glasses. It is also possible to change the color of the animal. The choice does not limit, it all depends on your imagination.


Wildcraft: Animal sim online 3D supports live screen capture. You can capture amazing moments in a memory game. The entire life of the selected character depends on a successful hunt and completing tasks. In this unique game, the user can create a family for his beast. Fight and win nice bonuses.

Another pleasant plus is worth noting. Wildcraft: Animal sim online in 3D lets you play with your friends. The game is available for download on iOS and Android.

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6. Savanna Race

The unique game on our top list. If you’ve ever dreamed of racing across the wild savannah, then Savanna Race is what you need. A wonderful game with amazing and nice graphics will give you an unforgettable experience. The plot of Savanna Race takes place in the hot Savannah.

Savannah is home to various representatives of hot and wild nature. Will you be able to arrange races with animals and defeat them? The game’s plot is simple and incredible. Install Savanna Race on your Android or iOS device.


Then the game will be available for you will be presented with one wild animal after achievements and victories, with other animals for racing. Compete with a flock of ostriches, lions, zebra hippos, and other representatives of the wild and hot Savannah.

The interface is very pleasing with its perfectly traced details. It is worth noting the same funny soundtrack that will make the gameplay the most enjoyable for passing. Collect bonuses at each race. Bonuses give an enormous advantage over your rivals, which will allow you to take higher positions. Avoid all kinds of fences and traps that can spoil your path to victory.

Savanna Race has a built-in online function that will allow you to share your records and achievements on social networks. We would also like to note the work of the developers. Perfect animation and graphics make the game the most interesting and exciting. Savanna Race has a lot of positive reviews on PlayMarket and AppStore.

7. Cabela’s African Safari

It is easy to guess that the action in the game takes place in a hot and dangerous country. Cabela’s African Safari If you’ve ever dreamed of becoming an African animal hunter, then this game will let you feel and enjoy the atmosphere of the African wilderness.

Cabela’s African Safari released in 2006 by Fun Labs, Sand Grain Studios, Magic Wand Productions The game is in the genre of a simulator. A key feature of Cabela’s African Safari is its striking African safari-style interface. The gameplay is quite functional and has many ample opportunities.


Cabela’s African Safari is very easy to navigate by just looking at the map in the upper right corner. The bottom shows how many cartridges the hunter has been lifted; It displayed the health in the lower-left corner.

Be careful, because wild animals will try to damage your health at any convenient moment. The gameplay is obscenely simple: found an animal, sneaked up, and shot it. As you progress through, new types of weapons and rarer species of animals open up – leopards, rhinos, elephants.

Sometimes there is a holiday – they may shoot from a moving jeep. Fans of shooters will love the vivid animation and real soundtrack that make Cabela’s African Safari the most fun.

8. Wild Animals Online

The unique game released by the publisher 1Games amazed many fans of animal survival simulator games and received many positive reviews. Wild Animals Online is another game in which the user has to survive in the wild. Wild Animals Online gives you the opportunity to play as a variety of wild animals.

The major goal for each player is to become a powerful animal and survive without loss. To play, the user has to choose which animal he wants to play for. A wide selection of different animals opens up an incredible opportunity to feel like in different roles.


In the game, animals divided into predators and herbivores, and it’s up to you who to choose. But be careful, because it will be depended on what he will eat and how to grow. Predators hunt animals and herbivores feed on fruits.

Explore different locations from Amazon to Savannah to get an idea of ​​how to survive in these conditions. The goal of every animal in Wild Animals Online is to survive and preserve its offspring.


In Wild Animals Online, the user has to complete successfully various missions to gain experience and raise the level. The game is interesting for its plot. Here the user can start a family which he has to feed otherwise small animals can die of hunger. Another pleasant feature.

Wild Animals Online is a place to win and lose. Take part in crazy battles to get nice bonuses. The game is available for download on Android and iOS.

9. Survivalizm – The Animal Simulator

A realistic wilderness survival simulator developed by IronBoundManzer. Survivalizm – The Animal Simulator released in 2017. The plot of the game takes place in the wild, where many representatives of the wild fauna live.

Each of the representatives of the wildlife is trying to survive and protect their offspring from unexpected attacks from enemies. Users will have to go through the same hard life. To start the game, choose the life of an animal whose path you would like to go.


You can become a brave lion, or you can choose the path of a harmless zebra, can become a brave lion, or you can choose the path of a harmless zebra. Go through a difficult struggle among wild inhabitants. Raise your offspring and protect them.

Grown individuals will help you in battles in the future. Find food on your own and hunt animals. Survivalizm – The Animal Simulator has great 3D graphics with a nice soundtrack. The animals look very realistic, which gives the feeling of being real.

Survivalizm – The Animal Simulator is a harsh survival game for the adventurous and fearless where only courage and courage can win. Survivalizm – The Animal Simulator is available for installation on Steam.

10. Cheetah Simulator

When we hear “Africa”, we involuntarily imagine the tropical climate, savannah and wild representatives of the animal world of Africa. One of the most famous and predatory animals in Africa is the cheetah. It is his role that the developers of Cheetah Simulator offer users.

A unique simulator about the life of a cheetah in wild Africa. Install the game on your Android and iOS device. After that, you will have access to a full game. Perhaps someone may be confused by the usual gameplay, but believe me, for games of this genre, this is the best that you could think of.


Cheetah Simulator has a lot of positive reviews on PlayMarket and AppStore. The interface made in the colors of the African savannah. At the top are the life indicators of our cheetah. The red line is life. Try not to engage in unnecessary fights so as not to take damage to your life.

The green line is the food line. Shows how well the cheetah is hungry. The blue line represents thirst. The last yellow line, the line of energy and strength, is a very important indicator, since without it is impossible to start a battle. It displayed the joystick in the lower-left corner.


It can easily determine the direction of the cheetah. And of course, in the lower right corner, methods of dealing with the enemy presented. There are 5 but they are all effective when used correctly. Be on the alert. Jackals and lions will always want to kill you.

In Cheetah Simulator, you can share your achievements with your friends. It is enough to find the button in the upper right corner. We should pay special attention to animation. Everything looks so realistic that it creates a sense of actual presence. The soundtrack is great for this game.

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11. Ultimate Safari Simulator

Another amazing game from the developer Gluten Free Games. Ultimate Savanna Simulator is a game for those who want to find themselves in the African savannah. If you have ever wanted to see the unspeakable nature of Africa, then you do it in the Ultimate Savanna Simulator.

The gameplay is completely easy and straightforward. The user gets used to the role of a wild animal and tries to survive in the harsh realities of the African savannah. Ultimate Savanna Simulator’s interface made in pleasant shades, 3D graphics allows you to move to the African savannah in actual time.


Install Ultimate Savanna Simulator on your Android or iOS device. Then you will get a cheetah. It is in the role of a cheetah that the game begins.

The user can have offspring, compete with other representatives of the wild, as well as hunt other animals to survive in the harsh conditions of the savannah. Ultimate Savanna Simulator has levels. Successfully complete all assigned missions, gain experience and discover various inhabitants of the African savannah.


You can be absolutely anyone the principal thing is to successfully and quickly complete the assigned tasks. Nice soundtrack in the gameplay makes Ultimate Savanna Simulator fun and interesting for all its abundance.

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