11 Best Games like Humankind for Android & iOS

Humankind is a truly unique game where you will travel through 4 different periods of world history. It’s a historical strategy where you need to win wars, make world-changing discoveries, lead your people through the centuries.

The main hallmark of the game is that you need to collect the whole story like a puzzle. The game is remarkable for its top graphics, cool action scenes, and historical tales.

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However, because of its popularity, Humankind faces more and more competition on the market. Are those games worse? Not at all! Try them out yourself and see which substitutes are really worth your while.

1. Civilization VI

The first game on our list and probably the main competitor of Humankind game is Civilization game which is also a popular historical strategy. The games are quite popular in terms of gameplay and graphics, so it can serve as a nice substitution.

The main difference is that Civilizatio is a historical strategy – so here you won’t be transmissing though the centuries – all the actions take place in nearly one time of an era.


On the other hand, in this game you will need to make the crucial desicions which will define the future of the Planet. During the process, you will be facing not only the enemy troops and participate in wars, but also face various cataclysms, such as floods, wildfires and so on. Your task will be to handle the situations as soon as possible so your civilization can still evolve and prosper.

Distinctive features of the game:

  • In the game, you will need to constantly make decisions that will change the future of the Planet. You need to be careful in making decisions, as they can lead to the fatal consequences for all the people.
  • You have the opportunity to purchase more resourses and invest them into a definite fortress at a time.
  • In the game, your successful actions can lead to the Golden Age of a Civilizaiton, and your mistakes can lead to its total collapse.

The rating of the game is quite high and is 3,3. Many users note that they like the thoughtful visual style, pleasant music that does not distract from the game process.

Also, take into consideration that the game itself is quite heavy and suitable only for the most technically advanced devices.

Key Features:

  • Historical RPG
  • High rate
  • Cool graphics and gameplay

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2. ROME: Total War

ROME: Total War is one of the most prominent games in this series and it is also similar to Humanking in terms that it is a historical strategy. To be completely honest, there is a lot of games in this genre nowadays, however, not all of them are worth your attention.

The first feature that catches your eye is decent 3D graphcis. You have an opportunity to switch from the map mode to the closer view for instance, to observe the construction process. What is more, don’t forget to enforce your troops, since here they play the most crucial role – eventually, this is the game about wars and this is the factor that makes it different to the previous game.


What is more, before and during the battle, pay special attention to tactics, because here is the part where your actions can have the fatal consequences. Depending on how many wars you win depends the end of the game.

Distinctive features of the game:

  • You will pay special attention to the reinforcement of your troops and fortresses to build an empire.
  • You need to think strategically and develop a plan of action depending on which battle comes next
  • An abundance of locations for military actions – more than 19 places to embark, including Egypt, Macedonia, Greece, and many more.

The longer you play, the more new things will open up for you. Defeat various leaders and get bonuses, get more assets and provisions.

The game has excellent ranking of 4,5 in the stores – it can be explained by the low price, adaptation for various OS and cool gameplay.

Many users say that they are delighted with the game. Sometimes new updates can cause minor issues such as games crash, but it doesn’t happen too often.

Key Features:

  • Adaptation for various devices
  • High rate
  • Focus on military element
  • All actions have consequences

3. World of Empires 2

It’s basically an analogue of the previous game, and it’s also really similar to Humankind. The visuals are similar and the gameplay is really similar. The name of the app pretty much gives us the explanation of the main idea of this game – you need to grow your own empire and become the strongest one around.


Distinctive features of the game:

  • The games involve the magic element, you can protect your cities with future weapons and magic shields.
  • The feature with future weapons mentioned above has the most similarity with Humankind.
  • You have the opportunity to assemble your team of allies, train them and attack together.
  • In this game, you can create civilizations up from the ground, just by placing all the necessary resources at a single spot.

Many users like the game and the rating of the game are quite high. They write that the game is interesting and has nice graphics.

However, the game includes some bugs, for example, sometimes you can’ build certain objects. And also, AI doesn’t work in a correct way.

Key Features:

  • Building new civilizations
  • Future elements
  • RPG

4. Compass Point: West

The next game Compass Point: West will allow you to immerse yourself in the world of the Wild West. The game’s interface is beautifully designed and easy to understand. The graphics are perfectly drawn; you will definitely like the visual component of the game.

It has quite a weak resemblance with Humankind, however, this game is also possible to be called the historic RPG game. Though, there are more fun elements in it.


Distinctive features of the game:

  • You can start the war with hooligans.
  • Just like in the games described above, you have the opportunity to organize your team and fight opponents together.
  • You can complete tasks, get cards, and create your own squad of several characters.
  • You have the ability to build an entire city and then defend it.

In the game Compass Point: West, there are many opportunities to unlock your potential. You can explore the entire Wild West while helping to liberate various cities. Users’ opinions are mixed. Someone really liked the game, and someone writes that everything is terrible and puts one star in the rating. Most people like beautiful graphics.


Others note that the game can be played feasibly without any investment. The disadvantages turned out to be more significant because people complain about poor performance and a large amount of advertising in the game.

Many users ask the developers to release an updated version of the game because the plot and graphics are excellent, and from the technical side, everything is disgusting.

Key Features:

  • User-friendly interface
  • High rate
  • No fees

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5. Clash of Civilizations

This game might not be that popular, but still it has the strong resemblance with the Himankind game. Just like all the previous games, this one is an RPG strategy where your main task is to build your superior civilization and empire.

You will find yourself in a wonderful world where you can use the powers and provisions of the lands you own. This game has several genres at the same time, for example, strategy and tower defense.


Distinctive features of the game:

  • When first opening the game, you have to choose your civilization first.
  • You can build a plan of action absolutely independently.
  • The game allows you not to stop developing because you can exchange, sell or buy provisions.
  • The more cities you build on your land, the better since this way enemies have fewer chances for an attack.
  • You can play in real-time just with the participants inside the game or with your friends. If you want, you can team up and fight together.
  • Another nice feature of the game is that you can play on different devices, while not starting over, but continuing from where you left off.

Many users say that this game is the best that they have tried. People note the unique gameplay, beautiful graphics, and intuitive interface. In fact, the game has one of the best rankings and it seems like there are no significant bugs.

Key Features:

  • User-friendly interface
  • Play on different devices
  • Perfect graphics

6. DomiNations

DomiNations is also quite a popular game and probably no one can deny the fact that this is also similar to Humankind.

Just like in Himankind, here you will be travelling though centuries and take part in the most crucial historical events, and your actions will have the consequences for the whole humanity.


Distinctive features of the game:

  • Watch the small villages grow to giant cities and you invest your resources in them and support them.
  • For each civilization where the action takes place, you will need to build special forces and have a special approach to each of them, and only like this, you will be able to make it prosperious.
  • You will not get tired of the monotony in the game, because it is simply not there. You will be able to try out five different lands inside the game.
  • All the greatest civilizations including Romans, Germans, Japanese, Greeks, and more are presented in the game.

What is more, the game is remarkable for its nice 3D graphics in the cartoon style.


The battle modes are especially captivating and you can choose your battles as well. Before that, don’t forget to reinforce your troops.

Some players noted technical problems related to the Internet connection.

Key Features:

  • Traveling through time
  • Abundance of civilizations
  • Epic battles

7. Civilization Revolution 2

More interesting cultures, more interesting stories and more revolutions! This game is a sequel of a super-popular historical strategy game that will take you through the time back in the days when the old West spirit was still alive (and not only there!).

The interface is designed for all users, and each player will be able to understand it. Special attention should be paid to the graphics, which are made in half-cartoon style.


Distinctive features of the game:

  • Along with the most prominent civilizations, this game also presents the historical leaders, such as Benjamin Franklin, Lenin, Churchil and others.
  • The main focus here lies on battles and war tactics – so you should pay detailed attention to your troops in order to win wars.
  • The actions that you take will have the long historical consequences.
  • In the game, you can not only fight and defeat opponents but also build whole strategic plans of action for both defense and attack.
  • Try to develop also the technological supermacy of your nation. Therefore you will have more advantages.

In general, Civilization Revolution 2 is a nice competition to Humankind game with its own advantages and disadvantages. Apart from the benefits, that we have already mentioned, there are some issues with the game.


The reviews of the game are rather mixed – too many users have technical issues with the app. For some these are glitches, for some crashes, for others these are bugs that won’t let you buy some stuff in the game.

Key Features:

  • Famous leaders
  • Lots of civilizations

8. Hearthstone

If you like a constant change of actions, then Hearthstone is created for you. You will be able to learn dozens of interesting strategies and defeat all the opponents.

The interface of the game is logically thought out; you will be able to understand it from the first minutes of the gameplay. The graphics of the game will pleasantly surprise you, as the characters are drawn to the smallest detail.


Distinctive features of the game:

  • A wide range of combinations in battles will help you improve your character’s skills and make your hero a strong opponent.
  • You can fight and get additional bonuses if the outcome is good.
  • At the beginning of the gameplay, you can try out your skills with introductory tasks, and then move on to attacking your opponents.
  • When you are confident in your abilities, you will be able to challenge the heroes who have already earned a high rating. If you show your strength and skill, you can get unique rewards.
  • A striking feature of the game is that you will be able to fight together with seven other players on the same field. That is, you will not be alone, but you will have a whole team.
  • Another nice feature of the game is that you can play on different devices, while not starting over, but continuing from where you left off.

Many users say that they like the game; someone has been playing it for five or more years. People write that they are thrilled that there is an opportunity to constantly discover something new for themselves.

Others still note some shortcomings that are related to technical features. Sometimes the game automatically closes and people get an error, however, the developers carefully monitor such moments and try to fix them immediately.

Key Features:

  • User-friendly interface
  • High rate
  • Additional bonuses

9. Godus

At the first sight, this game has few similarities to the Humankind game but if we think about its initial idea – it’s basically the same. In this game, you are a God and you’re traveling through ages, helping civilizations to rise.

Distinctive features of the game:

  • Here you can create landscapes yourself.
  • You also have the supernatural powers to emerge the natural catastrophe, or, on the other hand, protect people from it.
  • And the main feature that is different from all the previous games is that here you all have the abilities to discover mysteries below landscapes.
  • Another feature is that you have the ability to move through time.
  • You need to grow and nurture civilizations up from the ground so they could evolve and prosper.
  • The game will not be boring, because you need to open and collect more than a hundred cards.

The rating of the game is quite good and is 4.5. Many users note that for a free game, the ratio of functionality and graphics is excellent.

The reviews about the game are mainly positive and no serious flaws are detected. The graphics are more 2D-alike with the cartoon elements, therefore, the game will be suitable for younger kids as well.

Key Features:

  • Magic element
  • Travelling through time
  • Solving mysteries

10. Sim Empire

A game with amazing visuals and graphics. This is probably the only game on our list that is similar to Humankind, but it has a different genre, – it is a city building simulator.

Watch your city is being built up from the ground at different ages and at different places of the world. Use human forces to build new objects and don’t forget to create new technologies so the whole process could go faster.


Distinctive features of the game:

  • You can monitor the current state of the construction process in the special section in the app.
  • At the same place, you can monitor the overall development of the city and the civilization itself.
  • Trade is also an essential part of the game. Manage the resources properly, whether you are playing in ancient Egypt or British Empire.
  • Manage your troops and conduct war campaigns (there are no live battles, but yes, there is a military element in the game).
  • There is a multiplayer mode.

The rating of the game is quite good and is 4.5. The feedback from users is mixed. Someone enjoyed the game a lot; while someone else thinks it’s awful and gives it a one-star ranking.

In comparison to all the previous games, this one probably has the weakest graphics. However, it’s not that bad if we’d look in the global sense.

Key Features:

  • User-friendly interface
  • Average graphics
  • Create your own kingdom

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11. ROME: Total War – Alexander

And to close our list, we have one more game from the ROME series, just because they have the strong similarity to the original Humankind game. Just like in the previous game ROME: Total War, here you have to lead your campaign, but the main leader is Alexander.

Distinctive features of the game:

  • Since all the action takes place at the time of Alexander, you will have to experience the invasion of the barbarians.
  • You will have to lead the Greek kingdom to Persia and take control over it.
  • You will have more than 50 different units of the army at your disposal.
  • The battles are still as epic as they were in the previous parts of the game.

This part has even a better rating than its predecessors, and all the reviews are mainly positive. The gameplay has become even more convenient and the game is optimized for each type of device. Lead your army to victory and build your empire in Total War – Alexander.

Key Features:

  • Lots of military units
  • Epic battles modes
  • Great graphics

Thus, in this list, we have collected the best games like Humankind. We are sure that every user will be able to find something suitable for themselves and enjoy playing.

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