9 Best Moaning Sounds Apps for Android & iOS

Best Moaning Sounds Apps

We can only guess what people use apps with different sounds for, but they have remained popular for a long time. If you opened this review, then you definitely have a good reason and aspiration. We have tried to experience the functionality of such services and selected for you these best moaning sounds apps. Some …

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11 Best Microphone Apps for Android & iOS


We all know taht our gadgets can be anything today and that’s also why sometimes we forget about their hidden features. A daughter of my friend recently had a concert at school where she was supposed to sing a kids’ song. And literally an hour before it started they realized something important had been missing: …

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11 Best FM Transmitter Apps for Android & iOS


You might say that no one really listens to the FM transmitters nowadays but it’s not exactly the truth. The statistics show that many people nowadays are actually continuing to listen to the radio each day. And seriously why not? It’s still a good way to entertain yourself and discover new songs. You may also …

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11 Best Hidden Voice Recording Apps for Android & iOS


Though the subject of hidden recording apps has been disputable over the last several years (because of privacy and personal data issues), the number of secret recording apps tells us that people are still deeply interested in them. Remember that famous scandal with the secret recording of Donald Trump’s conversation? No one would ever hear …

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10 Best Male to Female Voice Apps & Websites


Whether for business or fun, transforming a male voice into a female one, or vice versa without professional equipment, is not an easy task. Even although in recent years, mobile applications and services have increasingly come to our rescue. Besides, it is not surprising to get confused about their variety of functions. How to make …

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7 Best Speech to Text Apps for Android & iOS

Best Speech to Text Apps

Speech-to-text apps may seem like a strange concept, but they’re actually quite useful for busy professionals. If you’re always on the go or you think faster than you can write, the special programs can increase efficiency and store your recordings safe and sound via the cloud. Factors that you should consider when looking at voice-to-text …

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9 Best Speech to Text Software for PC

Best Speech to Text Software

No program can fully replace the manual work of transcribing recorded speech. However, there are solutions that can significantly speed up and facilitate the translation of speech into text, that is, simplify the automatic or manual translation of speech into text. There are special services to help with audio to text transcription. You may also …

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