5 Best PDF Voice Readers for Windows 10

PDF format is common among e-books and documents downloaded from various Internet resources. There are many multifunctional readers that are perfectly capable of reading such formats. Yet, not all of them can voice the text inside the document.

It is worth noting that this is an important feature, especially for book lovers. Now many people prefer audio formats. For example, they can be listened to while driving on the way to work.

However, not all books are in this format, which is very frustrating. In this case, these best PDF voice readers for Windows 10 will help you.

Among the other useful programs, we want to highlight these free photo scanning software for Windows 10 that will be great for you.


NaturalReader is a handy program that reads text from books and web pages. The app has a bright interface and supports the voice engines of various platforms. It also speaks e-mails and any documents opened on your computer.

To listen to a text file, you do not need to load it into the interface. You need to select the necessary fragment and right-click to call the voiceover from the context menu.

Even for inexperienced users, it is easy to work with the program, and you do not need to study the instructions. All the sound settings are set to the best parameters.

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Power Text to Speech Reader

Power Text to Speech Reader includes various extensions and effects. You can connect VST plug-ins, adjust the sound in the equalizer, add reverb, use a mixer. This is a great option for those who create their own audiobooks.

To add a text file, you need to click on the icon with a picture of an open folder or go to “Library” and then “Import File”. Then a preview window should appear.

The “Save” key will add the object to the Library. To start the conversion. It is necessary to specify the documents in the main window and click the Play button.

The program will ask you to specify the path to the folder where the finished files will be saved and will convert the book to that directory. The settings allow you to manually adjust the duration of pauses, dialogs, and direct speech.

At the beginning and end of the audio file, you can embed a block of announcements. For example, specify the author or even make a link to your account, if you upload the recording to the Internet. The audio is exported to MP3 or AAC.

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Balabolka is a widespread utility for generating sound documents. The program uses voice engines from different platforms. It also allows you to change the sound and speed of dubbing.

The work of the program can be monitored using the interface buttons, hotkeys, or from the taskbar. The program can sound the information you type, open the content of text DOC and RTF documents and HTML pages.

It also reads text from the clipboard with a voice, controls spelling blunders, and much more. The program can open several files simultaneously and speak the characters typed on the keyboard.

To reproduce information more specifically, there is a special dictionary of pronunciation corrections. In terms of the number of supported formats, it is one of the leaders among them. For example, it allows you to save the converted text to voice in OGG format.

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ICE Book Reader

ICE Book Reader is an e-book program that supports voice reading. You can compile internal libraries, edit downloaded files, and enable full-screen display. Adjust the speed, tone, and volume for voice simulation.

A big advantage is that Ice Book Reader is capable of recognizing almost any e-book format. Even in a document with an unknown encoding, the software will recognize the information.

For the most accurate reproduction, there is a special dictionary of voice correction. The memorable design pleases all users. Moreover, this app is available to everyone for free.

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ReadAloud is a handy text reader with a speech synthesis function. Automatically detects unknown characters and supports various encodings. You can search, make a library, load ZIP, and RAR archives. There is a night mode and backlighting. As for the sounding, the possibilities are basic.

There is volume control, fast or slow playback. You can also set your own sound settings. There is a built-in dictionary of accents. Supports the simultaneous opening of many documents and pronunciation of the typed characters.

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