11 Best Microphone Apps for Android & iOS

We all know taht our gadgets can be anything today and that’s also why sometimes we forget about their hidden features.

A daughter of my friend recently had a concert at school where she was supposed to sing a kids’ song. And literally an hour before it started they realized something important had been missing: a microphone.

They were about to have a little stroke of panic, until someone from the seniors had seen my friend’s phone and said that it could serve as a microphone as well. Neither she or a school technishian were aware of it.

That someone just took her phone, installed an app, then connected the phone to speakers and it really worked! They could never think it is possible to use a gadget as a microphone.

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So down below in the list you will discover the best 11 apps in this category that will help you to turn your phone into a small microphone!

1. Microphone

Yes, the name of this app is that simple because it truly works. We’re going to be completely honest with you it’s rather hard to find an app that will make your phone function as a microphone flawlessly, but it seems like it’s the case.

As soon as you install this app you can be sure that you will get the best input quality possible. Of course, it highly depends on the physical microphone that your device already has, but the Microphone app will help you to significantly improve what you already have.


You will see a set of configurations as soon as you open the app. First of all, you will be able between 2 different modes: a classical mic or PTT one.

Then you will need to set up the gain range. The higher the number there, the further you can hold your device from your mouth while speaking/singing. Then you will also need to set the phono.

What is more, there is an equalizer that you can set up – you can do it manually or choose one of the presets. Plus, you can set up the channels for your microphone in one o the sections. And that’s not even it!

In the extended settings section, you will get a chance to highlight the focus of the microphone, to set up the auto-hide controls, so it would fit the type of the recording better. The interface of the app is more than simple and it’s actually a totally typical Android app, but it almost has no flaws and all the users praise it in the comments.

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2. WO Mic

The reason why we put this app on the second position on our list is it’s one of the few microphone apps that is suitable both for Android and iOS. It’s super simple, even compared to the previous app, and it will suit those users who want to get somehting easy and lightweight.


In fact, as soon you download and instal this app you will see that you’ll only be able to control the volume of it. When using WO Mic, connect your phone to the speakers and that’s basically it.

With this app, you then will also be able to use your phone as the microphone for your computer.

However, you should be aware that WO Mic can be not compatible with your device – easpecially if you use WiFi or Bluetooth connection. Many users compain they have issues with the app. However, if a super simple and versatile microphone app is what you’re looking for then you should try it out.

3. Mic Speaker (Karaoke Microphone)


This app includes much more functions and you can see it right away from the first moment that you open it.

First of all, you need to choose the type of connection that you’re going to have for your device – is it an AUX cable, Bluetooth, WiFi, USB cable – anyway, all those types will be shown on the display and you just click on the necessary one.

Then you can choose special settings for each special type of connection that you choose. You can add/remove echo and enhance the noise reduction.

And as the comments show, the app does really work on the majority of devices. There are some delays in work, but everything depends on your phone. Thus, we highly recommend this app.

4. Live Microphone & Announcement Mic

We almost forgot to tell you that the majority of apps on this particular list are going to be Android apps.


Here is another more or less decent microphone app for Android that brings quite a decent sound quality. However, you can use this app only in case you don’t need to connect it to the speakers – in other words, it is more a voice recorder than a microphone.

The feature that makes it a microphone app and why we included it on this list is its ability to record your voice on the music playing in the background.

The developers also claim that you can somehow connect it to the PC however, you will need additional software for that.

The biggest drawback of Live Microphone & Announcement Mic is it has tons of ads.

5. Microphone Live


This is another app, but for iOS that you can use both as a microphone and sound recorder. When you first launch this app you need to choose which device you want to connect it or just go for a simple sound recording.

All the devices available will be displayed in a special section. After you connect your device you will be able to set up the volume of the input – and that’s the only setting that is available here.

All in all, Microphone Live is a truly decent app that doesn’t have any problems with connection – and this part is crucial in the work of the microphone app. You can see it has a very decent ranking on the App Store so it’s definitely recommended.

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6. Microphone

One more extremely simple app with an even more simple name – however, we included it on our list because it’s one of the most popular apps in this category on Google Play.


You don’t have to do anything to make it work – you just open the app, connect your device to speakers and then tap on the microphone sign – and there you go!

The purpose to which you’re going to use it is up to you. The app will turn your device into a micorphone, suitable for karaoke or public speaking. Eventually, everything will depend on the technical abilities of your phone.

You won’t be able to remove echo while speaking but it doesn’t sound so bad in comparison to what is happening in other apps. What is more, the app has excellent users’ reviews so you basically have nothing to worry about here.

7. EZ Mic | Microphone

Basically, an analogue of the previous app, but it’s available for both platforms: Android and iOS. As soon as you open this app you need to choose the type of device you’re going to connect your phone to and then just use the microphone.


The quality of the sound will be more than decent and there is almost no complains about it from users on both App Store and Google Play.

What is more, you can add different effects to your voice using this app. You can find the configurations at the bottom of the screen. There is no autotune effect, unfortunately, but it’s enough for pranking your friends.

Please note: in order to connect this app with your phone as a microphone to a PC you will first need to install the special software on it that you can find here.

8. Megaphone!

Well, this app isn’t that popular yet, but you can become one of the explorers and try to use it. The reason we put it on our list is because it’s available both on App Store and Google Play and it’s easy to use.

When you open the app, you see the image of the microphone. In order to activate it and turn your phone into one, you need to connect your device to the speakers using WiFi or wires. Ones it’s done, you can do a single click on the switch on/off button and then the mic should be activated.


There is also a possibility to connect the phone to the speakers with this app via Bluetooth but in order to do that, you will have to upgrade to the Pro version.

In fact, the developers claim that the range of devices to which you can connect this app is much wider, but as we can see in reality they don’t almost work. So for this option, we would recommend keeping it classy – connect this app to a PC or speakers only.

At least there are no complains about the quality of the sound that it brings. Therefore, you can be sure taht Megaphone! is capable of turning your device into a mic. Well, almost.

9. Pro Microphone: Vocal Studio

Even though the name of this app promises us the best professional sound and turning our devices into a real professional microphone, we should check before we go down to it, right? And actually, if we take a closer look, we’ll see that it’s not really all that sunshine and rainbows.

Let’s start with the advantages of the app. First of all, it’s remarkable for its beautiful interface design (judging on this list it might seem that all the developers of microphone apps are blind). So this is probably the only app that you don’t want to take your eye away from.

When you first open the app you can see there is 3 types of microphones that you can choose from:

  • dynamic (works better for live performances and live singing)
  • condenser (works better for the studio recordings)
  • studio (in this case, it’s not really clear, probably this microphone just includes a wider range of effects)

Don’t forget to connect your phone to the speakers before you start adjusting the settings of the microphone. As you already guessed, each type of mic includes a number of them – you can adjust the volume, delay, reverb, add effects to your voice, and even choose the pattern that you wish your microphone would have in real life.

It is really authentic for the whole category of microphone apps because none of the apps previously mentioned was providing possibilities like this. However, you still should have to pay attention to the initial technical capabilities of the microphone that your gadget originally has.

What is more, there is also a recorder that you can use along with the music playing in the background and even the sound editor. So this app is basically a little studio on your phone.

Now let’s talk about the drawbacks and why we actually put Pro Microphone so low on our list. The biggest problem with the app is it doesn’t have any trial period. Officially, it does, but lots of users complain that it charges the money immediately as you start the trial period.

And even if you request the money return, they don’t give the money back. And yes, it can actually happen that the app isn’t compatible with your phone and the mic won’t simply work. So for this misfortune, we wouldn’t recommend this app to anyone, only to those who have more or less powerful devices.

10. Extra Mic

In contrast with the previous one, this app is super simple Android app which is, nevertheless, quite popular among users. The original description of it is in Chineese, so here is a short guide on how to use this app:

  1. You need to connect your device to the speaker or PC
  2. Open the app and adjust the volume of input
  3. Make sure that the connection successful and then use the app
  4. When you want to stop, just close the app or disconnect the device

There are some amounts of ads in Extra Mic, but it’s not crucial, after all. If you want to have a lightweight and simple app, Extra Mic might be something you’re looking for. However, pay attention that some users complain that the app gives too quiet sound.

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11. Microphone

We wonde how many app are actually out thee that have this simple same name? And how the users would find them on Google Play…

Anyway, this last but not least microphone app on our list seems another decent choice in case you’re looking for a mic app for your device. The distinctive feature of it will be suitable for the devices the built-in micorophone of which is not that powerful.


Due to its extended settings of sound, the app will significantly increase the initial capabilities of the physical mic in your phone. First, you need to connect the phone to speakers using the app and then adjust all the frequencies, constantly testing the sound to see what is going to sound better.

What is more, you can turn the equalizer down and just proceed with the flat regular sound. The best part about this app is that it’s completely free. A little misfortune that the interface design isn’t perfect and can be a little bit difficult in usage.

And even though there are some frustrated comments from users on Google Play they don’t seem to be relevant so we’d rather reccomend this app to you.

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