11 Best FM Transmitter Apps for Android & iOS

You might say that no one really listens to the FM transmitters nowadays but it’s not exactly the truth. The statistics show that many people nowadays are actually continuing to listen to the radio each day. And seriously why not? It’s still a good way to entertain yourself and discover new songs.

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It’s really convenient to have an FM app right on your smartphone so you can listen to it anytime! In the article down below you will discover the 11 best apps that will find the best radio stations for you.

1. Pandora

This app has become the leader of the streaming apps industry not so long ago – well, maybe it’s not that famous as Spotify, for example, but it’s for sure the best FM transmitter apps.


Pandora is an app to discover new incredible and amazing songs and podcasts about everything – starting from cooking to personal stories. This app was released in 2010 and continues to delight us with its not only high-quality but also new music.

It’s remarkable for its easy-to-use interface. You can hear to music every you wish and discover your adored music genre only by the description! And this function is endowing life.

Another advantage of this FM transmitter app is that Pandora can create your song mix, based on your normal and ordinary preferences.

This app has also a pretty and beautiful design for comfortable usage. All the user’s comments are positive, only one disadvantage, that Pandora doesn’t have a lot of radio stations!

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2. Tuneln Radio


Tuneln is the app that provides a great variety of radio stations, where you can discover the latest news, fascinating and interesting podcasts about cars, sport, and everything. The company Tuneln Inc. released this app in 2002 in San Francisco.

Tuneln has a great number of really different songs from all over the world, namely from 179 countries. It’s been on the market for a while already and the fact that t’s still trendy tells us about the fact that the developers are looking for a constant improvement of it. It has more than 100.000 AM/ FM radio stations with music, sport, news.

Users write nearly whole good comments, but the only drawback of this application is the excessive quantity of advertising. You can download it both on Android and on iOS.

3. MyTuner Radio


From first sight, MyTuner doesn’t look like something attractive, but the number of features and radio stations that it provides can outshine all the looks of this app. You can hear to music wherever you are and whenever you can. The interface of the app is designed quite conveniently so you don’t need to be an advanced user to handle it.

You can discover their lots of fascinating and incredible music different genres and melodies. You can sort songs by different parameters, including artist, country, year, and so on.

You can listen to any song without using the internet conneciton. There are 30000 radio stations on MyTuner Radio.

You can discover all kinds of music you love and create your own playlists by your mood or song’s genre. That makes it easier to discover the right song collection. What is more, the quality of this app is confirmed by the users’ positive reviews.

4. Sirius FM Radio

Sirius FM Radio is another nice app that where you can not only just listen to the radio, but also listen to it to a music streaming service. It is comfortable to use anywhere you can because it is possible on Sirius FM Radio to download songs and listen to them in offline mode.

This application can create lots of playlists or just browse for the music using the search in the app. This application has an excellent variety of qualitative songs, comedy and informative podcasts, and the latest news.

Unlike in many other apps, in Sirius, you won’t find that many ads, which is definitely an advantage. Sirius FM Radio is remarkable for ordinary design, nothing superfluous, but it is everything required for such an app. Plus, it’s completely free which is fine.

5. Radio.Net


Radio.Net is a really excellent application, where you can discover your favorite stations, lovely songs, and new music. 30 million radio stations are corresponding to the state or country. One of the features that really stand out is that this app can find your location and select radio stations based on the results of where you are.

The app has nearly excellent feedbacks, the only thing is that the interface design can be a little comprehensive, however, it’s far from being called a drawback. The design is executed in minimalistic colors and looks quite stylish.

6. Stitcher Radio

It also works as a streaming service so you can actually choose the track that you want to play. Almost all genres are presented on Stitcher Radio.


Plus, the distinctive feature of the Sticher Radio app is its extended panel of settings that allows you to configure the sound exactly up to your preferences. In this app, you can not only listen to music but you can also find the best podcasts about sports, news, and comedies.

People, who use Stitcher, are pleased with this FM transmitter app because there are no annoying ads. However, there is some negative feedback since it doesn’t work for all countries, unfortunately.

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7. Replaio Radio

If you’re looking for a more simple FM transmitter app for Android you can go for Replaio Radio. In fact, this app wouldn’t have that many advantages in front of others, if it wouldn’t have that convenient Android design.

There are more than 30000 radio stations, you can discover a grand variety of different songs all over the world.

In the app, you will find both music and intellectual podcasts about everything: starting from recipes ending with sports news.

What is more, Replaio Radio is interesting for its additional features: timer, recorder, etc. Once again, it’s not just an FM transmitter app, but also a music streaming service where you can find any music you like. The only thing you should keep in mind is that the app doesn’t work in offline mode.

And if you take a look at the comments section you will see that the app almost doesn’t have single negative feedback.

8. Audials Play – Radio and Podcasts

One more radio, which is not only the radio but also the music streaming service and the podcast platform. It is absolutely free for everyone in any country – therefore listeners from all around the globe can find it useful.

The app can create personalized playlists, depending on the music you’ve already listened to. Of course, it only depends on you whether you want to visit this section. You can also find in the search line your favorite singers and songs in all the genres you like.

Considering the design – nothing really special here. As you launch the app you can start listening to the radio stations right away in the special sector. But even with the most basic features we still recommend this app because it doesn’t have any significant flaws – it just does its job quite well.


9. Free Radio Tuner

The name of this app speaks for itself, probably. An analog of all the previous radio apps, this one looks similar to iHeart Radio. There are more than 30000 different radio stations all over the world, in about 200 countries.


When you open the app you need to first choose the country where you want to research for local radio stations. Among the features of the app, you will discover an alarm, reminder, and sleep timer, in case you want the radio would be turned off automatically when you can’t do it physically.

The interface design is quite lean here but for the users who came for the functionality and not the accessories here, it will be more than enough. Just open the side menu and choose what you would like to do – exploring the hot 100, search for songs, or listen to the live broadcast?

However, if you pay attention to the users’ comments you will see that some features simply aren’t working and there is also a lot of ads.

10. iHeart Radio

We put iHeart Radio this low on our list since it’s already been on the market for a while and nowadays there is a lot of fresh apps in this segment, so it’s kinda losing positions. Still, for those who prefer to keep it old-school, this is quite a nice FM transmitter app.


There is an attractive, but the ordinary interface in white color. It has a great number of different podcast groups, and in every group, there are lots of podcasts on one topic. However, podcasts aren’t what you came for, right? Considering the music aspect, iHeart radio has always been one of the leaders so if you want to listen to the latest world smash hits, this choice is definitely for you.

This app is free, but it has also a premium version, which has direct broadcasting the well-known performers, and when the song is playing users can see the text.

The only thing is that the interface is not really smartly designed so to the person who uses this app for the first time ever it will be tricky to get into the subject.

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PCRADIO is an excellent FM Transmitter App on the Internet. It includes some common functions, such as timer, searching, sleep controller, saving mode, and alarm with your favorite song. In addition to that, you can search for separate tracks in the app and create playlists based on your preferences.

If you want, you can add a radio station or a song to your favorites. And even though the looks of this app might be not the prettiest in the world, it really looks like an FM transmitter app in its classical sense and truly provides a large variety of radio stations to choose from.

It has more than 20000 different radio stations. You can hear to podcasts in your native language if you want. You can also see from the comments section that users from all over the world are using this app and pretty happy with it. What is even better, the app can work even with the lowest Internet speed.

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