Snap Charge App Review

Snap charge has been around for a while (more than a year) and has already managed to win a loyal fan base. Conundrum lovers will surely be pleased, as this application is an excellent example of a non-trivial puzzle.

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Snap Charge1

In fact, you have to install dynamite, so that the transmitter gets to the desired limited area. The task will become more difficult with each level, from the simplest to the most complex, in which you have to calculate not only the location but also the time of the explosion of the object. 

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Snap Charge2

Interact with bombs, rockets, cylinders, and other structural elements that the developers have prepared for you. Combining knowledge from previous levels will help you cope with more and more challenges.

You can also contact the developers at any time, they often answer the comments of users, and you can also write to the mail address and express your wishes and suggestions for improving the game.

Snap Charge3

The game has an eye-pleasing minimalistic interface and a simple color scheme that does not strain your mind. In conclusion, we would like to mention that the game is completely free and every fan of the genre should enjoy the process of solving puzzles.

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