11 Best Apps Like Chegg in 2024 for Android & iOS

The Chegg app is a great helper for all high school and college students because it makes it easy to get to grips with topics you don’t understand. It contains a huge number of tutorials and advice from experts.

Yet, this service is no exception and it has worthy rivals that offer more features. We will tell you about them in this review of the best apps like Chegg in 2024 for Android & iOS. Try them all or download the one that suits you best.

If you have some difficulties in solving math tasks, then try these best math word problem solver apps for Android & iOS.

Course Hero

Course Hero is an app where you can ask all of your academic questions. Would you like to do your homework quickly and learn all the material? Then download this program.

There are a lot of experts on different subjects. Forget about buying textbooks, extra study materials. It’s got everything you need to raise your level of knowledge.

The material is presented in an understandable way. Keep all the material you need. Soon you can visit your library of knowledge and find a lot of useful information.

This app has a lot of nice features. You’ll start to learn better. It’s easy to find information that you can’t find on the Internet. Take photos of assignments you don’t understand and paste them into the section where the camera can recognize the information.

All study materials will be in the public domain, you can always go into them and start studying. Besides, be aware of all assignments. You will receive notifications.

Find solutions to physics problems in Course Hero. Ask the program if you did the task correctly or not. You will become more literate and learn new things. Reinforce what you have learned. It is wonderful that there is such an innovation!


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Bartleby is a platform with a lot of great experts to help you improve your grades. No matter what subject you want to improve, you can find absolutely everything here.

You can come in here every day and look for help. Don’t go to tutors and don’t waste your precious time because everything you need is in this program.

Topics on preparing for various tests, surveys in this service are plentiful. Start finally getting good at physics, computer science, and other subjects. For detailed tasks, go to a special section and scan the problem or example through the camera.

This app is constantly being updated and adding new features. At this point, you’ll be able to get a full explanation from an expert and support in the work you’re doing so you don’t have to fold your hands.

The app will provide all the materials you need for a comfortable learning experience. You can find detailed solutions in seconds and watch video tutorials with them. What could be better? To start using this app, make an account. Upload the tasks you would like to know the solution to.

Recommend the program to your friends and study together. Learn new ways to solve problems, and learn how to apply your skills to practical work.


Socratic by Google

The Socratic by Google utility allows you to solve math examples and problems. To do this, you need to take a picture of the question with the camera of your mobile device.

It is also possible to read detailed explanations. To solve a mathematical example or problem, you need to take a photo of the question with the camera of your mobile device.

The function of automatic recognition of the area with text or numbers is supported. Besides, users can select the desired part of the document manually. With the help of artificial intelligence, the utility analyzes the task and suggests an answer.

Detailed explanations of the correct solution are also available. With the app, users can access tutorials explaining how to correctly solve a particular problem. There is an opportunity to view videos on the topic of the lesson.

After recognizing the problem, similar questions from other students also appear on the screen. You can read expert comments and visit online resources to connect with teachers.



With the Brainly app, students can get help with their homework. It is possible to choose a subject, ask a question and get an answer.

The database contains a large number of questions on various school subjects. To use the app, you need to create an account with an email address and a password.

It is possible to log in with an account on Facebook. To get help with your homework, you need to take a picture of the task. Then you need to select one of the following subjects. After posting the problem, other participants will send solutions with explanations.

You can choose the answer you like and rate it. The utility allows you to find a ready solution in the database. You need to select a subject and use the search bar. It is possible to leave a comment and test the answer.

Users can independently solve the tasks of other community members. You get points for correct answers. They can be used to add new questions.



Zookal is a study-assistant app. Did you need courses to prepare you, to work through certain topics at school or university? Everything is included here.

You can do everything calmly and efficiently, and you can also ask experts to check. It is awesome that you can choose a specialist to your liking. You can always contact the expert if you have any questions.

As soon as your tutor manages to solve the assignment, he or she will send you the materials. It is worth noting that all the people who teach here have a certain classification. Only educated people work here. You need to create your own office for further work.

You will always be able to keep track of how many assignments are made for the day, week, and other periods. There will be a kind of statistics. Go to Facebook and follow Zookal Study, see all the new things that are added often.

Rejoice in your find, don’t miss this opportunity to start studying with professionals. In just a few days, in the subject you wanted to understand, you’ll do just fine.



StudySmarter is a platform for learning well. Do you need to learn something worthy and have no regrets? StudySmarter is definitely right for you.

This program is for pupils and students. Nowadays, it is very difficult to find a suitable teacher, who would be great to explain the topics.

Here you will be able to create a library of worksheets on which will be written notes on the past lessons. Besides, there are various knowledge contests. You will be able to join communities where your subject is explained.

Don’t miss a class, keep track of all the reminders the app sends you. Boost your performance and start learning for your own pleasure. What’s more, you’ll be able to plan your own things and write them down.

Take screenshots so you can revisit the information later or write in your notebook. Users love StudySmarter, there is a lot to go over ahead of time and tighten up the back ends as well. Try doing a dream class, you should definitely enjoy it.

With an app like this, it’s not hard, everything will go on in an entertaining way and you won’t even notice how you’ve started to make progress.


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Answers is an app with answers to all your homework questions. This program is necessary for studying, it’s great for keeping up with your grades.

You will be able to find not only the solution to just cheat but also a complete explanation. With this app, you will do exercises with pleasure.

The masters of their subjects help kids with impossible tasks that are also difficult to explain in the institution. Usually, students stop understanding the topic after such situations, and then they stop learning everything at all.

To avoid such situations, your chosen examiner will occasionally check the work. In this way, you can grow toward success in knowledge. This is great! Find the solution to the difficult examples in the detailed written version.

Don’t be afraid to ask your tutor questions. Everyone is learning here and it will be appropriate to ask and clarify something.

The app has a nice interface and the same graphics. Everything is simple and really interesting. Nothing is laggy. If the questions have filled your head, then email.



Studydrive is a program where you can find help for a difficult study assignment.

A huge number of people have downloaded this app to eliminate problems with program misunderstandings.

So why is the Studydrive app so relevant? All because you won’t have to scour the entire internet and look for the right answers. This one program has it all. There is a large amount of material for great homework preparation.

Find like-minded groups and join them immediately. People there support each other and share solutions. Want to prepare for exams quickly and without cost? Then you need to choose the subject on which you would like to consult.

What’s more, you can create cards and study the material efficiently. You will be able to communicate with the same students. It is possible to find new friends here. For certain actions, you are given prizes. You can track them in the settings.

The Studydrive app really works well. Make your preparations for tests and exams as interesting and comfortable as possible. Do not hesitate to download such a great program! Call your classmates, let it all become easier with such a heavy load in today’s world.


Noon Academy

Noon Academy is a program in which you can find a convenient form of learning.

Such an app will come in handy in your studies. You can easily hire tutors for different subjects and study online and offline. The app approaches education in a very responsible way.

By actively studying questions and getting answers to them, you can learn a lot. You can group with like-minded people and prepare together for tests and exams. Teachers have a lot of experience in their profession, as well as with communicating with people.

You can easily find contact with anyone. You will learn through games, entertaining videos. As you go through the lessons, you’ll be able to compete in mental tasks with others and assess the quality of your knowledge. What’s more, you can open the app when you want and write to teachers.

Leave messages for tutorials with different experts and wait for the approval. Here you will be supported and to some extent supervised, so that you do not neglect the tasks.

Take notes, make presentations, and more. Revise what you have done. You will be able to put all your work in one folder. Noon Academy is a great program that meets all your expectations.



Studybay is a program that will teach you anything you want. This app is used for studying.

Are you looking for help with any subjects? Do you want help with a difficult homework assignment? You have found the app that will really help with that.

Don’t spend extra money to go to a tutor who won’t tell you much of anything useful. Here tutoring is detailed and essentially all the explanations. Your knowledge will be tested. Choose what you want to pump yourself up in.

No need to ask for help from other people, because there is no accurate guarantee that you will be helped, and even more clearly explained. Tell your personal expert how much time to complete the task. The expert will help with absolutely everything, you can not worry.

Ask to explain all the topics you missed. Don’t be shy, because you need to learn about everything in the field you’ve chosen. Create all of your work on the recommendations of the experts.

Studybay has many advantages. Here is a very collected team of partners who are always ready to answer questions about the app. Furthermore, here you can check texts for plagiarism. Start using Studybay and make difficult assignments easier. Share this program with your friends.


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My Study Life

My Study Life is a program for keeping up with good grades at school and university.

Did you need an app that can give you all the materials you need to study well? The My Study Life app will do everything you can. You’ll be able to save everything, and when you need to, go in and check the information.

If you have problems with any subject, here you can easily pull up what you’ve missed. Moreover, the program is not only for children but also for adults. A parent can arrange for their child to have classes with a tutor and track their progress.

You will have a definite schedule for completing the lessons. You won’t be able to hold off on turning it in for long. Besides, you will be able to create folders that will be useful to you in future cases. You will be able to consolidate material and repeat.

It’s worth noting that My Study Life can be used in airplane mode. That’s great! Synchronize data also from your smartphone to any other device and don’t think you can’t open it. You can finally forget about the mess in your head and start scheduling your day.

Specify what and when you’ll get done, so you can get a lot more done. My Study Life is very popular with users. Start preparing responsibly for your work!


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