9 Best Box Puzzle Game Apps for Android & iOS

Are you looking for a way to spend a fun time and reduce stress? We can highly recommend playing some lightweight and entertaining games – simple puzzle games. They might seem like something feasible at the first sight, but you’ll be surprised how helpful they are.

Or, you can use box puzzle games not only for the stress-relief, but for the aesthetical pleasure – most of them have interesting and catchy styles, so it’s always fun to explore new ones. Plus, these games help you to develop your creative skills as well as your reaction.

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Check out our article down below and find out the best box puzzle games for you!

1. Open Puzzle Box

The first game on our rating list is Open Puzzle Box. This is a quite popular puzzle game that installs in a few seconds. The game works very well and does not hang.


The major task there – solve puzzles to open various boxes. The game consists of a great variety of levels – from simple to difficult ones. By the way, Open Puzzle Box boasts a magnificent design. It contains properly developed graphics and animations. Plus, the app guarantees simple navigation.

Moreover, the developer constantly updates the app version to satisfy all users’ needs and wishes. The only drawback that we have noticed there – many users complain that sometimes the game slows down and intrusive ads constantly pop up.

So, we advise you to try this game. Interesting puzzles, amazing design, and convenient navigation – all these things you will find in Open Puzzle Box.

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2. Metal Box! Hard Logic Puzzle

Do you want to boost your logical thinking? If your answer is “yes”, then we would like to provide you Metal Box Hard Logic Puzzle.

The app is not very popular and it takes small storage space. Plus, there is nothing difficult in this game. All you have to do- carry out a wide range of tasks and puzzles. There are both easy and complex levels. So, you will not get bored!  

In case, you don’t know how to pass a level, you can click on the Hint button to receive help. Besides, if you do not understand how to play a certain game level, the app provides you a quick guide. So, you will easily find out how everything works there!

Moving on, the app’s design fully matches the game genre. However, some users find the game design a little bit primitive. To sum up, the Metal Box Hard Logic Puzzle is truly worth trying. The game is very involving – we have played it for days and still can’t get enough!

3. MechBox: The Ultimate Puzzle Box


The next interesting tool that we would like to bring your attention to is MechBox. It is available for both smartphones and tablets. The game is quite lightweight and installs very fast. Plus, while playing, we have not noticed any lags or bugs.

So, the major goal of this game is to hack the box, but you can do it only when you solve challenging puzzles. Besides, if you get confused while playing, you can use the hints. The best part about this game, all the puzzles are not the same. So, you will be fully involved in the game process!

What is more, MechBox comes with an intuitive design that guarantees a user-friendly interface. All the animations are developed in detail. All in all, we believe that MechBox will suit everyone. We have not found any significant cons in this app. However, some people mention that this app constantly crashes.

4. The Box of Secrets

Are you looking for both an addictive and challenging game? In this case, we have to recommend you try The Box of Secrets. The game is not well-known, but it quickly installs. Plus, it works steadily and does not crash.


In this game, you should solve a great number of puzzles to open boxes. While playing, you will have to explore safes with combination locks, mechanical or ancient boxes, and so much more. What is more, if you do not know how to pass a certain level, the app lets you useful tips. 

As for the app’s interface, it really impresses. The game offers thoughtfully developed objects and animations. Guaranteed enjoyable game process! Overall, The Box of Secrets is an excellent game. We have to admit that all the users are satisfied with this game.

The only disadvantage that we have found there – sometimes the game can be difficult to navigate.

5. The Jackbox

If you do not know how to pass your free time, we would like to provide you The Jackbox.

The app does not slow down or crash. Moreover, in this game, you will find an entertaining plot. The clown Binxy hides something in the boxes and your task is to open them by solving challenging puzzles. More than 60 boxes are waiting for you! 


By the way, The Jackbox features stunning graphics that provides a special atmosphere. Plus, the app comes with a well-developed design that makes its interface quite easy to manage. However, many users find that the provided missions are not difficult at all.

Among the drawbacks of this app, we have to highlight that it contains ads and in-app purchases. Moreover, only the first 30 levels are free.

To conclude, we really liked The Jackbox. Entertaining gameplay, excellent design, and engaging puzzles – the major features of this game. Hurry up to try it – we hope you will not regret!

6. The room

The room is our next entertaining puzzle game. This is our first app that comes with a paid version, but it is truly worth its price. This is a highly popular app that is available only for IOS.

The game consists of a great number of levels. On every level, you will find a huge box that contains various secret compartments, divisions, and locks. Your task is to open the box.


Moving on, The room features a fascinating graphic style, special effects, and a convenient interface. Besides, we were pleasantly surprised by involving gameplay.

In addition to the aforesaid, the app comes with simple touch navigation. So, you will not face any difficulties while using the app. The great bonus there – it supports a wide range of foreign languages.

However, we have to admit that many users complain that sometimes this app does not operate well – it freezes and crashes. In general, The room is a magnificent app. Interesting storyline and wonderful realistic graphics are the main advantages of this app.

But there is the only disadvantage there – it comes with a paid version.

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7. Puzzle Box

Puzzle Box is a combination of a great number of multiple puzzles. Jigsaw puzzles, sliding puzzles, rotating puzzles, and others are waiting for you in Puzzle Box!

The best part about this app – it offers an extended number of levels – from simple to complex ones. So, you will not get bored! Another useful feature – the game does not require a constant internet connection. So, you can play anytime and anywhere you want!

What is more, the app features high-grade graphics and a straightforward interface. So, the pleasurable playing process is provided! As for the distinctive options of this tool, there are top-quality pictures, amazing backgrounds, soundtracks, and so much more.

To sum up, Puzzle Box is a great app. We have not found any negative comments from the users, so we hope you will also like it!

8. Box Puzzle: Classic Puzzle

Box Puzzle: Classic Puzzle is not a popular game, but we think that it is worth to be mentioned in our article. The game does not take a lot of storage space. So, there is no need to waste too much time on the installation process.

Firstly, we have to mention that this game features its simplicity of usage. Moreover, it comes with a minimalistic design, that’s why even small children will quickly find out how to use it.


So, how should we play it?

Drag the color blocks to move them and create lines on the grid vertically or horizontally. The great plus of this app – it does not have any time limitations! As for the other advantages there, it is totally free and does not require a constant internet connection.

By the way, the app allows you to check a built-in leaderboard. Therefore, you can easily check the results of other users. We have not found any significant cons in this app, but the only thing that we have to mention – some users can find the game’s interface a little bit outdated.

Summarizing all the points, Box Puzzle: Classic Puzzle will be suitable for everyone – adults and children. If you want to increase your puzzle-solving skills, then this game is certainly for you!

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9. Inside the box

And our last puzzle game is Inside the box. This is not a popular app, but it’s full of interesting features. The game is available for both Android and IOS.

While playing, you will face various boxes. Your task is to open them, but you can do it by solving a particular task. The majority of puzzles will require you to find numbers, code words, or solve mathematical tasks.


In case, you have difficulties while solving the puzzles, you can use the provided hints. Besides, all the puzzles differ from each other. No doubt, this is a great bonus there! By the way, Inside the box comes with a user-friendly interface. So, you will not have to face any difficulties while using this app!

Among the flaws of this app, we have to mention that some users find the puzzles a little bit boring. Interesting story, amazing graphics, and challenging tasks – all these things are waiting for you in Inside the box.

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