PingIt 1984 App Review

PingIt 1984 is a futuristic air hockey game for practicing your fingers, in which your circles have to hit the opponent’s zone to win the round.

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PingIt 19841

The first level is always the easiest, you don’t even have to strain – there will be no opponent in this round. It’s worth noting that the car will get smarter and faster, how far can you get? If you can pass all 99 levels, you will get the crystal of power that you can use in the future.

PingIt 19842

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The plot of the game is quite entertaining but does not wiggle on the gameplay. You are in the dystopian future of 1984 year, people have succumbed to the system. A grim automated world has turned people into empty shells. And everything you need to know about the plot!

PingIt 19843

The beautiful graphics need to be noted. Probably one of the most colorful and memorable on the market. And the audio accompaniment is so rhythmically and organically fits into the game that sometimes you don’t even notice it.

The developers have worked very well on the game mechanics and intelligently created artificial intelligence, which complicates your game with each level, by the end of the game it will be incredibly difficult to outplay such an opponent. 

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