11 Best Night Vision Apps for Android & iOS

Night vision devices seemed to become the ordinary thing in our life, however, not all smartphones initially have the camera powerful enough to provide the perfect vision when dark. The apps that you will find down below will not only help you to enhance the quality of your camera but will give you a chance to do the best pictures and videos even when it’s midnight.

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1. Night Vision Simulator

This is one of the most popular apps on Google Play – and it’s really decent.

Of course, the interface design is a little bit obsolete, but the number of features which are available during the usage is quite impressive – you can zoom in and out, adjust the brightness of the camera, change filters – from green to blue one, depending on the situation, rotate the camera and use the flash.


What is more, you can click on the configuration button at the corner of the screen and then the window with all the additional settings will open. There you will see that you can choose the video quality, the size of photos, change general settings, adjust sounds, and many more.


But still, if you have an old device naturally, this app won’t make miracles. In this case, you need to try to have at least minimum lighting – and then you’ll be able to shoot an atmospheric and captivating video that looks like you actually made a night vision camera shooting.


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2. Night Vision Camera Simulator

Another night vision app that allows you to have fun and pretend that you have a cool night vision camera. In fact, depending on the possibilities of your device, it can do a great job – if only you adjust some filters correctly.

The only thing is you need to stay away from being in the complete darkness – make sure there is at least a torch on the street/in the room so the camera could work. It almost never works in the total darkness.


All in all, the app is super simple, but still, it is quite popular on Google Play. You just open it and can see how the visibility in twilight will be improved. Start filming by pressing the camera button at the top. An interesting element of this app is that it also contains a compass which is supposed to help you to orientate yourself in darkness (well, it doesn’t really work).

You can also go to the settings section. There you can adjust the focus or switch on the flashlight, switch on a timer, and also remove some icons from the home screen of the app.

What is especially great, you can set up the color layers for the camera – thus you can improve its night vision. Adjust the brightness and sharpness right in the live camera and see which effect works best. You can also make the picture black&white and also layer the green effect.

The only thing, many users complain that the app has lots of ads, so be prepared for that.


3. Night Eyes LT

Finally, you say, we have an app for iOS on this list. Night Eyes LT has been on the market for a while already so this is the first proof that it actually works.

However, when you first open it, don’t expect something extraordinary or anything like that – the design is obsolete and in general, the app works like a regular camera, but with the possibility to choose the night filter.

What is more, there is a possibility to zoom in/out when you are taking pictures. With the exposure time of one second, Night Eyes LT truly allows to take a more or less decent picture in the COMPLETE darkness – and this is probably, the main advantage of this app in front of two previous ones.


You can rotate the camera in the way you want: you can take pictures in horizontal or in vertical mode. Depending on the lighting and the situation, you can choose various filters to layer on the picture:

  • green
  • white
  • blue
  • red yellow

The app works both on the front and rear cameras. When you open the app you will see the toolbar in the lower part of the screen and will be able to configure the settings and take pictures and videos. The users’ feedback is mainly positive. Everything tells us that this is a quite decent night vision app for iOS devices.

4. Night mode & Binoculars Zoom HD Camera

If you’re feeling playful and you want to feel like you’re in a Cyberpunk game, then this app will bring this kind of feeling to you. All you have to do is to download this app and then open it and take a picture.


The distinctive feature of this app is that it doesn’t really have any additional settings and possibilities for customization. All the things to make your night vision better are already built-in and the only thing you have to do is to take the pictures.

You might think this would overcomplicate and worsen the process, but in fact, the app does its job quite well. To be completely honest, the end result depends on the technical abilities of your device and if it has optical stabilization – you can make great pictures even in twilight.

Despite all that, the app has an enormous amount of ads and this is probably its biggest drawback. Seriously, it has so many ads, it’s even hard to take a picture sometimes.


5. Night Mode Camera


Quite an interesting night vision app for Android that stands out at least for its interface. We mean, it still works in the way, that you open the app and launch the camera, and then you can take pictures. It’s all about the unusual design of the app.

You will be able to choose the pixel size right on the home screen and zoom in/out the pictures. There are also several modes in the app that allow to layer various filters on the image – to achieve a better effect with the photo.

This app is quite unpopular at the moment and won’t work on every device.


6. Night Mode Zoom Photo and Video Camera (Low Light)


Another night vision camera app for Android but this one is more for having fun than actually trying to take pictures in the real darkness. The main idea of it is you can layer different filters in the live camera mode (for example, green, yellow, red, blue color) and then adjust their brightness and crispiness.

Therefore you get the night vision camera. And if you’re not talking picture in twilight you can get a pretty good image at the end.

All the configurations are available right on the main screen in the lower part of it. Zoom in pictures, change filters.

The interface design is quite simple. In general, the app is trustworthy and does allow taking pictures in darkness but the abundance of ads can scare you away.


7. illumes Lite (Night Camera)


Another simple app in this category, but it seems to be working. It is super easy to use – you need to just open it and you can start your shooting.

Here you can both take pictures and film videos. You can use both frontal and rear cameras.

One of the best features of illumes is that it doesn’t have ads – unlike the previous app.

Set the timer if you want, zoom in/out the pictures, and have fun!

You can also use the flashlight if needed.


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8. Night Vision Flashlight Thermo


In case you want to take pictures in the style of the thermal camera and just have fun without trying to actually see something in the dark using this effect – this app for iOS is a suitable choice.

You just open the app and then you can start using the camera right away – it will highlight the objects with different colors on the screen.

In general, there are very few features, and it’s even more simple than the previous apps for Android.

The significant drawback here is the app freezes often.

9. Night Mode Camera (Photo and Video)


If you’re looking for a night vision camera app with a better interface design, you might want to choose this app. Unlike the previous apps, this one contains more features and it’s clear that the developers put a thought into the design.

You can zoom pictures and also adjust the quality – the leverages you will see at the lower part of the screen. The feature of focusing on the objects is available as well.

Once again, don’t expect that it will allow you to shoot in complete darkness. Plus, the app has lots of ads that is getting in the way when you just want to take pictures.


10. Night Vision Thermal Camera


This app is a more multi-functional tool that allows you to not only activate the might vision lens, but also use the thermal camera and detect various objects on the picture.

Of course, its work isn’t perfect, but the thermal effect here is especially cool and you can use the Night Vision Thermal Camera at least for having fun with your friends.

You just launch the app and you can see the camera right away. The settings are unavailable and you have to work simply with what you already have. You can choose whether you want to shoot videos or take pictures.

We really recommend using only the thermal camera for night vision here since many users complain that the night vision camera doesn’t work.

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11. Night Vision

This app might not be the best in terms of the quality of the picture, but hey, it really works! Because of the multiple layers of yellow and blue filters, it can really provide you the night vision via the camera of your device.

Despite the fact, the app isn’t popular on Google Play it provides quite a clear picture and works really simple. All you have to do before you actually launch the app is to choose the resolution. Night Vision is compatible with all Android devices.


So it’s pretty much it for our list of night vision cameras. In the end, the only way to find out which one will work best for your phone is to test them yourself. Pay attention to the notes we put in this article and good luck!


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