9 Free Yawcam Alternatives

Wi-Fi cаmеras are inexpensive and easy to set up. For a very low cost, you can put Wi-Fi cameras all over your house. They can help you keep an eye on your child’s room or keep an eye on the entrance when you hear strange noises at night.

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Yawcam is great software but in case you don’t have an access to it we picked up the best 9 alternatives to choose from.


The developmеnt of Danish specialists is notable for its simplicity and quality at the same time. It is designed to work with 8 camеras and record in AVI format. The free version allows you to save video images for 5 days. There is no such limitation in the paid version.
XProtect includes the latest XProtect Smart Cliеnt with a user-friendly interface for everyday operations:

  • camera contrоl;
  • simultaneous viewing of live video or recordings;
  • fast search with the Sequence Explorer;
  • fast data creation and expоrt.

The free utility can be used without any time limit, and updates are available. It is quite suitable for video surveillance of an apartment, house, and small office.

The program works with almost all devices on today’s video equipment market. As for computers, it is designed for 64-bit OS.

Basic Functions:

  • Number of cameras in thе system — up to 8;
  • Number of recording servers in the system — 1;
  • Maximum number of camerаs on one recording server — 8.

Thus, the choice of video surveillance software for the computer today is quite large. There are many decent options both in the paid and free segment. The choice of the system will depеnd on the tasks you want to entrust to it. However, before you install such software, you should buy an appropriate camera.

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Software designed to work with 100 models of webcams. It does not support IP cameras. Suitable for all the latest versions of Windоws. A great option for home use or for installation in a small office. WebCam Monitor.

A free utility can control 10 cameras. The user has the ability to watch videos from anywhere in the world. Recording starts when the motion or sound sensor triggers, as well as according to a set schedule.

The owner of the system will be informed by SMS or e-mail about the sensor triggering. The captured video material is compressеd to a small size and automatically sent to a remote FTP-server.


WebCam Monitor allows you to monitor and record video, saving in memory either continuous video, or individual frames at a given time interval, or individual frames recording changes (motion) in the camera field of view.

Captured footage can be automatically sent to a remote FTP-server, appearing in the form of a Web page, the structure of which (headers, captions, design) can be customized. In addition, WebCam Monitor can notify by e-mail about the changes.

Multi-monitor systems are supported. The interface in French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish. Both 32- and 64-bit OS are supported.

3. IP Camera Viewer

This Wi-Fi camera app does exactly what its name says. The free version is solely for viewing IP cameras on your network. Install up to 4 Wi-Fi cameras in your home and add them to this app to always view them on your screen.


Setting up the cameras in the app is very easy:

  • Click the “Add Camera” icon.
  • Choose whether it will be an IP camera or a connected USB webcam.
  • Enter the IP address and port number of the Wi-Fi camera.
  • Enter a secure ID and password, if your camera has one.
  • Select the make and model of your camera.
  • Click Test Connection if you want to make sure your settings work first.
  • Click OK to add your camera to the Home screen.
  • That’s all there is to do. If you want advanced features such as motion detection and alerts, you need to upgrade to Security Monitor Pro for free.

4. Periscope Pro

Periscope Pro is an easy-to-use app that uses your Mac’s built-in camera and microphone or an external camera and microphone to make video wherever it’s directed – on your desk, front door, filing cabinet, refrigerator, or anywhere else you want to watch, including when someone is using your Mac when you’re not home.

There are sophisticated motion detection systems that you only record when some people are watching. You can also use both intermittent recording and continuous recording, depending on your needs.

Periscope Pro connects through your account and automatically saves the video on file immediately after it’s taken, so you can watch it wherever you are – on the stairs, in town, or around the world.


With Periscope Pro, you can do the following:

  • Keep track of your personal documents and your Mac computer;
  • It’s easy to use and takes less than a minute to set up;
  • Three modes of operation: motion detection recording, intermittent recording and continuous recording;
  • Motion Sensor Mode;
  • Choose to ignore or detect small movements, such as curtains moving in the wind;
  • The maximum video clip size is adjustable from 1 MB to 500 MB;
  • Optimally compress video clips to save hard drive space;
  • Automatically send clips to your Dropbox account so you can view them from anywhere;
  • The app can be hidden from users;
  • The clips are hidden deep within the file system structure;
  • They are password protected, so only you can use the app;
  • Automatically creates folders and saves files by date, making it easy to find clips;
  • You can run it when you log in, when you start your computer, or manually;
  • It does not interfere with other programs that run automatically;
  • Compatible with internal and external cameras.

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5. Abelcam

ABELCAM is a fairly easy-to-use program with which you can work with a webcam (simultaneously with several), TV tuner, and other video devices. It allows you to broadcast video with sound in real-time. Works in manual and automatic modes.

AbelCam is a multifunctional application designed to work with webcams, TV tuners, and other video devices, allowing you to broadcast video with sound in real-time. At the moment, the program works with 3587 different video devices. The full list of supported equipment can be found here.


AbelCam can be effectively used for organizing real-time video surveillance. The application allows you to use several webcams at the same time, which can be controlled both automatically and manually.

It is possible to configure the webcam to react only to move or take screenshots at specified intervals, then record photos and videos on a computer hard drive, remote web server, or send them via e-mail.


AbelCam has the ability to adjust the quality of video and audio, allows you to save videos in different formats (WMV, JPG), and has a built-in video editor for video editing. Also, the program has a GeoIP function, allowing you to determine the location of people caught by the camera, and a built-in chat for group communication.

The application also allows you to:

  • Configure the webcam’s response to motion;
  • take screenshots at fixed intervals;
  • save photos and videos to your hard drive or a web server;
  • send photos and videos via e-mail;
  • adjust the quality of photos and videos;
  • edit videos;
  • chat in a group chat room;
  • locate people who have been filmed with the camera;
  • arrange live broadcasts.

6. Agent Camera Viewer

AgentWeb is a highly packaged Android WebView, easy to use, with a progress bar, file download support, simplified Javascript interaction, chain calls, and a library for enhanced web security. Allows you to integrate a lightweight browser into your application with a few lines of code.



  • Support for progress indicators and custom progress indicators;
  • Support for file downloads;
  • Support for intermittent file downloads;
  • Support download notification form to indicate progress;
  • Simplified Javascript interaction;
  • Support for Android 4.4 Kitkat and other versions of file downloads;
  • Support for cookie injection;
  • Enhanced web security;
  • Support for full-screen video playback;
  • Compatible with lower versions of Js for secure communication;
  • More energy savings;
  • Support for WeChat payment setup;
  • Support to set up Alipay (please refer to the sample);
  • Support default positioning;
  • Support transfer to WebLayout (rollback effect);
  • Support custom WebView;
  • Support JsBridge.

7. Arbel Home Security

Arbel Home Security digital video surveillance system is designed to organize monitoring and surveillance of large, medium, and small objects, crowded places, offices, stores, hotels, banks, parking lots, country cottages, and city apartments.

Arbel Home Security has advanced video analytics. Natural disturbances (rain, snow, light changes, etc.) are detected by a multilevel motion detector, which minimizes the probability of false alarms.


The video surveillance system also allows you to configure the detector to detect different types of moving objects (people, cars, etc.). In addition, Arbel Home Security is easily scalable, so it can be used on a variety of sites, changing the configuration as needed.

The Arbel Home Security video surveillance system software has an intuitive interface. This makes it possible to work with the system for users who have no special training.

Arbel Home Security system functions:

  • Conversion of video signals coming from analog video cameras into a digital form;
  • viewing images from video cameras in a multi-window mode, in sequential view mode, in full-screen format, in high vigilance mode;
  • archiving to removable storage media;
  • remote viewing of real-time video images, audio playback, and viewing of video archives from multiple servers on the workplaces of system administrators and operators;
  • control of video camera actuators (rotary cameras, optical zoom controls);
  • control of standard video devices (quadrators, multiplexers);
  • printout of individual frames on a printer.

8. IP Cmera Viewer

The video surveillance software Camera Viewer is designed specifically to work with IP cameras and cloud surveillance services. It can be used to perfectly configure your video surveillance system using special service. 

 Its most important functions include:

  • Viewing video recorded by cameras in real time;
  • viewing video archive;
  • Possibility to simultaneously display video from multiple video channels;
  • video material display in sequential order;
  • motion detection;
  • picture quality adjustment.

Another main feature of Camera Viewer is the ability to simultaneously monitor the picture from multiple cameras. Their maximum number for simultaneous display on the monitor — 64 pieces.

Camera Viewer is able to automatically change the signal display from one camera to another. Agree that this is a very useful feature, given that you can connect up to 64 cameras simultaneously. At the same time, you will have a problem keeping track of everything that is happening on the screen. You will easily be able to follow every detail.

This video surveillance program immediately captures even minor movements, gives an alarm message, and captures a frame for a detailed view of the possible culprit.

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9. Xeoma

For several years now Xeoma has been one of the best video surveillance programs in the world ratings.

It succeeds in it due to several advantages:

  • The clear and concise interface that can be used by people who know only the basics of using a computer;
  • Support for Windows, Linux, Android, iOS platforms;
  • simultaneous connection to 3,000 devices of 430 models (8 models in the free version);
  • The possibility of using trial, free, or paid versions;
  • Unlimited resolution of the image.

In addition to standard functions of simultaneous monitoring of several objects, image archiving, configuration of the motion sensor and notification SMS or mail, it is possible to save the archive on a cloud service, which saves space on your PC, remote viewing with mobile devices, remote access to the settings.

The advanced paid version has about 100 options. The program does not require installation and administrator rights. You can switch to a PTZ preset.

Switching to PTZ preset is a professional feature that helps you better respond to events in different parts of rotating camera images.


As long as the camera moves according to a preset “tour” and makes “stops” in certain areas of the camera’s field of view, Xeoma will be able to perform different video analytics in each area. One camera – one tour – multiple video analytics options for each preset, including integration with external devices.

As you can see, there are many free options for setting up your own home surveillance network using only inexpensive Wi-Fi cameras and any of these free desktop camera apps.

Try several of these apps and see which one is best for you. Once you choose one, you’ll have a useful, inexpensive home security system that will keep your home and everything in it safe.

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