11 Free Catholic Bible Apps for iPhone & Android

Reading and studying the Biblical sacred writings is an integral part of the life of people devoted to the Catholic faith. That is why developers created the free Catholic bible apps.

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Catholic Bible: Daily reading

This is an app for reading the complete collection of the Catholic Bible. Here you can find the complete edition of the book with all the poems in the original collection.

This app also contains a number of handy features that make reading the Bible much more exciting.

One of these functions is notes. This add-on provides the ability to leave notes in the margins next to a specific verse or sentence.

This means that while reading the Bible, you will be able to leave your additions in it and when you finish reading it, you will get the original bible with some additions in the only existing copy.

Another convenient feature is navigation. This means that you can type the number of a verse or chapter into the search bar and find the text you need.

Also, if you don’t remember the page numbers, chapters, or verses, you can still find them by typing the first words of the desired text passage into the search bar.

When you enable certain settings, this app will be able to send you various kinds of notifications about read or unread chapters of the Old or New Testament.


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This is an appl for full immersion in the holy world of the Bible. Here you will have access to several hundred versions of the Holy Scripture in more than sixty world languages. This app will make you more enlightened in the world of the Bible.

Users choose this app because of a number of features that turn out to be irreplaceable. for example, here you can set up an audio system and not only read, but also listen to prayer verses and texts with the correct pronunciation of each word.

The Bible app can be customized exclusively for you: add musical accompaniment, listen to the holy scriptures in the format of an audiobook or in the format of a sacred hymn, increase fonts to discern ancient languages or study the Bible in different versions with translation into world languages.

Moreover, this app is interesting because all the illustrations from the scriptures are presented here in a detailed image. You can view them both in color format and in the original black and white.

Among other things, there are both personal and public notes in this app. This means that you can leave comments both in your personal diary with the scriptures, and highlight a certain section of the text and post comments to it so that other users will be imbued with your ideas and thoughts.


Bible – Catholic Study

This app is created not only for reading, but also for deep study and analysis of the scriptures. Here you can not only get into and be inspired by the ideas of God, but also understand where they do not follow from, what they really mean, and also apply these ideas in real life.

In Bible – Catholic Study, you can find not only the scriptures of the old and New Testaments, but also educational collections and materials from people who have devoted themselves entirely to the teachings of God.

In these tutorials you will be able to find answers to many questions that interest you, as well as immerse yourself even more in the study of the biblical worldview.

There is also an audio format feature in this app, thanks to which you can listen to the scriptures in any place convenient for you.

Moreover, all books, texts, as well as sacred manuals from this app can be downloaded to your mobile device and studied offline.

All materials uploaded by you will be stored in sorted folders for your convenience. In the search bar of the app, you can at any time find the text you need in a specific chapter in the downloaded book.


Bible for Catholics

This is an app that offers to read an absolutely original text of the Bible, which is publicly available. Also, this text is available in a translation by Ronald L. Conte Jr. – the only translation recognized by the public that is as close as possible to the original content.

Also, the Bible for Catholic library stores reference materials that have been used to translate, edit and confirm the originality of sacred texts. Each user of this app, if desired, will be able to study these reference materials for a more in-depth and detailed analysis of the scriptures.

The texts here are divided into chapters by the names of the postulates, so navigation through the books is carried out without difficulties.

Also, you can leave your personal notes in the margins next to the verses. Also, you will be able to bookmark the texts you have already read, so that each time you start with a new holy verse.


Verbum Catholic Bible Study

This is a universal app for reading the scriptures, in which you can find a huge collection of materials with explanations and original texts of sacred books and verses. Here you can also create your personal library of sacred texts by uploading the works you need there.

Verbum Catholic Bible Study is interesting because here you can use not only the scriptures offered to you, but also add new ones.

For example, if you have seen a book about God somewhere and want to read it, you can scan its cover in this app and download it to your mobile device in electronic format, thereby adding to your own electronic library.

This app is recognized as the most powerful and convenient resource for reading and studying the scriptures. Your downloaded materials can be downloaded to your mobile device, after which you can read them offline.

Also, there is an audio book function, thanks to which you can not only read, but also listen to the scriptures with the correct origin of the ancient language, or translated into another world language you need.

In this app you will find many editions of the Biblical scriptures from various world translators and editors. To add these materials to your personal electronic library of sacred texts.


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The One Bible App

One Bible invites you to get closer to God through reading and studying the scriptures that are collected in the library of this application.

Here you will find both the texts of the new and Old Testaments, as well as materials written by people who study faith and everything connected with it all their lives.

Users of this app can communicate with each other through public notes, that is, you can highlight an excerpt from a verse or text that interests you and post your comment on it. Perhaps other users will get into your ideas and will also be able to convey something to you.

All texts and materials of One Bible are checked before publication. You will be able to get acquainted with the reference materials confirming the verification in the One Bible library.

Also, all books are available in both simplified and original editions and translations for the convenience of users.

Also, here you can bookmark the necessary verses and materials to start with a new scripture every time. Moreover, you will be able to highlight your favorite texts so that you can come back later and analyze them in more detail.


Sainte Bible Catholique

This is an app that will tell you everything about the Catholic religion, its ideas, beliefs and principles, as well as its representatives.

To do this, the creators of this application have downloaded an entire library filled with holy scriptures, as well as materials dedicated to Catholicism. These materials are written by employees of Catholic churches with certain titles.

This app allows users to plunge into the world of Catholicism in any of the world’s famous languages, as well as using Catholic holy scriptures in various interpretations and translations. The authenticity of all translations is confirmed by reference materials that can be found in the reference app.

There are many works collected here that tell about Catholicism and its ideas. here you can learn about both the origin of this religion and its spread to the whole world.

Moreover, the main book of the Catholic religion, the Bible, translated and officially confirmed in terms of originality and maximum reliability, is kept here.

You will also be able to listen to sacred texts in audiobook format with a reliable translation into the language you need and with the correct pronunciation of words, which can cause difficulties when reading independently.


Catholic Bible

This is an app that provides a classic version of the Catholic Bible. Here you can read and study the scriptures in detail, as well as bookmark and comment on some passages from the text.

In this app, you can highlight certain proposals, and then leave comments on them publicly. This means that other users will see your ideas, thoughts, and words.

Also, other users will be able to leave their answers to your comment to either supplement or discuss it. Thus, you will be able to find friends for yourself who pursue the same beliefs as you in the matter of religion and lifestyle, respectively.

Be sure that here you will find God’s responses and answers to all the questions you are interested in that relate directly to your life.

You will be able to join the divine beliefs, goals, ideas, and try to start living in a new way. In addition to the most important book for the persecutors of the Catholic faith-the Bible, in this app you can also read other materials related to this religion and its development and emergence.


Catholic Bible

This is an audio bible that you can listen to both online, together with other users, when a priest from the Catholic Church will read the Bible at a certain time, and offline at any time convenient for you.

Also, in this app, of course, you can try to read the holy Bible yourself.

If you have problems with reading and understanding certain words, you can find them in the reference materials, where every ancient word that the authors chose not to translate will be carefully painted, so that the meaning and message of the sentence will not be lost.

In addition to other materials, this app contains a unique collection of all Catholic books officially recognized as sacred and used by priests in the Catholic Church.

You will be able to add the poems you like to your personal library and after a while create a complete collection of the poems you like, which will exist in one copy in electronic format on your mobile device.

Also, there is navigation through books, chapters, materials, poems and even certain sentences. You can find the scriptures you need by simply typing them into the search bar through the first words, or through the number of a chapter, verse, or book.


Catholic Bible

This is an app for studying and in-depth analysis of Catholic Biblical writings through reading and listening to them. Here, after registration, users can study the classic edition of the Bible in translation, which is officially recognized as the closest to the original.

Here you will also have access to a library of about a hundred materials, after studying which you will be able to understand how the Catholic religion appeared and developed.

Also, the spread of this religion has interesting details, which you can learn about by reading some materials from the library of this app.

Also try listening to various materials from the library in audiobook format offline, that is, at any time convenient for you.


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The Easy to Read Bible

This is an app with an extremely friendly interface that can be used by a user of any level. Here you can find collections of the most famous authors who have devoted their entire lives to Catholicism and writing materials about it.

Here, as a user, reference materials will be available to you, confirming the originality, authenticity, as well as the maximum approximation to the original of the scriptures.

Moreover, the reference materials contain simplified translations of the scriptures, which you can read if you do not understand any verses in the translations of the holy books.

Moreover, you will be able to listen to all the materials from the library of this app in audiobook format with correct pronunciation.

Also, you can leave comments and notes to your favorite poems or sentences. In addition, you will be able to highlight and save those sentences and poems that you liked the most in the scriptures read.