7 Best Horse Bet Calculator Apps for Android & iOS

Horse racing takes your breath away and keeps you in suspense until the end. Especially those who bet on sports know this feeling. The key is to calculate the odds correctly. With these best horse bet calculator apps for Android & iOS, you can get the most out of your actions. 

If you don’t have enough money to bet then use these best apps to borrow money straight away.

Bet Calculator

Many people are now fond of sporting events and participation in betting companies. This allows you to earn money from predictions, match results, and games.

For those who do not like to spend a lot of time calculating the exact odds and analysis of possible winnings just have this convenient and simple app in the form of a special calculator.

The calculator analyzes the data you provide and gives the most accurate numerical result. With it, you can roughly understand your possible winnings from the bets placed on the matches and games.

You can use the service from any convenient device. Your odds obtained in this calculator will be the most accurate and up-to-date. Choose the niche for which you want to make a prediction and enter all the necessary data into this incredibly convenient service.

With it, your betting programs will succeed and become the most popular. You can use the information you get for personal purposes as well as share it with your friends and acquaintances.


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Sports Bet Calculator

If you are passionate about contributing to the outcomes of various sports matches and events, then this app will be useful for you.

Here you can in seconds get a detailed prediction of the amounts to bet on various matches. See the most accurate odds of the outcomes of games and learn about your prospects of winning.

You can get this data by using the super-accurate calculator. It allows you to calculate even the odds of individual events in an entire express betting series. You can save all of this data for later use or share it with your friends and acquaintances.

You will quickly get to grips with the functionality, as it is as convenient and simple as possible. Just enter the data you need and get the result of all the events you are interested in.

You can use this counter on any of your devices. The developers of the app are always in touch, so you can contact them at any time of the day or night.

Write to support if you have any questions or suggestions to improve the service. You’ll get a quick response and advice on any questions you might have.


Sports Betting Odds Calculator

Many people are now making money by investing their income in various betting companies that calculate bets and winnings on the exact score of sports games.

You can use this calculator to find out about the approximate profit from the amount you contribute.

Your odds and contribution after the calculation will show how much money you can get if the outcome of a sporting event is favorable in your direction.

There are several formats of winning percentage rates supported here, so you can do the calculation according to the most convenient one for you. You can also calculate your possible betting income for any of the sports industries.

After obtaining the data, you will rationally assess your risks and opportunities, which will allow you to determine and make the right decision.

You will easily understand the functionality and interface of the app. Soon you will be able to make statistics and analysis of possible profits not only for yourself but also for your companions.

With this service, you will get the most accurate data, so you will not make mistakes in your bets and winning plans. You will have all the data in front of you, so you can use it immediately or save it and use it later.


Free Bet Calculator

Since the topic of making money from bets is becoming more popular, many people have become interested in ways to calculate the correct odds of possible winnings.

This is not a problem now, as there is a calculator with many built-in tools.

They help to make the calculation as accurate as possible, which allows you to get a large profit from investing in the outcomes of sporting events.

To get the latest and most accurate predictions of winning and profits, you only need to enter the necessary data into this service. It will show you all the possible outcomes, depending on the selected features and conditions.

You will instantly receive a prediction of winnings, which will allow you to notify your clients and just your friends. That way you can maximize your own profit and that of your friends who are also interested in this way of earning.

Enjoy betting on sports outcomes with the help of an accurate and up-to-date odds and winnings percentage calculator.


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Sure Bet Calculator

Now you can easily make your own predictions on winnings in sports betting and match outcomes.

You can use all the available tools of this app because it supports several formats for calculating odds and allows you to choose the most convenient for you.

You can handle the obtained data in any way you like. You can save all the forecasts shown in the service somewhere on your device, send them to someone you know on the network, or just keep them for comparing other outcomes.

You can calculate your possible risks and winnings, which will even allow you to act as a representative of your own betting company. Earn tabs on the outcomes of matches and invite others to earn.

Use the most accurate and up-to-date data obtained with this calculator. Different formats for calculating odds will allow you to get results on several types and variants of bets.


SetAndWin. Bets calculator

Surely many people have already invested their money in various companies to make money by guessing the score of a match, corner kicks, or players who will score the last goal.

But many people do not even know what kind of winnings they should expect from the bet placed.

To avoid such problems there is this app. It is a program for quick and easy calculation of the total winnings of betting on the outcome of a sporting event.

You can calculate your possible profit from a bet on any sport. You can not use the function of guessing the score, goals, penalties, etc., because it is only a tool to calculate the winnings by odds.

But here you can make the whole statistics based on the received data for a certain period. You can also use them to find out the most accurate predictions about the latest winnings on the staked outcomes, or the possible losses.

This app is especially convenient for experienced bookmakers who make a huge number of bets and want to see the possible winnings on each of them.

Here all the data will be stored on your device in memory until your personal deletion. You can use them to check and sum up the final calculations.


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Parlay It!

Now you can calculate the most accurate possible winnings from the money bet on various sporting events. These can be both single events and expressions, in which the total odds are calculated.

To calculate the data, you do not need to include your mathematical skills and break your brain.

This calculator will do everything for you with lots of built-in tools and functions that make it even more convenient and easy to use.

You can calculate the profit of a winning outcome on any of the sports matches. Choose the branches of sports that will be most interesting to you and earn from them, minimizing the risks.

Now with the calculator, you can even calculate your income for a certain period since all the data is saved in the memory of your gadget. Analyze your income and improve yourself all the time.

With this calculator, you will learn how to find out your approximate winnings and even use the data to create your own express bets according to their odds.