13 Best Last Seen Tracker Apps for All Socials (Android & iOS)

Many apps allow their users to hide their online status and time online. This can be a problem for those who want to know what the other person is doing. For example, for parents who care about their children’s pastimes.

Such apps are very popular because every one of us uses messengers and social networks. Do you want to know when a particular user was online? Then try these best Last Seen tracker apps for all socials.  

We also recommend you these best CB radio apps as a secure alternative to messengers.

WA Agent

The WA Agent app is suitable for checking a user’s online status on WhatsApp. You need to add to the system the number you need to track.

The app will notify you about changes in his or her activity. Track when the user got in and out of the network, as well as how much time he or she spent online.

The app generates all the information in detailed reports for a certain number of hours, weeks, or months.

You can add many numbers if you buy a subscription. Any number you add can be given a name to make it easier to navigate among all your contacts.

This app will be a great tool for parents who want to keep track of their children’s WhatsApp activity. 

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Chatwatch checks in real-time to see who in your contact list is online and for how long.

The tracking feature can’t be fooled, even if you turn off the Last seen mode, which hides activity data in the app.

Because this app can track your contact list, it can identify when your friends are talking to each other by comparing their activity data.

By installing the program, you can see when your friend last logged in to the messenger, as well as what time he or she goes to bed and wakes up. 


The next tracker to track user activity on WhatsApp is WAchase.

Here you can track any number you are interested in. This function is available completely free of charge to all users.

Once you add a number, you can view the current network status and earlier activity.

You can use the app without restrictions for 6 hours. After that, however, access does not end. You just need to view the ads to keep track of other users’ unrestricted activity.

This service also allows you to add more than one number to track online activity.

This service has a support team that is available almost around the clock. If you have any questions or problems, you can refer to this section. 


The Whatster app helps you increase your productivity by tracking your time online.

You will also find out if your friends are online at a certain moment.

This service does not require registration and allows all users to use the tools for free.

If you want to use this program for parental control, get the consent of the users being tracked. Add your children or other family members.

The list of services where you can track users’ online activity is quite large. For example, Twitter, Tiktok, Instagram, and Whatsapp. 


The InstaOnline app will give you access to detailed reports on a user’s Instagram activity.

This way you will know how much time the person spends online.

By comparing some factors, you can even understand who he or she is communicating with.

When the user you’re tracking shows up online, you’ll be notified immediately. All the data will eventually be compiled into detailed analytics.

One of the things that makes this app awesome is that the app has ongoing support for all users.

The service is free, but you can buy a subscription to get access to extra features. 


The FamilyKit app is designed for use by parents. Here you can track your children’s online activity. This will help protect them from extra use of social media.

Services like this don’t set any time limits on use, so it’s up to you to do it yourself.

You will get a notification when your child is online. To do this, add the user’s phone number.

This service will show you a detailed report on how much time the user spends on social networks. The app continues to track activity even when you’re not using it. That is, it can work offline.

This is a free app that doesn’t have ads. You can also buy a subscription that will renew every month. You can cancel it in the settings. 

Online Tracker Last Seen Notification

Let’s move on to the next app which is called Online Tracker Last Seen Notification.

If your family members are too addicted to their phones, this app is a great tool for tracking them.

It will show you how much time your kids are spending online. If you track many users, you can compare their numbers with each other.

You will know which messengers and how much time children spend on their phones.

As soon as the user appears online, you will receive a corresponding notification. 

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The LastSeen app is designed to track a user’s Telegram activity. It is suitable for family use and for other purposes.

The service is easy to use, which is something those who have already downloaded the app like to do.

You will receive instant notifications when the tracked user appears online.

All the data, just like in similar apps, is eventually formed into detailed reports with all the statistics.

Along with that, this app shows when the user was last online and how much time he spent online.

This is a free application, but all functionality is only available for three days. 


LogWhat is a handy tool for parents who want to know more about their children’s online activity.

Check if they are sleeping at night or communicating on messengers and social networks.

Get notifications when a user starts using a certain service.

View graphs in daily, monthly, and yearly reports. The hour’s graph will show what time the user is most often online.

This is a free app that also allows you to buy a subscription to gain access to extra features. 


The Lasty app will help if you notice that someone is deliberately ignoring you.

Sometimes the offline status doesn’t mean that the person is not online, but that they don’t want to communicate.

With this service, you will be able to determine exactly what is really going on.

It will show you when the user was online and whether they are using the selected app at the moment.

If the person is online, you will receive a notification about it. To do this, enter the specific user’s number.

All services that use phone numbers for registration will be displayed in this program. 


Rodwa is another app for tracking users’ activity in the messenger WhatsApp.

The time spent online is clearly recorded in this service. When you use it, you will receive detailed reports on the user’s statistics received.

Now your friends will not be able to ignore you for no reason, and children will not be able to secretly spend all their time online.

You will also be able to understand who users are communicating with if you track the online time of two participants.

This app provides access to its features for free to all users. There is also a support section that will help you if you have any questions about how this app works. 


Logify is an excellent tracker of users in various messengers and social networks.

This service works with WhatsApp, Telegram, and other platforms.

Notification will appear on your phone when your friend, child, or wife appears online.

Track the activity of family members or any other users. Here you can add many accounts that you want to keep an eye on.

Like previous apps, there are activity reports with clear graphs. There is a paid subscription, but you don’t have to buy it to use the basic features. 

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Last but not least is the OnKit app for tracking the online status of WhatsApp users.

Especially it will be a great helper for parents who care about their children and are interested in safety and proper development.

You will be able to track your child’s actions on social networks and messengers. When he or she appears online, you will receive a notification.

You will also get detailed reports on the time spent online. Among the periods available are a day or a month. You can add up to ten users. 

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