9 Best Anime Games Like Danganronpa for PC

Anime is a huge culture branch that had break out beyond Japanese borders a long time ago. Even though some people might be sceptical about this genre, it actually inclues lots of top-quality content, like the Danganronpa game.

The hallmark of this game that it was created not just for the sake of playing, but it also implies a great plot – a group of students are secretly told to murder each other within a certain period of time. The game is a visual novel.

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And as every visul novel, it comes to an end, sooner or later, and what to do then? Don’t worry, we picked up the best similar games in this genre for you.

1. Zero Escape: Zero Time Dilemma

The final part of the acclaimed game series Zero Escape, which was released in 2016. You can buy the game for the 3DS, PC, and PS4 platforms for 25-40 dollars. Available on Steam for PC users.

The player meets the initial scene in the prison, where he is given a choice of two coins, each of which triggers irreversible consequences in the plot. The gamer will have to solve a lot of puzzles and find the most profitable solutions.

The interface is designed in a classic style for this series of games. The graphics are reminiscent of narrative games such as The Walking Dead. What is noteworthy: the screen is not overloaded with indicators of health, endurance, and other things. The player may have the feeling that he is watching a movie. The only difference is that the plot is laid by the player himself.


The game stands out for its graphics. It is cartoon-like, and therefore most emphasizes the anime genre of Zero Time Dilemma. Decision-making is the main feature of this line of games. The player can view how the decision branch develops, which will motivate them to complete Zero Time Dilemma several times.

The game has a drawback and a significant one. In fact, it does not show any radically new mechanics, but only contains a new plot. Perhaps the developers did not dare to add something new to the final part of the series.


Players are divided in their opinion about Zero Time Dilemma. Someone notes that this is a great end to this line of games. Developers are praised for a more detailed decision tree because it has become significantly larger. Some note the similarity of the plot of Zero Escape with the horror film “Saw”.

Many gamers are outraged that the integrity of the story is lost, as in the previous series. They also note that the puzzles are, for the most part, easy. The study of the latter is lame. In their opinion, the final of the trilogy could have been better.

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2. The Silver Case

A remake of the 1999 game, which is available on PC, Mac, and PS4 for $ 15-25. It is made in the genre of a visual novel, which is a mixture of detective and adventure.

Each level meets the player with arenas-locations where you need to investigate the causes of crimes, find clues, and communicate with witnesses. Fans of text quests will especially like The Silver Case: the game is very much tied to the text.


The interface is made in the classic version of visual novels. The screen is divided into three parts: the image of the talking character, the scene itself, and the text. The font is easy to read and does not strain your eyes. In the settings, you can adjust the speed of its reading.

The Silver Case stands out, first of all, for its plot and user-friendly interface. Many will like this gameplay design, which is made in the genre of text quests. The player can use items, change the viewing angle, and interact with characters.


Despite the simplicity of the gameplay, it will be difficult for many players to get used to the controls immediately. In some places, it is very uncomfortable, which can push you away from further passage. The plot itself is short and can be completed in two or three evenings of the game.

Users liked the remake of the classic game for PS1. They note that they have made the graphics more attractive, added new soundtracks, and added new ways to interact with the location. Fans of games of this genre note that the developers managed to make an amazing game that you want to pass more than once.

3. Ghost of Trick

An adventure novel in the Anime genre, which allows you to play as Arthur the butler, who solves many puzzles. Available only on PC for $ 5.

At the beginning of the game, the player is met by the initial scene with the castle, its story is told and the problems that Arthur will have to solve and solve. For the entire duration of the gameplay, there is a small menu with items at the bottom of the screen:

  • Authors
  • Fast loading and saving
  • Save and load
  • Auto
  • Skip
  • Magazine
  • Screenshot
  • Settings
  • Menu
  • Exit

The interface is very user-friendly. The control panel is only pinned to the screen. Other elements, such as dialogs, only appear during certain scenes. All locations and characters are drawn in the style of anime, well detailed, and worked out.

The disadvantage may seem to be not quite the usual structure of sentences. It is, indeed, specific. Some lines are impossible to immediately understand. There is also a problem with the causal relationship between the theses and what is happening. Of course, they are not so critical, but they still reduce the interest in the game.


Feature of Ghost of Trick – drawing. Anime lovers will love these graphics. You may get the feeling that you are watching an anime and at the same time you decide what will happen next.

The players really liked Ghost of Trick. They liked that some puzzles can make you break your head, get stuck for an hour or more. Fans of the anime genre liked the high-quality detail of the characters, their disclosure as the plot develops. But, some did not like the text component.

4. Re: ZERO -Starting Life in Another World – The Prophecy of the Throne

A great game based on the anime of the same name Re: Zero, which is available to users of PC, PS4, and Nintendo Switch, the approximate price is $50.

Players are greeted with a typical game menu:

  • Play
  • Settings
  • And other

The interface is essentially unremarkable. There is no text overload, everything is clear intuitively. As the game progresses, the player is unlikely to need to delve into the interface in more detail to find the desired item.

A special feature of the game is its gameplay. The main character is reborn at each level and, in fact, lives a new life in each dimension. The further the story progresses, the more the player learns about this ability.


Players note that the game turned out to be very beautiful. All your favorite characters from the anime Re: Zero are transferred to the game without any errors. Gamers liked the overall concept of gameplay, where the gameplay is divided into seasons. In fact, the plot is served in small portions, and each season ends at an interesting moment, fueling the player’s interest in the subsequent passage.

The main drawback is the price. Gamers did not particularly like the fact that they ask for the same amount for a novel as for AAA projects. Not all fans of this anime are willing to pay 50+ dollars for the game. It is also worth noting that the drawing has deteriorated slightly, but only slightly. At some points, the dialogs are too overloaded with text, and not quite necessary.


A small story role-playing game that has a political bias. Players will have to solve the mystery of one palace and reveal the answers to many questions. Available on PC on Steam for less than one dollar.

The gamer meets the usual minimalist menu that is present in all indie games:

  • Play
  • Settings
  • Exit

The interface is designed in 2D style, and somewhat resembles the old games on the NES. The top view is very convenient for such pixel games and helps you quickly navigate the most important things. In combat mode, you will be accompanied by a small menu:

  • Attack
  • Magic
  • Protection
  • Inventory

A great feature of the game is the combination of combat systems: tricks, spells, and hand-to-hand combat. In fact, DVOREC implements a turn-based combat system. As the story progresses, the player will encounter various characters that are well-written: they have their own story, motives, and even jokes.


The disadvantages that are present in the game, there are almost all indie games: imperfect graphics, simple plot, and shortcomings in the gameplay. In general, DVOREC is no worse than its competitors.

Players liked that such a small game contained a unique combat system, humor, and well-developed dialogues. They liked political satire based on certain events. Many people liked the top view, like in retro games.

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6. Case 00: The Cannibal Boy

A small but intriguing novella that immerses the player in a sharp and unpredictable plot with elements of quest and horror. The game is available on PC and can be purchased on Steam for a dollar and a half.

You are greeted with an ordinary menu, as in all games of this genre. It is particularly unremarkable, except that it is made in the style of horror movies.


The interface is minimalistic, which is just an advantage. As the game progresses, a small menu will be available in the lower right corner:

  • Download
  • Save
  • Magazine

It will help you save or load the necessary tasks without performing unnecessary actions, as well as view all the tasks in the log.

A special feature of Case 00: The Cannibal Boy is its plot. It is very short, but at the same time exciting. In general, you can complete the game in an hour, if you try.


The disadvantages of this game are still there. Because the game is too short, not all the characters were fully revealed. In fact, the developers had only a cursory look at each character and focused entirely on the plot denouement.

Many gamers did not like the atmosphere that was too oppressive. They believe that this way the developers wanted to hide the shortcomings in the text and dialogs. Gamers hope that the next project of this studio will be much longer, more intriguing, and thoughtful.

7. The Shadow You

A mystical visual novel that is made in pleasant 2D graphics with detailed environments and characters. The game is available only on PC, you can buy it on Steam for 3-5 dollars.

The game immediately immerses a person in the gameplay. Without long backstories and unnecessary dialogues. The gamer will have to explore two worlds at once to come to a common ending. For convenience and full immersion, the game provides automatic saving.


The interface is visible only when paused, it is filled with classic action buttons for games. During the gameplay, the player will not be disturbed by anything. Only the cursor will be present on the screen. All actions are performed using a computer mouse.

How is this game different? Endings and two game worlds. The player will play as two characters and solve riddles and puzzles in each world to get closer to the mystery. The closer to the final, the more the gamer will have to choose from several options. Depending on the decisions made, the player will have one of four endings. It all depends on the choice, there is no correct or canonical passage.


The disadvantage is a cliched plot. Yes, it is diluted with some elements of horror movies, but it is typical: the problems of teenagers, their experiences, and so on. This is also noted by those who have passed the game for all endings.

Overall, gamers are happy with the product. Drawing and music on top. Puzzles, as players note, are atypical, make you think about the solution. Many highlight and praise the graphics, which, indeed, are made with high quality.

8. SHINRAI: Broken Beyond Despair

An indie adventure game with horror elements that tells the story of ten friends and one maniac who is among them. Available on PC and Mac for $ 15-25.

The player is greeted by a menu that is stylized as a horror movie, on the right is the logo, and on the left is a menu with such items:

  • Start the game
  • Download the game
  • Settings
  • Optional
  • Help
  • Exit

The game is divided into several parts: the prologue, the main part, and the epilogue. Each of the chapters has its own narrative and features. Throughout the story, the player will be haunted by an oppressive environment and a sense of fear.

The interface is very simple. All dialogs are pop-up and don’t take up much space. The font is easy to read. Everything is stylized as a light purple color, in the manner of the game menu.

SHINRAI: Broken Beyond Despair features a variety of playable characters. There are ten of them in total. And for each of them, the background and description of the appearance were worked out. The developers detailed the mood of each of the ten people and tried not to repeat the temperament.


The flaw lies in the plot. He is sometimes very naive, and some of the characters ‘ actions are not motivated by anything. It seems that some of the dialogues were inserted just to stretch the game time.

Users, in general, are happy with the release of this game. The expectations of the majority were met, and fans of games of this genre received a lot of emotions from the passage of SHINRAI: Broken Beyond Despair. Many gamers noted that they tried to describe each character in detail, to reveal his character and motives.

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9. Tokyo Dark

An adventure novel that provides an opportunity to play as a girl-detective, who needs to find out the reason for the loss of her partner. The gameplay is complemented by elements of horror and a set of complex puzzles.

As the story progresses, the player is waiting for more and more unexpected scenes. The game is available for PC, you can buy it on Steam for about $ 5.


The home screen is atypical for this kind of game. In fact, before playing, you need to edit some character parameters that will affect the interaction with other characters. There is also a small settings window:

  • Dialog text size
  • Brightness and contrast
  • Full screen or windowed mode
  • Effects
  • Volume control

The interface appears only at the time of the dialogs. The rest of the time, the player will have to control the mouse. All possible actions are marked with a dotted square. Visually, everything is colorful and readable, the font of the dialogues is beautiful.


A special feature of the game is the karma system. It changes according to the level of gameplay and interaction with the characters. This is really an interesting innovation that complicates the gameplay.

The drawback that may scare some is that there are too many endings. There are only eleven of them. It is not always clear how to reach a certain final, what needs to be done for this. To view all the endings, you need to spend more than a dozen hours on the game, which not every gamer will like.

In general, the gaming community liked the game. They note that the graphics for this genre of games are amazing. In some moments, you need to think seriously about your actions, so as not to get stuck in one moment. In Tokyo Dark, there is a “New Game +” mode, which was also liked by many players. The novel deserves its high ratings and commendable reviews from the gaming community.

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