Spectrum Music Visualizer VR App Review

Spectrum music visualizer is an application that will allow you to dive into the 3D world in virtual reality mode. With it, you will be able to explore the full-screen with or without any additional VR mechanism.

The application has some other enjoyable features that anybody in any age category will like.


Firstly, there are no in-app purchases and ads, which will make your life more relaxed. Secondly, you can connect the application to any of your VR devices and watch everything in 3-D.

What’s more, Spectrum music can visualize not only sound frequencies but also the gravitation of the waves. This feature will make the full understanding of how the gravitational waves move possible (by adding visible light lines to them).

Next, the cardboard is compatible but in case you will use the Music visualizer without VR mode, it is not needed. You will though be able to use the unique orbital navigation for intuitive 3D observation control.


Once, you will be in the application, you will be able to find a range of available songs. There will be 5 talented artists and 10 tracks to enjoy.

Some of the developers’ additions are the applicability of Spectrum VR not only for your iPhone but for your iPad too. The creators have also added the scientifically accurate spectrum-mapping visualization process.


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