11 Best Games Like Valorant in 2024 for Android & iOS

Multiplayer games are very popular among players, and the Valorant app is no exception. Also, its advantage is the relation to the popular genre, namely the first-person shooter.

Yet, its audience is limited to PC users, which definitely frustrates those who would like to play this game, but prefer mobile platforms. There is a simple solution to this matter.

Here we have reviewed the best games like Valorant in 2024 for Android & iOS. Among them, you will find the most suitable for your preferences options.

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Standoff 2

Standoff 2 is a mobile game for fans of gunfights. It is necessary to join a team of special forces or terrorists, to fight with enemies, to open locations and weapons.

The game is created in the genre of action shooter, where you will need to control your character from the first person. It will plunge into the world of shootings and military battles, which take place in different parts of the world.

The game is a confrontation between terrorists and special forces. The protagonist has to join one of the sides and fight against the other.

There are several modes in the game, among which there is a fight to the death, laying a bomb, an arms race, a sniper duel, and capturing the flag. Clashes take place in different parts of the world.

You can get involved in a firefight, walk through the streets of Italy or get into a secret laboratory built in the mountains. The shooter allows you to fight not only for victory but also for achievement.

Depending on the result, a rating is assigned, which is displayed in the general table. The more achievements you have, the higher you will be on the list.

The game offers a wide selection of weapons and maps with locations where the battles take place. You can determine the conditions and mode yourself. An arcade format is available where the teammates and locations are automatically chosen.

The battle has a limited amount of time. To win, you need to achieve higher results than the opponents. Prizes and rankings depend on this. Keep in mind that you will need to log in with your Google or Facebook profile to play.


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KUBOOM is an excellent mobile shooter with carefully designed maps and a wide variety of weapons.

This is a multiplayer platform with a bunch of modes, from capture the flag to team fights. Tired of boring and tedious shooters – here is a brand new game with awesome gameplay.

This game is suitable for those who have had enough of monotonous boring shooters with simple gameplay, primitive maps, reduced functionality, and a lack of competitive balance. This fresh action is for you, it’s really different from similar shooters on mobile.

The game will change your idea of the genre. The gameplay delights with unique features. Extensive functionality with elaborate levels and a variety of weapons will surprise all players. Users need to go through many missions.

There are also several other modes in the game, where you can play a team of up to 8 people, capture the flag, and other modes. Each level, each mission is balanced and carefully crafted.

Take part in firefights, choose your weapon because the arsenal contains up to 40 types. For example, pistols, grenades, bombs, machine guns, Uzis, shotguns, and more.

Become a member of a large clan and together with your allies win battles against other clans.


Block Strike

Block Strike is a popular game where the main goal of players is to survive.

Wander through all sorts of worlds full of deadly dangers and enemies who are out for your blood. But you are not a defenseless dandelion, you are given weapons and power.

Use them wisely, prioritize and achieve positive results. The action takes place in a fantasy world teeming with dangerous enemies. Take up arms in hand and fight your way to glory.

Users are waiting for a continuous battle with opponents to the death, not to relax for a second. Requires all your courage and reaction speed – that will be your main trump card in the battle for survival.

Explore worlds, sharpen your assassin skills and upgrade your weapons. Make them lethal to your enemies and instill fear at the sight of them. Look for chests full of gold and loot, because that’s your advantage.

There are several modes in the game, and it’s up to you to choose which one you want to play. The main goal in Block Strike is to win and destroy your opponent. The gameplay is amazingly dynamic, get involved in dangerous firefights that won’t get boring even after hours of play.

In addition to the chests of gold, you will come across special sections with equipment, weapons, and various modifications. They will change the appearance and characteristics of weapons.

This game has won great popularity and has become a time killer that is hard to refuse and not to play a couple more battles online.


Critical Ops

Critical Ops is a multiplayer first-person shooter. There are two teams, a specific goal, loaded weapons, and repeating rounds. Any self-respecting gamer has encountered games of this kind at least once in his or her life.

At this point in the game, there are 3 modes: disarming, team deathmatch, and an arms race. In the first mode, there are terrorists and counter-terrorists, one to plant the bomb, the other to disarm.

The second mode has two teams available, with victory awarded to the team that makes the most kills. The third mode is the same as team combat, only the weapons are not your own, but are upgraded after each kill.

In addition to all the trivial functions for a game of this kind, there is a built-in ranking mode. Each victory or defeat will greatly affect the player’s rank and place in the standings. Graphics for this mobile game are at a high level and worthy of special praise.

Fragile devices introduced the possibility to adjust the graphics and reduce their performance. Management is intuitive, which can be mastered by any player in the first few minutes of the game. For those who like to join teams and compete in clan wars, there is a clan system.

Each player can create their own association of taste or join an existing one. The variety of available locations for the game is amazing and can compete even with full-fledged computer shooters.

Among other things the game is actively supported by the developers and updates are released regularly. There are new maps, modes, skins, features.

Could not become a cyber athlete in popular games? No problem! Increase your skills in Critical Ops, join the millions of players and conquer the tops of mobile eSports Olympus!



Tacticool is an online shooter that has quite an interesting gameplay. When you first start Tacticool, it launches a training level, which demonstrates the basics of the game.

Character movement is done with a virtual joystick that automatically appears when you click on the left side of the screen. The camera is controlled by swipes on the right side.

Fire opens automatically when an enemy enters the target area. When controlling the car, you need to make vertical swipes on the left side of the screen to move forward and backward. The steering wheel moves with horizontal swipes on the right side of the screen.

In the bottom right corner, there are functional buttons – changing weapons, entering the car, grenades, and so on. After a short training mission, the main screen appears where you can upgrade your equipment, start the game, and view the missions.

These are objectives for which the player is given bonuses for achieving. Four levels of graphics and maximum frame rate can be selected in the settings. You can use the 30 fps mode to save battery and avoid unpleasant jumps on weak devices.

When you start a game, Tacticool automatically picks a match and adds the game to your team. Before the match or at revival, you can select a set of weapons. During the match, the team will have to complete the task and eliminate the enemy. 


N.O.V.A. Legacy

N.O.V.A. Legacy is an awesome sci-fi shooter. The main character, a retired general, will once again have to put on an armored suit and defend the world.

Retired military general – Kal Wardin receives a mission that he can not refuse. His colony is once again under attack. Help the protagonist of N.O.V.A. Legacy to cope with the alien invaders.

Spend battles in distant colonies on space stations and spaceships. Improvements and upgrades to equipment and weapons are available in the game, and you can also buy new ammunition.

Kal Wardin once left the N.O.V.A. unit, but is ready to fight again against the enemies of the colony and will help him with this artificial intelligence – a girl. Elena is the general’s personal AI assistant. Hurry up and put on an armored suit and stand up to defend the colony N.O.V.A.

You have to go through the whole story from beginning to end, stopping the alien forces and bringing the invasion to naught. Go out to fight for the future of humanity, and your task simultaneously is to unravel the mystery behind the surprise attack.


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Freedom Forces

Freedom Forces is a multiplayer shooter that takes combat battles to a new level through immersion in different eras.

The timeless nature of the game is given by the use of military uniforms from the 1960s to the present day. The uniforms of any country to choose from, which the user tries on, add to the game’s appeal.

At the very beginning, the player will be in the back of the game’s timeline. You will become a soldier in 1960 with the appropriate weapons for the time. With each successful passage of the location pumping level of special forces, the unit fighter will only go up.

It helps to join the passage of the training material. This will help you better understand the device of the weapons of any era, methods of silent movement in the territory. You will find out how to properly destroy enemies with the economy of resources.

Building a powerful offensive and reflective force depends on the collection of the soldiers. This ensures a good chance of victory for any user.

Being a good alternative to popular shooters with a military theme line, Forces of Freedom may even be in the category of preferred. It has the aforementioned qualities that differ from most.



PUBG MOBILE is a multiplayer action game that allows you to take part in battles with up to 100 users. A wide variety of weapons and locations are provided.

You are to land on an island and fight with enemies. Their number can be up to 100 people. Multiplayer mode is available in the game. It allows you to plunge into the royal battle, where the strongest has to survive.

There is a Payload mode, with armored vehicles, helicopters, and heavy weapons. Bases equipped with ammo and equipment are also available. The shooter has a team mode that allows you to join groups with other users and fight against enemies.

The number of participants in teams can be up to four people. The game has elaborate 3D graphics and volumetric sound, which gives realistic virtual battles. It is available in a lot of locations where the battles take place. The locations have unique terrain, weather, day and night changes.

You can play the shooter in the first or third person. It is possible to join clans and perform interesting daily tasks.

Keep in mind that the game has a built-in system against cheating. Thanks to this, the chances of users in battles are equalized, and the victory will depend on the skill.


Shadowgun Legends

Shadowgun Legends is a multiplayer first-person shooter. In this game with RPG elements, the main character is a bounty hunter.

The player’s task is to confront the alien enemies, as the human civilization is in danger of total destruction.

Shadowgun Legends invites players to defend the civilization, and the main character of the action – the bounty hunter – will help you with this.

The game contains elements of RPG, which means that it is possible to develop the protagonist and customize the scenery. Provide yourself with weapons, get ammunition and armor, then you’re ready for battle. Take control of the bounty hunters, become the leader.

The game has a guild system and cooperative battles with other players. This makes the gameplay more addictive and lively. Beautiful graphics, hurricane firefights, and battles with friends and comrades await gamers here.

The legendary Shadowgun organization is the hope of mankind, it is you and your comrades-in-arms who are the last line of defense. The action in the FPS action game takes place in the futuristic environment of Shadowgun.

An alien race wants to gain power over planet Earth and the threat of annihilation is looming over humanity. Shadowgun is the planet’s and all humans’ chance to survive this battle, with a squad of brave mercenaries and young fighters ready to crush the alien onslaught.

Combat action takes place on 4 planets and over 200 exciting missions await you. In the game, you can show your skills and pump up the hero. Earn and you can buy all sorts of weapons and cutting-edge equipment.


World War Heroes

In the game World War Heroes, the user fights in battles, using machine guns, sniper rifles, tanks, and even anti-aircraft guns.

There is a team mode and single-player game, you can even create a game of your own rules. The game has 7 legendary battle sites, several types of military equipment, and 57 types of firearms.

In team combat, the team with the most points wins. In deathmatch mode, everyone plays for themselves. There is also a capture-the-point mode, defending the headquarters, capturing the flag.

Before the game, the user undergoes training, where you acquire the skills of shooting and movement. To look around, you have to move your finger on the right side of the screen, move the character with the joystick.

The screen is always a sight, which allows you to accurately hit the target. In the upper right corner, there is a mini-map top view, which shows the objects and the movement of the character. Health and armor levels are shown next to it to assess your status during combat.

There are corresponding buttons on the screen for shooting and other types of attacks. Aiming mode allows you to fire more clearly at the target, but it is not comfortable to move, so you need to make sure that there is no danger behind it.

For successful fights the player receives rewards: for a certain number of kills, for wounds, head hits, grenade kills. There are also tokens for unsuccessful actions like suicide. At the end of the battle, the player may be given boxes of weapons and ammunition.

There is also a reward for entering the game daily. In the profile, the player looks at battle statistics and his efficiency.

In the equipment section, there are available weapons and there changes the specialization of the character. For example, stormtrooper, sniper, scout, machine gunner, medic. Each specialization has its own features, which improve as you gain experience.


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Critical Strike

Critical Strike is a first-person shooter where your main task will be to fight terrorists. You will play as a special forces officer, who constantly gets new missions and fights against evil in hot spots.

Remember: no one can help you here. Get your equipment and arm yourself, because there will be really a lot of enemies. The game features several game locations where events and the plot unfold.

Each location contains dozens of levels that require you to eliminate all the terrorists. The more difficult the level, the more targets you have to hit, and thus the harder it will be to advance further.

At the beginning of the game, there is not much choice, but the further you go and the more enemies you can kill the more weapons will be available. It’s a great place to practice your skill and learn to shoot better.

A feature of the arsenal in the game is that there are unique weapons with skins. Become one of the best agents and help the secret service cleanse the world of terrorism.


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