11 Best Games Like Strange Brigade for Android & iOS

Games for laptops and computers are great, of course, but not all of us have the opportunity to install the desired game on your device. What should I do in such a situation? We recommend that you look for analogues for mobile devices. In this article we will look at the best games like Strange Brigade.

For the fans of this genre we also recommend explore more of the best post apocalyptic games.

Strange World – RTS Survival

Strange World – RTS Survival – in this game you have to explore what is left of the world after the apocalypse. Are you ready to go to meet the danger?

After terrible events, you wake up in a completely unfamiliar world – this is all that remains after the apocalypse. You are met by a group of the same guys who managed to miraculously survive. Together you will have to escape and find the cause of the worldwide collapse.

Features of the game Strange World – RTS Survival:

  • This is a hybrid genre game, it combines real-world strategy and elements of a survival game.
  • You must manage a group of survivors in order to solve the mystery of the apocalypse.
  • You have to explore the world around you, extract useful resources, upgrade your characters and create unique weapons for them
  • In the game you will find more than thirty levels, about sixteen unique characters to play, dozens of weapons and a huge game world to explore.

Create your own unique team for survival and go on adventures! Train your characters to survive and try out combat and survival tactics.

Strange World – RTS Survival1



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SHADOWGUN LEGENDS is an exciting RPG game for your mobile device. Do you not have the opportunity to play on the computer? Now you can plunge into the game world using your smartphone

In the game world of SHADOWGUN LEGENDS, humanity was on the verge of complete destruction by an extraterrestrial civilization. The last chance for salvation is you, a young soldier with huge potential and ambitions.

The main functions and features of the mobile game:

  • Fascinating plot. You have to save humanity from destruction, more than two hundred complex military missions and rescue operations are waiting for you. Fight the enemy on his territory, traveling across the planets.
  • You have three more talented soldiers under your command. Together you are the strength and hope for the salvation of your race. Choose the path that suits you – fight evil on your own or invite friends to help you in the cooperative game mode.
  • Real-time contests and fights. You can compete with players from all over the world, test yourself for strength and agility. Kill enemies in multiplayer mode on special game arenas. Let the strongest win!
  • Wide gallery of weapons and armor. Upgrade your warrior – you have about six hundred different types of weapons at your disposal, as well as high-class armor.
  • The ability to personalize the character. You can customize the character to your taste, thanks to cosmetic settings.
  • Chat with other players. Play online not only to kill monsters together, but also just spend time, complete quests together and explore the world in your free time.
Shadowgun Legends: Online FPS1



Blitz Brigade – FPS online

Blitz Brigade – FPS online is a multiplayer online mobile game where you have to compete with users from all over the world in wit, agility and strength.

In the game Blitz Brigade – FPS online, an alternative plot awaits you, where military leaders have decided that battles are not for them. That’s why they gathered the craziest soldiers and sent them to compete with each other in interactive arenas with a bunch of dangers.

How the game works:

You have to assemble your team and fight the enemy in an interactive arena. Be careful and vigilant, there are a lot of dangers waiting for you: guns, bombs, mines, tanks and much more. The maximum number of people in a team is twelve. Learn to act as a team for the sake of victory.

Features of the game:

  • A large selection of roles. You can choose which soldier you have to play for: machine gunner, medic, sniper, scout, engineer or bomber.
  • Many game modes. If you think that you will mindlessly beat the opponent all the time, you are mistaken. The game has a large number of game modes, for example: Superiority (you have to completely capture the enemy’s field), Capture the flag (break into the enemy’s rear and unload your flag), Each for himself (here you have to save yourself on the field yourself. Into battle!) and much more.
  • A wide selection of equipment and weapons. Choose the type of weapon that is most convenient for you to play, maybe it will be a firearm or a huge tank?
Blitz Brigade - Online FPS1



Cyberica RPG

Cyberica RPG – in this game you are greeted by the crazy world of cyberpunk, filled to the brim with crime, wars, cool cars, temptation and dangers. Will you be able to cope with temptation and survive?

You will get to know the inhabitants of the world, which is mired in cyberpunk. Fight crazy guys in dark alleys, compete in races, and just enjoy exploring this world.

Features of the Cyberica RPG game:

  • Explore a world where poverty lives next door to the latest technology, and people compete for the right to live. Which side will you take – the prey or the owner?
  • Upgrade your character to become the strongest in your city. Improve your skills, upgrade your body and get cool weapons. Remember – if you are weak, then you have lost to the strongest.
  • Visit a special location on the map where you can meet other players from all over the world. Compete with them and just spend time. Perhaps you will find new friends or good rivals? Cafes, nightclubs, casinos and shops of the city are waiting for you.
  • The areas of this hot spot are one more dangerous than the other. Each neighborhood is run by a mafia gang. Immerse yourself in an interesting story to learn everything about this game world.
  • Full personalization. You have the right to create a unique character, as well as your own home. Your house is your fortress, create an interior to your taste. Do not forget about your car, it is not only your transport, but also a friend who will help you escape from the chase.
  • A wide gallery of weapons and exciting game strategies are at your disposal.
Cyberika: Action Cyberpunk RPG1



World of Kings

World of Kings – embark on an exciting journey through a fantastic world with cool graphics. Adventures, interesting tasks and dangers await you at every step. In front, traveler!

Darkness hung over the fairy-tale world of Furry. It’s time to unite with the mysterious people of this world in order to save their homeland together. You must bring the light back to these lands.

What is the meaning of the game World of Kings? You will plunge into a unique fantastic game world. You have to explore it, get various resources to upgrade your character.

 Creepy dungeons with bosses and powerful battles with enemies are waiting for you! What is the point of the game? Become the best warrior in this world and let the most terrible enemies fear you!

Features of the game World of Kings:

  • A huge library of characters is available to you. Create a unique team to save the world!
  • A wide gallery of artifacts and weapons will help you make your characters even more powerful.
  • Collect useful resources while traveling around the world, get magical artifacts in gloomy dungeons and boss battles.
  • There are about a hundred exciting tasks and crosses waiting for you in the game. Don’t forget to explore the storyline of the game.
  • Are you afraid to fight on your own? Ask your friends or other players for help. Defeat evil together in cooperative mode.
World of Kings1



Mortal Kombat

Mortal Kombat – now the legendary game is also available on mobile devices! Assemble the world’s greatest team of fighters and show your strength in a fighting tournament.

Now you can create the best team of Mortal Kombat fighters and go to fight in the arena of a combat tournament, where you will face equally strong opponents.

Features of the game:

  • You have access to more than 130 strongest characters. Each character has a unique design, features, animations and weapon type. Try each of them in battle and create the perfect team. Legendary characters such as Scorpio, Sub-Zero and Ermak are already waiting for you.
  • Prove yourself as a talented strategist and a strong fighter. Guide your team through a difficult battle path to become a champion.
  • Participate in individual tournaments or compete with other players in a multiplayer game. It all depends on you – whether you fail the test or find yourself at the very top of the standings.
  • Cool graphics. Many people remember the stunning animations of the characters’ actions. So, the developers have saved all this in the mobile version of the game.
  • Win tournaments and competitions to get rewards and unlock unique features. Share and brag about your successes on social networks.
Mortal Kombat1



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Warface GO

Warface GO – cool and dynamic matches in the world-famous shooter are already waiting for you, right on your smartphone! Prove to everyone that you are the coolest here.

Now the famous shooter game is also available on mobile devices. Warface GO is constantly evolving and improving. Explore and play on exciting new maps, test new types of powerful weapons,  participate in the latest game tasks and events.

Features of the game Warface GO:

  • Fascinating maps and many game modes. You will not get bored of running around the map and shooting enemies, because you can change the game map every time and use game modes. Fight on your own or with friends, arrange a shootout with a strong boss or compete with each other.
  • The possibility of full personalization. You can not only fully customize the appearance and characteristics of the character, but also accessories and weapons.
  • Participate in game events and collect raids. Create a team of four fighters, equip yourself with your unique weapons and engage in a dangerous daily battle with a horde of opponents.
  • In order to remain a strong player, you need to constantly upgrade your fighter, supply him with new weapons and strong armor. Warface GO is a shooter game in which everything depends only on you and your skills.
Warface GO: Combat strike zone1



Shadow Fight 3

Shadow Fight 3 – the world is in chaos. Three military clans compete with each other, sweeping everything to the nines in their path. Only a brave warrior can stop this horror. Who knows, maybe it will be you?

According to the plot of the game, an ancient legend says that one day a legendary hero with incredible strength will appear, who will be able to stop the fight for mystical energy.

The fighter will need to become the strongest warrior in the area, collect the best weapons and win in a fair duel of three strong clan warriors.

The essence of the game:

You have to become the legendary fighter from the ancient legend. Not only intense battles with strong opponents are waiting for you, but also an exciting adventure through the game world. You have to choose who your character will become and defeat the terrible warriors who bring darkness everywhere.

Features of the game:

  • Create your own hero. You have the opportunity to choose between a ninja, a knight and a samurai. Train your character daily, give him new uniforms and weapons so that he is ready for serious fights.
  • Become an expert in battles. Learn the techniques of all three clans to use their secret techniques against them. Create your own unique style of attacks.
  • Plunge headlong into the game plot. Remember that your goal is not only to shred everyone to the left and to the right, you must find the cause of all existing evil and defeat it. Defeat powerful enemies and become a legend. Remember, you can influence the development of the plot yourself.
  • Build your own collection of elite weapons. What kind of copies can you create yourself, and get something as a prize for winning a game event or competition.
  • Participate in game competitions and events. Firstly, it significantly diversifies the gameplay, and secondly, only there you can get unique sets of clothes, weapons and skins.
Shadow Fight 3 - RPG Fighting1



Z.O.N.A. Shadow of Lemansk

Z.O.N.A. Shadow of Lemansk is an exciting mobile shooter with a plot in which the strategy of open combat is combined with a survival game.

Z.O.N.A. Shadow of Lemansk is a fascinating game world where you find yourself in the reality of the post-apocalypse. In 2014, evil struck the world, almost completely erasing humanity from the face of the planet.

Only a few lucky ones were able to survive, and you are among them. You will have to adapt and survive in the monstrous conditions of the post-apocalypse.

The essence and purpose of the game Z.O.N.A. Shadow of Lemansk:

  • You are one of the few survivors on Earth after a terrible disaster. You were born shortly before the accident and spent a long time in a dream. When you woke up, there was already devastation and chaos around. You have to adapt to the new world in order to survive in it.
  • You have limited food supplies. You and your team will have to explore dangerous surroundings in search of food and new weapons. If you are smart enough, then later you will be able to make weapons from improvised materials.
  • Explore this scary world together with other players. Climb to dilapidated heights and descend into gloomy dungeons, in search of new survivors, as well as useful resources.
  • Remember, you are not alone in this world. Monsters and monsters swarm everywhere, for which you are living food. Beware of them and, if possible, clear your territories from them.
  • Immerse yourself in the exciting gameplay and the atmosphere of the apocalypse
Z.O.N.A Shadow of Limansk Redu1



Eclipse Era: Survival

Eclipse Era: Survival is a game based on the virtual world of the post–apocalypse. You have to survive in a completely new environment for you.

What if there are monsters and darkness all around? Right! You need to find loyal friends and powerful weapons to learn how to survive in this now alien world for you. You can cope with the danger on your own or enlist the help of desperate people like you.

Features of the game Eclipse Era: Survival:

  • With the help of artificial intelligence, the game generates an environment against the background of your location (by reshaping satellite images of the terrain). This feature adds a thrill to the game and a greater immersion in the game world. You can also opt out of this feature and explore the built-in maps.
  • Play on your own or with other players. You have to explore the creepy surroundings in search of other survivors and useful resources necessary for survival.
  • You will have to build yourself a house and stock up on food, create weapons and periodically replenish your supplies. Do not forget about the creepy monsters, they are hungry no less than you.
  • A unique game world that allows you to get into the gameplay as much as possible. You can play not only on the built-in map or your location, you can visit and explore more than 30,000 real cities! Explore the world through the prism of the apocalypse, visit famous cities and you can even rob buildings such as the Kremlin, the Hermitage, the Louvre and many others.
Blackout Age: RPG Map Survival1



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Lost light – FPP Mode

Lost light – FPP Mode – plunge into an interesting plot, become one of the members of a special group and uncover a sinister conspiracy.

The plot of the game Lost light – FPP Mode revolves around Chernobyl and the exclusion zone. You are a member of the secret group “fireflies”. Your task is to get into the danger zone and eliminate the threat to humanity, revealing the terrible reality to all residents.

Features and features in the game Lost light – FPP Mode:

  • Exploring the world. No matter how scary it is, you will have to comb every meter of the danger zone in search of provisions and resources. All this will help you for further survival, as you have to build your own secret base and shelter.
  • A variety of game strategies and tactics. The further development of the plot depends on you, even on the slightest action. Therefore, carefully consider your action plan. Remember, if you die, you will lose everything. Risk is good only when it is justified.
  • A wide gallery of weapons will allow you to effectively deal with monsters and enemies. Arm yourself to the teeth if you want to stay among the living.
  • The ability to play in cooperative mode. Agree, fighting side by side with friends is much calmer. Gather a team of four people and solve the mystery together, create a common shelter and cover each other in trouble.
Lost Light - FPP Mode1