11 Free Hero Forge Alternatives

The IT industry has made significant progress in the last twenty years. Now each of us has the opportunity to print our figures on a 3D printer using special applications. In them, you can create your own unique figures at your discretion.

The principle of operation of such applications is simple: you create a figure using the built-in editor, and then get an STL file to print your creation on a special printer. Some sites do not provide the opportunity to make the figure yourself. They are designed to monetize their hobby by publishing their work on their portal. Concerned users can buy a ready-made 3D model from you to print it on their printer.

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Below are eleven applications that are designed to help you create unique figures, or buy ready-made solutions.

1. Eldritch Foundry

The app resembles a character editor in RPGs like Skyrim. When we go into the app, we see several items that we use to create our own figure. The process is more like a game than a professional one. The application functions are as follows:

  • Standard functionality: clear, save, take a picture or share your work
  • Figure settings: clothing, weapons, race, face, and body parameters

The interface is very beautiful, and also intuitive. There are no problems with finding the necessary functionality. As mentioned earlier, the process of creating a figure is no different from the game counterparts in RPG. You don’t need to write down specific values, memorize formulas, or dive into theory. Everything is adjusted using sliders, just like in games.

The disadvantage of this application can be distinguished only by the price. For each figure, you will have to pay $35. In fact, this is a minor disadvantage that will not dissuade you from using this tool.

Most figurines sold in specialty stores or on eBay sell for two to three times the price, and you can’t fix them. In fact, for $35, you create exactly the unique figure that you would like to see in your collection.


It stands out because you are given a choice of several races, just like in the cult RPG: elves, humans, demons, and others. But most importantly – you can choose the gender of your character. Your imagination is boundless.

A huge set of attributes, weapons, and clothing for the figures will help you create a hero of any race and any class: a mage, a warrior, an archer, or even a combination of several. All at the discretion of the user.

Other users note the ease of use. Many people liked this process of creating a figure when the line between a specialized program and a game is blurred for a while. Users, however, share opinions about the price. Some say it’s too expensive. Others, on the contrary, praise the developers that for such a small price you can get a diagram of your unique figure and print it on your 3D printer.

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2. Hero Mini Maker

Another printable character editor that’s available on the Steam playground for less than $20. The application has a wide functionality for creating unique figures. To create unique characters, you do not need a powerful computer. The office configuration is sufficient.

The application looks like a specialized editor. Editing begins with the castle in the background, with your figure in the center of the stage. All the points of character creation are divided into categories:

  • Male gender
  • Female
  • Neutral floor
  • Paraphernalia
  • Figure poses
  • System settings

If you want to experiment with the figure, you can use the “Random” function, and the system will select a unique design for the character. When creating a figure, you can rotate it to see all the details in more detail.

The interface is designed in a classic style and does not stand out for any special features. The user is presented with a standard editor, which also has its own chips. What is available to you:

  • Split editor for male and female users. The developers decided that it would be more convenient this way
  • A wide selection of paraphernalia. Left and right weapons, some items, body features, and more

A significant drawback that immediately catches the eye is the editing of characters by gender. The division is unjustified, the developers do not discuss this in any way. Moreover, there is a neutral gender, but most users want to make figures of a certain gender with a variety of attributes and features of the face and body.


The main feature of this application is the ability to add animated scenes for the figure. When editing, the character can fight, defend, activate a combat stance, and show gestures. All animations are represented by a drop-down list.

It is possible to change the animation speed. Important: this feature only works in the program. The printed version will capture only the part of the animation that you specify. Therefore, in advance, provide for the position in which your figure will be printed.

Users hope that the graphics will be corrected after the alpha version. They note that the graphic component resembles the games of the 2000s, and therefore there are very few polygons on the figure.

Roughly speaking, the detail leaves much to be desired. Professionals in 3D modeling do not recommend this app for experienced users. It is most likely suitable for beginners in this business because the drawing of the figures is too low.

3. Desktop Hero

This application does not need to be downloaded and installed on your computer. The user performs the entire process on the site. When we log in to the app, we see an editor designed playfully. It is somewhat similar to the LEGO construction kit but virtual.

The interface is clear even to a child. Everything is presented visually, namely:

  • Gender
  • Race
  • Clothing
  • Body
  • Paraphernalia
  • Tame animal
  • Pose

Each item is allocated to its own category. For example, when opening the “Body” tab, the user can experiment with several items: beard, torso, hair, etc. Everything offered can be seen immediately, in the preliminary inspection mode.


The pose editor can’t help but delight. There is a function of controlling all the limbs: changing the angle of inclination, the position of the arms and legs, the combat stance of the figure.

A special feature of the app in the store. To download the STL file, you need to pay for some parts of the figure’s body. In fact, you create the price yourself, based on your preferences.

In the assortment there are also free parts, that is, the developers provide for the possibility for users to print the figure they created for free. In fact, the application has no disadvantages. The only thing that is required from users is the availability of high-speed Internet.

Users liked this form of editing. Many people note that they do not need to spend a lot of time creating and personalizing heroes.

In the comments, you can find rave reviews about one of the features-adding a pet. Users are grateful to the developers for the fact that they provided the opportunity to print their creativity for free.

4. PCGen

A professional application for creating 3D figurines. More like a compiler for a programming language. When you first log in to the app, you are greeted with a standard greeting from the developers and a classic set of sections

  • File
  • Edit
  • Sources
  • Tools
  • Help

The interface will not seem convenient for non-advanced users. It is more like a well-known programming language-Java. To get to the heart of the app, you need to watch a lot of YouTube videos from professional users.

However, PCGen has its own characteristics. You are provided with hundreds of ready-made libraries for creating figurines. The process of creating a character resembles programming, which will be a significant plus for those users who like this type of application.


In PCGen, there are small guides from developers to familiarize themselves with some of the functionality of the tools. The application is perfect for those who are used to the classic interface of office programs.

The disadvantage is the high entry threshold. Not every user will be able to understand the features of the app even in the first hours. The developer guides are not enough to master the full functionality of PCGen. YouTube videos from experienced users come to the aid of beginners.

Reviews of the app are mixed. For the most part, negative reviews indicate the difficulty in mastering the program. Professionals, on the contrary, strongly praise PCGen for its wide range of features.

5. Blender 3D

The most popular 3D editor, which has been in high positions for many years. Indeed, the functionality of this application is amazing. You can create any models that you like. To do this, you need to download a special add-on in advance. It, like the program, is free.

When you first log in, the user is presented with a multi-tab model:

  • Actions with the file
  • Render
  • Help
  • Tools
  • Shadow Editor
  • Special handle for editing the model

The interface is designed in the classic style of 3D editors. There is a working panel and a mode of preliminary inspection of the received model with the ability to view it from different sides. Blender is convenient because all the necessary tools are located on the side panel.

Users note that with the help of Blender, you can create a high-quality figure. The wide functionality of the app will help you do this. The app’s community is huge, spread across almost all social networks.


Blender stands out for its price. It simply does not exist. In the Steam store, the program is free, as well as on IT-related sites. The same pricing policy applies to add-ons. Simply put, the user does not need to pay anything to create a figurine. Only a 3D printer is required.

The disadvantage is that the better the figure is made, the more resources are required for its processing. It’s no secret that this program is demanding on computer resources. For simple models, an office configuration is enough, but to create a really beautiful and detailed figure, you will need at least a semi-gaming computer assembly.

It is also worth noting that it will be difficult for beginners to master the program at some points. Training videos and thematic communities in many social networks come to the aid of users.

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6. Cults

A community of 3D fashion designers, which is gathered on one huge site. It helps figurine designers monetize their hobby by publishing models and then selling them. It is also possible to simply publish your creation so that it can be seen by millions of users.

Going to the site, we are met by a “landing” page, which contains ads for 3D printers, the best works, and a selection of collections. Users choose their favorite figurines from the following categories:

  • Jewelry and jewelry
  • Art
  • Fashion
  • For home use
  • Architecture
  • Gadgets
  • Unique products
  • Funny fashion models
  • Tools
  • Game theme

The interface is designed in a dark theme with the use of a pungent purple hue. It is easy to use, and all sections are presented briefly and clearly. The user will not get confused in them, and will immediately find everything he needs.


Feature-the site is a platform for the implementation of talented 3D designers. Not everyone will be able to sell their creations using social networks, as these groups are not very common on the same Facebook. The site provides an opportunity for every creative person to receive money for their work.

On Cults, there are “Community” and “Blog” tabs, where designers from all over the world discuss new trends in 3D modeling, their work, and hobbies.

The user can also find a suitable figure for their collection for a reasonable price. Prices for models are determined by the designer himself. After payment, the customer has the opportunity to download the file with the figure and print it on their 3D printer.

In principle, the site has no disadvantages. This is a thematic platform that performs all its functions to the fullest. Customers and performers are satisfied with its work and pricing policy.

Customers and users note that the site support is responsive and responds in a short time. All models of 3D printers offered on the home page are of high quality. The site is very popular all over the world.

7. Gambody

Another platform for 3D designers. Allows you to buy STL files of thematic figures with high detail from designers. Here you can purchase model files of different sizes and prices. The cheapest ones cost one dollar. The site positions itself as a premium store, where only high-quality products from experienced designers are presented.

When you enter the site, you are greeted with a colorful page with a brief description of the site. The menu, as on all trading platforms, is standard:

  • Search by words
  • Registration on the site
  • Shopping Menu
  • Search by hashtags

The design attracts with its simplicity and beauty at the same time. The site is made in snow-white color, with active buttons and a red portal header. The interface is user-friendly and does not confuse the user. The entire menu is intuitive.

Gambody stands out because it positions itself as a premium store. Indeed, all the figures presented on the site are of high quality. The detail of some of the figures is striking. For performers, unique opportunities are provided on the site: discounts on products from other designers, promotions, etc.

Gambody has a significant drawback that reduces potential sales. The store is not available in all countries of the world. For example, residents of Russia can not go to the site without using a VPN. Unfortunately, you can’t buy a model file either. This significantly reduces the sales of the site, as the target audience in Russia is significant.

Users really like Gambody. They note that for a relatively small price, you can buy a high-quality model for printing on a 3D printer. The designers also note that the company is very sensitive to them.

8. MyMiniFactory

A platform for selling unique content by designers. Anyone who has modeled their 3D figurine can upload its file for sale on the site.

You will be greeted by a minimalist design made in white. You are greeted by a navigation bar that consists of:

  • Search for models by category (fan art, game themes, jewelry, etc.)
  • Subscribe to MMF+
  • Competitions
  • Fundraising for projects
  • Popular collections highlighted by the site creators
  • Blog

The interface is user-friendly and allows you to quickly find all the necessary categories of STL files. As noted above, the design is minimalist. This is a fashionable website design trend that does not overload the visual design.

Users note that, unlike other sites, MyMiniFactory not only sells model files, but also organizes contests, provides limited discounts, and allows enthusiasts to raise funds for the project with donations from users.

Designers like the development vector of MyMiniFactory, especially the ability to express their opinions in the “Blog” tab. Features that significantly distinguish MyMiniFactory from other 3D model trading platforms – competitions, premium subscriptions, and fundraising.


The company often holds thematic competitions between designers, where it raffles expensive and high-quality printers for models. MyMiniFactory also helps designers raise a certain amount for large projects (for example, modeling an entire beach for subsequent sale).

The MMF + subscription allows you to receive exclusive content that is not available in the standard package. The company also offers a ten percent discount on all STL files in the store. This discount does not affect the funds received by the designer in any way but is compensated at the expense of the site.

Any significant drawbacks can’t be identified in MyMiniFactory. The site allows a wide range of designers to implement and monetize their hobbies. Buyers have the opportunity to buy both cheap model files and more expensive and detailed versions.

9. Anvil.co

A figure editor that is very similar to Eldritch Foundry. Anvil.co no need to download it to your computer, everything is done directly on the site. If you want to order a model made by you in a certain metal, the company provides the possibility of delivery.

At the first opening, you are allowed to choose the race of your figure and its gender:

  • Person
  • Gnome
  • Orc
  • Cyclops
  • Goblin
  • Elf
  • And others

You can add a name to your character and edit the material, size, pose, and hand animal for your action figure. You can add clothing, hats, and weapons to your character. An important feature is the addition of a unique stand for the figurine: classic, stone, steel, etc.

The interface is designed in its own unique style, which is reminiscent of old RPG games. Tab icons complement the design of the editor. They are somewhat reminiscent of the cult RPG games that have conquered the whole world.


Feature Anvil.co is the choice of the model material. If you want to print it on your 3D printer, then downloading the STL file will cost $ 5. The company provides the ability to deliver figurines made from the following materials

  • Premium rubber ($19.97)
  • Steel ($54.97)
  • Brass ($249.97)
  • Bronze ($249.97)
  • Silver ($499.97)
  • 14k Gold ($4549.97)

Users note that the service makes unique and high-quality models in a short time. The delivery works great, and the figurines are delivered without defects. You can share a screenshot of your model on social networks (using a unique link).

10. Thingiverse

The platform is a social network that helps designers promote their work. Here people share their creativity, discuss it, and help beginners make their figures better. For schoolchildren and students, there is an extensive collection of modeling lessons and a link to download a book on creating 3D figures.

The site meets the home page, where the most popular works of the last thirty days are published. Several links will be useful for regular visitors and authors:

  • About Thingiverse
  • Privacy Policy
  • Contacts
  • About developers

The interface is user-friendly and beautiful, made in a white-blue shade, all fonts are readable and the content of the site does not raise questions. By going to the “Explore” section, the user gets to the local social network, where people share their creativity, like it, comment on it, and add it to favorites.


First of all, Thingiverse stands out because it combines several social networks. But it is focused only on one subject – 3D modeling. The site also allows you to download a free book of 150 pages, which will help educational organizations (schools, colleges, etc.) to popularize 3D modeling in their institutions. The “Education” tab contains small lessons on creating figurines. These materials will be very useful for schoolchildren and students who master modeling.

Users like Thingiverse. They note that it is very similar to Reddit, but also has some Instagram functionality. Roughly speaking, a creative platform for IT. In their opinion, the site is intuitive, not overloaded with information, and allows users to upload their models for free to all users.

The disadvantage is that the site only performs the function of a social network. You will not be able to directly buy a product, publish your model with a pre-set price, and simply promote your services.

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11. Creature Caster

A platform for the designer of figures of the premium segment. Each model represents a mythical creature that belongs to particular mythology. A figurine is delivered to the buyer, which must be assembled and decorated. Stores are present in the following regions:

  • Canada
  • United Kingdom
  • USA
  • Europe

The home page features limited-edition collections that are either sold at a discount or are being prepared for release. Before ordering a figurine, the buyer should choose one of the four stores. They differ only in their location. After selecting a store, the buyer is presented with the following links:

  • About the company
  • Contacts
  • FAQ
  • Privacy Policy
  • Personal account

The user can find the model they are interested in using the search function. The shopping cart is always visible on any page of the site. The filter will help you find the right shape faster by category and by the novelty of the collection.

The interface is designed in a unique black-and-white style of dark MMO RPG games. The site’s header is decorated with the tentacles of the Kraken, there is no background – it is replaced by white. All information is presented clearly, does not repel a person from buying. The interface is convenient because the necessary links are on the same page, which significantly reduces the search time for the desired product.

First of all, Creature Caster stands out for its quality. For example, the detail of the dragon figures is amazing. The scales, claws, and teeth of the monster are drawn in great detail. The colors are not quite classic, which also attracts a potential buyer. A nice addition is a non-standard stand, which is unique for each figure.


The buyer is allowed to assemble the model from ready-made parts and experiment with its color. This is also an advantage because many people like to build models themselves, and not buy pre-assembled ones.

The disadvantage, which is also a feature, is the price. Not every buyer will want to buy a figure for 100 euros.

Users are delighted with the quality of the parts and their design. They note that for their price-these are the best models for their collection. They also like that the assembly and decoration process is provided to the buyer.

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